which shoes next?

Sadly think it's time to replace one of my pairs of running shoes... realised I've probably done about 400 miles in them, and my shins have started hurting. Last time that happened, I bought a new pair of shoes and the problem disappeared.

Two questions -

1) Why don't my shoes seem to last very long? I guess I take a far greater number of steps in 400 miles than the average runner, being just under 5'4" female, but I'm not THAT heavy, at about 57kg (about 8.75 stone). I thought you were supposed to change shoes every 500m or 6 months - I've only had these for 4 months, and I've been alternating them...

2) Any advice on what to go for next? I have two pairs of Mizuno Wave Rider VIs, which are fab, really supportive and great in races. Only thing is I find them a little hard if I'm running just on roads for any period of time. I bought the Asics Nimbus IV four months ago, and they seem to have more cushioning, but I find my foot rolls more when I'm running on a camber (which happens a lot of the time as 85% of my running is on roads). The Asics are the ones that have just died on me, one of the Mizunos has got about 75-100m left, and the other pair's only done about 100m.

I'd be happy enough to buy another pair of Nimbus, but as they've been upgraded to Nimbus Vs anyway, I wondered if it was an opportunity to try something else - was looking at Cumulus, and Wave Creations in particular. Any advice? These are for road/general conditions - I've got some NB off-roads for non-road running, so cushioning is the most important thing for the new shoes.

Not particularly bothered about price -guess I'd be looking around £80-£110. I've been getting away with paying £30 for my Mizunos, as they overordered my size, so I'm under-budget at the moment on shoes!

Thanks for your help...


  • I found Nimbus overly heavy and have very little control in them at all.

    Adidas Supernova Cushion - it if fits you and the lace holes don't rub. Some people have been slightly disappointed with recent changes?

    Saucony Grid shoes are nicely cushioned I thought...

    You might be able to go even lighter in races, say a Performance trainer shoe - have these for speed work and something else for longer runs...
  • Snail get yourself to the shops and try a few pairs out.....then look for them online ;~)

    I've got Grid trigon and as they're bringing out a new model I've got the same ones for £40 on M&M sports...bargin!
  • I found Grid Trigon's an excellent shoe - love the Grid, but a bit too narrow for those with wider feet.

    Try NB - the Absorb has a real good cushion.
  • Glad to hear the positive feedback on the Trigons. Thank you for your kind words.

    Gary and others, if you need a wider shoe, go for something on our standard last (rather than the more shapely "Contour" last which the Trigon is built on).

    The Grid Triumph is worth a try if you're looking for a neutral shoe.

    Also, you didn't hear it from me, but there MAY be a competition coming up in the next couple of days on these very pages where you can win a pair of the aforementioned Grid Trigon 2!
  • Snail - when I read your post (before scrolling down) I was going to say: have you tried Saucony...but peeps have got there before me. I run in Mizuno Mavs and Saucony Jazz 8s, but then I don't get on with Asics (just the wrong shaped foot). Can you hold off til the FLM expo, where there will be lots of shoes to try?
  • thanks everyone. No, haven't tried Saucony before, but I might have a look now! I have quite narrow feet - my NB trail shoes are in a narrow fitting. Mizuno ones come up wide, but they also come up really long, so I solve that problem by buying them a size smaller than other running shoes/trainers - and half a size smaller than my normal shoes. The Asics have been really comfortable but they're not very stiff at the sides and I often go over on my ankles. I suppose the answer is to strengthen the muscles! I hate Nikes, they make me feel like I've got duck feet and I run flat-footed in them. From the sounds of it, I'd better try the Grid Trigon and some NBs...

    when's the FLM expo on? Is it just the weekend, or does it start during the week? I'm sure I could find out somewhere, just not sure where! Not sure I could handle the crowds though - I hate shopping centres, and I don't know that the expo would be much better... Might have to overcome my hatred in order to acquire a new pair of running shoes!
  • Expo is from the Wednesday until the Saturday,open 10am to 8pm weekdays and 8-5pm on Sat.New venue is ExCel,Royal Victoria Docks.
    Best bet is to pop in early morning or Wednesday,as the crowds will not be quite so strong.
    All the brands will have their various gadgets which can analyse your running style to make sure you are put in the correct type of shoes.Always worth a try..
  • cheers, Sensible. Hmm, might make it late-night shopping on the Thursday then!
  • sock-a-knee...can I win for a change please?
  • Almost all of my running is on the road - I LOVE my Asics Cumulus (on my 3rd or 4th pair!), they're very light and have good cushioning, and they usually last me a good 6 months or so.....
  • I tried Asic Nim V and I found them v heavy (no doubt all the cushioning) plus I think because of lacing issues I got the numb foot syndrom as described in this months RW.
  • Snail, I run in both Saucony and Asics. I would suggest trying Saucony Jazz 8's, I find these far better than my Asics Keyanos. Being a big fat Northern monkey they also seem to last forever, I average 40+ miles a week and have had no problems with them!! My Asics which although are good, do not seem to last as long!!
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