Running & Head Injuries

Surfing a huge overhead tube of a wave last weekend, I managed to get clonked on the head by my own surfboard. Whilst I didn't get concussion and wasn't knocked out, I did lose a lot of blood and had to get rushed to hospital where a sadistic (but very sweet) nurse put 4/5 stitches in my head. I felt a bit weak and light-headed for the next couple of days but seem to be back to normal now. For instance my usual slow 20 min cycle into work hasn't been a problem.

Is it going to be ok to go out for an easy-paced hour run today? I'm concerned about a couple of things - firstly would my blood levels be back to normal and secondly could the cut in my head start bleeding again with additional blood flow?


  • ok - so it was only a two foot tiddler of a wave...
  • I'm no medic, but I believe after giving blood (500ml) blood pressure gets back to normal in 24h or so - I doubt if you lost 500mls.

    Skin wound shouldn't be affected by the running assuming it's not being stretched around.

    If you're confident that your brain didn't get shaken up, then I'd have thought it's ok to run again when you feel like it.
  • Thanks ffg, I'll go out for a tester run near home tonight and then resume normal training tomorrow if no ill-effects.
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