5M Race Training Schedules

Dear All

There seem to be plenty of 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon training schedules out there (which is great) but I would like to find a 5M one if at all poss.

Can anyone point me to a fast(ish) one? Looking to break 27 mins.




  • Sorry Hill-Reps don't know of any 5M races fast, slow or middling. Best thought is to look at the back of Runners world -it gives all next months races.

    Hope that helps...a bit
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Can't you use a 10k schedule and modify the speedwork for 5m pace rather than 10k pace ?
  • Hill-Reps,

    first of all, GOOD-LORD, a sub-27 min 5 miler is absolutely flying in my book, AWESOME goal.

    here are a couple of links (don't know if they're any good):


    This one you could interpolate between the 5K and 10K schedules I guess:

  • That certainly makes sense, Dustin. How many seconds quicker should each mile be at 5mile rather than 10K pace?


  • Cheers MM!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    depends on your speed :
    My goal is for a 39min 10k (6m15 miling) and aim for a 5 miler in sub 31 (6m10) so for me there is not a great discrepancy.

    At the mo , I've done a 40.12 10k (6m29) , and have an (unofficial) 5m best of around 32.00 (6m24) so again - no huge difference.

    I'd probably run the speed work at close to 5k pace instead of 10k/5m pace.
    I'll have to give it some more thought....
  • My current 800m reps sessions are aimed for a 27:30 5 mile run, it doesnt mean it will happen but this is my target.

    If you are planning a sub 27min 5 mile then if you run 800m reps you should be aiming for 25:30min pace 800m reps, this gives you a target of 2:32mins per 800m with 200m recovery which you could jog or walk.

    If you increase the reps distance in line with the paceas you progress, then even if the 25:30 time does not happen then the sub 27mins and faster will.

    Best Wishes, NN
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