Grab yourself a place in the Brighton Marathon 2017 and a free place in...

The memory of the Brighton Marathon 2016 may be fading, but the overwhelming inspiration it leaves us with is here to stay! Next year, the Sussex Beacon will have been providing care and support to men, women and families living with HIV for a staggering 25 years.  The Sussex Beacon is delighted to have a few precious places in the Brighton Marathon 2017. If you would like to be a part of it, we’d love to hear your fun and inventive ideas of how you can raise the £425 minimum fundraising sponsorship to help us continue our services which are so vital within the Brighton community. Throwing a party, hosting a BBQ, or asking your local pub to host a quiz night, are just a few examples of how our wonderful runners have put the fun into fundraising! Click here for more information and to apply. Applications close midnight on Saturday 22 October 2016, please read the terms and conditions thoroughly. We understand the challenges of training for a marathon, so each successful applicant will receive a complimentary place in the Vitality Brighton Half Marathon 2017 (worth £42), timed conveniently in February to get you in shape for the Marathon ! 

We will offer you fundraising support and guidance along the way.

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  • A free place in what ? 

    So good of you to post this weeks after the closing date...

    Classic piece of chugging gone wrong 

  • she has been cutting and pasting this since May..obviously hasn't filled all the places yet .you would think that that was an indicator that she was doing something wrong and would put a bit more effort into her job


  • Thank you for your comments image As mentioned in the post, our successful applicants receive a complimentary place in our own event, the Vitality Brighton Half Marathon 2017. The closing date has now been extended until the 4th December, (thank you for so kindly pointing out my mistake!) to accommodate for applications from dedicated supporters of The Sussex Beacon. Thank you for your interest.


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