Starting duathlons....


Wondered if anyone could help? I am fairly new to this site, have many years of running experience, and decent, but not spectacular times (e.g. 38min 10km, 18min 5km). I'm thinking of starting duathlons - as a new challenge and to try to avoid injury. Has anyone does this? Does anyone know of beginner's schedules / clubs in north west (I'm likely to fall off the bike, first time I try!).

Thanks a lot



  • Hi Jules - try a cross-country type duathlon first using a mountain bike. Expect your legs not to work when you get off the bike and try to run again. A reasonably fit person can handle a short course duathlon well, but to prepare for it, get used to going out on your bike and then go for a short run immediately afterwards. That's really the crucial bit of any du or tri. Have fun
  • Thanks a lot - I've had a look at the lara site. Unfortunately, I'm at the wrong time of year, but I'll bear it in mind.

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