Motivation needed!!!

I ran my first ever race at start of Oct in the GNR, had been training for it for months and felt so good that I had been able to do it. But now I seem to have lost all my motivation, I think about going out for a run when I'm sat in my cosy office at work, but when i get home I just think of some excuse and pike out. I've never been one of those people who enjoy exercise, the best part for me is when i get home, i can say I've done it, and don't have to do it again for however long!! But when I was training for my race I had a reason to do it, but I feel a bit lost now without that as a goal. I suppose signing up for more races is the answer, but I can't find many in my area. I need some help soon as I have only run once, 5m, since GNR, which I really enjoyed incidentally!! if I don't get going again soon I will be back where I was 12 months ago, which I really don't want. Pretty soon it's going to be dark when I get home from work and I'll no doubt add that to my list of excuses! Anyone got any suggestions?


  • Take you're running gear to work. Get changed. Run home. You get then enjoy your Stella with a clear conscience.
    Oh and change you're nickname. If you think of yourself as a fatgit, you'll become one. Look what happened to me.
  • I work swing shifts ie earlies one week and lates the next.
    When i get home from earlies i make a point of getting changed straight away. I know if i sit down for a quick rest i wont get up again.So i am out the door for a run, quick as i can before my brain catches on and starts asking 'are you sure you want to?'

    Also set yourself a target or goal. Entering another run would give you something to aim for.

    Best of luck
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    You're not alone or unusual. You've just achieved a really impressive goal and now are in that very common stage of anti-climax (coupled with the weather changing for winter & the nights drawing in)

    So what do you want to do next? What was it that kept you going when you were training for GNR - I bet you had lots of evenings then when running round wasn't top of your wish list, so what made you do it - can you recreate that?

    I'm a great convert to booking a series of runs weeks ahead because they give me the focus & structure to keep going out training (try searching on the events tab for runs near you) - a nice 10k before Xmas would be enough to keep the old joints moving.

    Have you thought of going out to just do a couple of miles, rather than trying to get straight back into the longer runs you were doing prior to GNR, or set yourself a time "I'll just go out for 20 mins", might help get back into the swing of things.

    Good luck
  • F.
    What about trying to mix up your training, you had a good summer of focussing on the GNR and were rightly chuffed to finish it. Now could be the time to reward yourself in different ways whilst maintaing your fitness. Cut back on the running miles and get out on your bike or go for a swim or do any activity you enjoy, your general conditioning will improve and when you next sign up for a race you will be ready to pound out the miles once more.
    Variety is the spice of life!!
  • If I were you I'd Join a club.
    If you run with people you'll get your motivation back. You'll have easy access to race dates and events.
    You won't be running on your own - time will fly by when you train.
    When you race you can meet up for socials after.
    Your running will improve and feel more rewarding. You'll be taught how to incorporate hill training / sprints into your training without injuring yourself.
    It will only cost you around £15-00 - £20-00
    quid and will probably be the best investment you make this year.
    Alternatively find a running partner or a friend who would like to take up running and help them.
  • hmm, thanks everyone for replying, I think running home from work might be tricky since it's about 35m, but I think my main problem is getting in from work and letting myself think about it, and giving in to some excuse. Goals are definitely the answer I've decided, because you can fight off an excuse with a thought of your goal. Nick, I think what was motivating me before was knowing it was a huge distance and I was going to really suffer if I didn't get out there doing the miles. And I think once I got into the routine of it, it didn't seem so weird to go out for 8 miles after work. I think the problem began because I let myself have a week off following the race, and then drifted out of my routine.
    I was crosstraining before my race by going to the climbing wall a couple of times a week, as i'm also a bit of a climber, but strangely I have also lost motivation in this since stopping running... probably not that strange actually, I guess being active breeds a feeling of fitness which motivates you to do more... Right, I have decided, am off to look at the Events page to find a Christmas 10k. If anyone knows of any in the Manchester area, please let me know! I am inspired!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    I felt the same way after my first race and it was only the fact that I had already applied for other events that I kept at it.

    Don't feel too bad though as it's good to relax and take stock after your first big event. Don't be discouraged by how much fitness you will have lost as this soon comes back.

    So my suggestion is to find races. Not an easy job at this time of year though.

    Well done and keep at it !...and more importantly remember that we wouldn't all be doing this if it wasn't fun!!!
  • sorry effie, just read your msg, that is also excellent idea, I have just realised that before my race i was training with my housemate, but she has now moved out... could have a lot to do with my subsequent dip in motivation. a club is a really good idea, especially now that it's getting dark and running alone isn't as appealing as it was...
  • fitgit

    how about the stockport 10 (miles) in December I think - you can register online- see RW home page
  • Yes, you're definitely not alone, I’ve being going through a similar problem over the last month.

    I only started running this year and trained like mad for 16 weeks for leading up to my first marathon, which was Cardiff last month. For about a week after the race I could hardly walk let alone run, as my legs were complaining about the 26.2 miles of hell I put them though.

    I was then lacking motivation to get back into training so to give myself a push, I went ahead and booked the next available half marathon, Stroud this Sunday, also the Bath Half and London next year (with luck I might get in). I’ve also recently joined a local running club and now I’m back training for these races and back enjoying it.

    I do thoroughly recommend entering another race to give you something to aim for and also joining a club as they will give you plenty of encouragement and support.
  • Totally agree with all the advice about having the next goal in mind. I started with the London road race and felt a real anti-climax when it was, signed up for the Nike 10k and when that was done, signed up for the Reebok 10k in Brighton. I also agree that it helps if you can find others to run with you/motivate you. My work pal and I have the 'shall we, shan't we' conversation every tuesday night when deciding whether to go running with the Nike town runners -from Oxford Circus -and one of us always makes the other one do it (last night was dark and a bit wet, but still felt good at the end) Must admit though, not looking forward to when it gets really cold...
  • Thanks to bune i have come up with a new nickname in response to Benz's suggestion! think fit, be fit!

    I think the most important thing for me to do is get some more races booked up, so I'm going to sign up for the Stranraer 10m at the end of November, hopefully my housemate who I used to train with and who now lives in Glasgow will come and do it with me.

    Also I will think about joining a club, as having nobody else to run with especially in this weather isn't going to help, but i am moving soon from Manchester to Leeds so don't want to join one at the mo - think I will wait until I'm in Leeds, by the way does anyone know of any gooduns in north Leeds?

    anyway it's good to know i'm not the only one who's experienced this, these forums really are a great idea! Might think about the Stockport 10k on 8th December as well, although that's getting into winter climbing season so may be trudging up some snowridden mountain in scotland by then, but it will all be good cross training!

    Cheers folks!
  • f
    Brilliant name change - first step back
  • ...I agree with Nick. You are probably not fat having run a half marathon...and I don't think you are some how a git..change the name, you're better than that.
  • Sorry miss-read your are probably fit... but catch my drift?!!!
  • I also had this problem after the Bristol half (my first), I found running for the 2 weeks afterwards very hard. I think that you take much more out of yourself than you think, further distance, faster pace etc. Anyway I just cut back on the distance for a week and now I'm back to being enthusiastic again. I'm also doing Stroud this weekend and also the Weston Super Mare christmas 10k. I think constant targets are a very good motivator. Good luck on Sunday Mad Kat.

  • Hey, why are yo giving benz the credit for your name change? Its not as if she'll ever talk to any of us again when she's got her nice new gear with go faster stripes.
  • Good luck to you as well chamac
  • no gear yet chimp
    And no choice either it seems
  • Its an outrage benz. Let me know if you want me to start a thread on it. You came through for me on the 1 message thread. Its the least I can do.
  • fitgit

    glad you liked the name!

    I was in leeds on saturday - got lost in Roundhay and thought the park looked good to walk/run in!

    Anyway to the point - there s a proper running shop - up and running in Headingly on Otley Road - up past the unis and Leeds met sports ground and they had ads for local running clubs and races so when you get there go and see whats on and treat yourself to some new kit while your there1

    good luck
  • staff seemed friendly on saturday too- proper runners i think -so you could have a chat to them for suggestions
  • Visit and talk to a number of specialist running gear suppliers in your area. Ask for tips on running clubs and running groups. Put yourself out a little and make contact with a few. When you finsd a bunch that suits you, make some type of commitment (maybe joining). Aim for an objective or event and tell other people about it. By getting active and feeling like you're involved with people / something you'll find your motivation, commitment and above all enjoyment should follow.
    Best wishes to all who read this comment.
  • for those who need motivation) very interesting man) maybe someone heared about Yossi Ghinsberg
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