I'm running a marathon for the first time in the Spring.  How much carbs should we be taking per hour and any ideas of what would be good to eat rather than gels.


  • You need to find what works for you. Jelly Babies, Fig Rolls, Jelly Beans, Sweeties - that kind of thing.

    Personally I take a gel every 5 miles or so.
  • Are you talking about the race or the build up to training?


    If it's the race I wouldn't worry about it just now. You'll need to practice it later and your long runs would be the time to do it.

    For day to day, just a sensible normal diet assuming you're not doing crazy mileage as a first marathon.

    I always find I don't need to think about food as I just naturally eat more as I train more. I will make a point of eating well after a long hard session and get plenty of protein for recovery.

    I use a few gels for the race and generally had nothing in training.

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