Which Songs do you sing to yourself?

My top 5 are

1. Living on a Prayer
2. Boogie Wonderland
3. I Never Knew Love like this before (cannot remember who sings it. Its just a cheesy 70's disco track)
4. Run for home, run as fast as I can, running man...(I am cringing as I type that one)
5. Breakaway

I dont know why there is such a 70's vibe to my brains playlist. I am only 29!!


  • I did a long 17 mile run the other week and I had Whiter Shade of Pal on a continuous loop in my head. Just could not get rid of it. Got me round though. The other day it was a Coldpaly track from their new albumn.

    Never Knew love like this was by Alexander O'Neill.
  • Strewgth what's happened to my spelling today.
  • Sorry, I'm almost always dreaming or else making up stories when out on a long run. Rarely sing or hum when running.
  • Usually something dumb like the Hokey Kokey (sp?) or the same line or phrase over and over again. Trouble is, once it starts it's a devil of a job to stop.

    It can drive me mad!
  • remember,member,member
    what a
    womble,womble,womble your are

    oh - how I hate that 'song' and how often it comes back into my head
  • Kinda depends what I've been listening to a lot. Usually something high energy.

    At the moment I've just acquired a track by the Foo Fighters called "All My Life" which is absolutely brilliant if you want something with lots of energy in a rock sort of way. They fetaure Dave Grohl who used to be in Nirvana if that gives you a refernce point. Otherwise it could be something more dance orientated for similar energy reasons, or occasionally something I can just veg out to/get into a meditative state and just detach from the constant plodding.

    "A Whiter Shade of Pal"?? Is this a new kind of dog food Bobolink? ;-)
  • Hey Jude - na na na na na naaa, na na na naaa Heyyy Jude. Something simple :o)
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    I heard it on Top Of The Pops just the once.

    Mad Donna's - 'The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round'.

    It finds its way into my head during every other run. It's quirkily sweet and certainly keeps the momentum going - even if it does drive me mad !
  • Scotty
    You only heard it once, you're so lucky.

    We've got two small children I've heard it millions & millions of times (I'm sure I can find a tape of it if you want!)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Mostly Tamla Motown or Abba (there, I've confessed) or if the weather is particularly beautiful I'll run through something by Vaughan Williams, Schuman or Mozart.
  • I normally start singing whatever advert or jingle I heard on the radio as I'm getting ready. It can get really annoying after awhile as it will not stop and keeps going on and on and on and on. Aaaagh!

    A good song to sing on long runs is Road to Nowhere!
  • Usually songs from the 80s, I play a lot from that era so there is allways one in the back of my mind when I run, going round and round and round and....................
  • I have a tape that I sometimes listen too - it is amazing how the song influences your pace!

    Usually start off to mellow stuff, bit of 70's, then comes the dance tracks to really get the pace going!
  • Kylie (Can't get you out of my head, or Love at first sight) or much worse - Five's version of Queen's We will rock you.

    it's tragic.
  • U2, U2, ...U2
  • MeatLoaf...Bat Out Of Hell. Oh dear. I'll get me coat.
  • Coupla choons from the Commonwealth Games (anyone there?)

    Absolutely Flawless - the ones - funky dance choon

    Singin In The Rain - having tried to get the crowd singin on that very rainy wednesday -doh

    Defintiely nothing by the Tweenies or Fimbles!
  • Singing in the Rain would be appropriate for the winter. And don't forget to rule out the Teletubbies!
  • I hate to admit it but…

    Don't Stop Movin' - S Club 7
    You Get What You Give - New Radicals

    The S Club song has obvious running lyrics, and thinking of Rachel helps take my mind off the pain. The New Radicals one includes the line 'you ran a miracle mile' (or something similar), which might just happen one day.

    Beyond that -

    "Oh what a night, late December back in sixty-three, was a very special time for me, what a lady, what a night..."
  • Finishing the Amsterdam 1/2 marathon on Sunday I ran into the Olympic stadium to "Its raining men" - which was OK and made a nice change from the weird and wonderful music we had on the way round: accordion band music anyone?!?

  • World In Motion by New Order recently, for some reason!

    Also Just Like A Pill by P!nk:

    "And I'm gonna run
    Just as fast as I can
    (then a few lines, and then:)
    .. It's just like a pill
    'Stead of making me better
    Keeps making me ill
    It keeps making me ill"

    That one always provokes an ironic chuckle and the perverse urge to go faster, for some reason.
  • Once did a steady paced long Sunday run with that old peanuts advert (remember it? "Golden Wonder, they're jungle fresh!") running through my head. It provided the perfect tempo for the run.
  • I always seem to start sining something by Robbie Williams - usually Angels.

    I've found that my longer runs are a great time to think about what I'm going to say at my job interview in a couple of weeks time. The runs seem to go by really fast when you think about something else.
  • "Ride A White Swan" an early T.Rex
    number's one I often get in my head -
    it's got a nice jogging beat to it.
    Also I make up US Marine style chants
    as I run along - the filthier the better!!!
  • I remember reading somewhere that listening to 'spoken word' - like a narration of a book for example, was a great way of passing the time as music just becomes background noise...?!

    On the other hand, of course, if you overwhelm the senses with loud music then the brain has less time to cope with the signals being received from the legs etc and you can run harder as a result!


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Saw South Pacific at the National Theatre last year and was 'washing that man right out of my hair' for the whole of my next long Sunday run. Nuff said.

    And no...the irony wasn't lost on me.
  • I love music, so sing a huge variety of stuff in my head from musicals, pop, rock, really any songs from about 1920's onwards.
    Finished the last 3 miles of the Windsor Half by singing the first half of the Beatles Sgt Pepper's album in my head. Also was helped by singing We Will Rock You by Queen and of course, always get a little burst of speed if I think of their song that goes, "don't stop me know, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball," etc.
  • Linca & others... do any people here actually race with music (via headphones not just going around your head!)...

    I have seen a few people doing it at some events but I would have thought it would take away from your social enjoyment of the race as people would perhaps be disuaded(?) from starting a conversation with you?!

  • I like 'fame' by Irene Cara. As I round the last bend I pause to jump in the air and do the splits, taking care not to catch my pink legwarmers on any brambles.
  • My' on the hoof' music is old rock & roll...now that might seem a little excessive but I do find music has a very good beat that spurs me on a bit....I am about to record another couple of MDs so looking forward to Xmas I reckon they will be 'rock around the xmas tree type songs'....Am I sad ??...Yes I did the Amsterdam Half and like Running Bare enjoyed their music - although I couldn't understand a word the comentator was saying...Am I still sad ??
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