Italian Clubs / Races (Pietrasanta )

I'm off on my hols over the summer to Pietrasanta in Italy. Anyone got any good info about local Running Clubs, Races or useful running info I should know about?




  • Hi Simon, I don't know which clubs there are in Pietrasanta though for sure there will be a local running club.

    However if you are going to be there anytime from June onwards the best advice that I can give you is to run very early in the morning. Daytime temperatures will be very hot, anything from 30°C upwards (maybe you've already come to Italy before in the summer and you know that already).

    I doubt that there will be any races for the same reason though there may be some tri or aquathlon going on.

    The local races are printed in the Italian running magazine "Correre" but the ones for June and July won't be printed until the April and May editions.

    If you let me have your email address and know when you'll be there I can let you know the races when they come out. You may need to remind me though.
  • firemonkey,

    Tx for the info, first time in Italy so I'll take an alarm clock to avoid the heat! I'll email you nearer the time for race details etc.



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