Sacro-iliac Joint

Hopefully someone will have experience of this and can help.

When I was out running on Saturday after about 5 miles I felt pain underneath my buttock and along the inside of the top of my right leg. I was unable to walk for a day after and am still experiencing some pain when walking. I went to the physio who diagnosed that my sacro-iliac joint was out of line (joing at bottom of back) and this was causing the pain at the top of my leg.

Has anyone else experienced this and how long did it take to fully recover??
I am still very much hoping to do FLM in 2.5 weeks.

Help anyone??


  • I have the same - If you read today's link on "Hip Pain" there are some useful tips on there. the most important thing though is to get to a physio if you can.
  • Have you had it for long? is it recurring? do you know how long it takes to recover?
  • i have had the pain ever since i did my 15-miler in prep for the flm - as a consequence i have now missed out on 2 long runs....not good. Physio has really helped though and it's definitely not as intense as when i had done the 15 miler.
    Real test is this sunday when i'm doing my 18 miler!!!
    good luck with your training
  • I was diagnosed with the same thing,also told my pelvis was twisted as a consequence and had chiropractory treatment which seemed to go on and on and not really resolve the problem completely. I'm still having some problems and would appreciate any advice from anyone out there has as to what worked for them. Good luck all with the training.
  • This appears to be exactly my own symtoms but all I can get is short term pain relief from ibufren, cold compress and strechting - I would welcome any advise that could work out less expensive than a series of physio visits,
  • I have recently been back to the doctor, he has given me voltaril which is an anti imflammatory and that has been good. He hinted at steering clear of chiropractor and seeing a podiatrist again. Mine all seems connected with my gait and overpronation, which I do have custom made orthotics for. Own doctor is a good start as sometimes they can refer you on the nhs as it can all get really expensive. I'm still looking for remedies and long to be back running properly. Try the doctor and see what they suggest. Hope it all works out.
  • I have the same problem, also affected my piriformis muscle.

    Have just pulled out of FLM as had an x ray and I have a stress fracture.

    Addressing the root cause of the problem with a podiatrist is the best advice I can give. Physio helps but if you want to continue running injury free then you may need orthotics to balance the pelvis and stabilise the lower back or the problem may keep reoccuring.

    Good luck to all
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