Just wondering whether anyone ran it last year and what they thought of it?  Like the idea of a family activity weekend with camping but price is very steep when probably just me and one son running while mum and other son are not. 


  • Hi

    I ran it last year and had a great time. The staff were really friendly and motivating. The course is hillier than I was expecting. I did it on my own last year. Hubby and kids came for the last hour to play on the kids activities. The wristbands are a great motivator as was the extra 50k medal, I love a bit of bling!

    I considered doing it again this year but when I priced it up for me to run and family to come over for the last hour it was just too expensive. I have signed up for the Shires and Spires ultra instead. 

    As a family you might find you get better value for money. I would also be interested to see what other people think about run stock.

  • Hi Katy,

    Yeah I like the bling myself and it's a great idea but just can't justify the cost image

    Maybe now RW are involved with it they could possibly look at reducing the price in future years if they get an increase in numbers but I suppose that's highly unlikely.

    Good luck with the Ultra, I wasn't really looking to do one but a runstock kind of event was appealing especially being able to get my 6 year old son involved.  

  • The good thing about run stock was that children could get involved. In fact some of the children really went for it completing loads of laps and having great fun doing it. Having the course open for such a long time meant you could stop and start as you please and probably cover more distance than if it was a race of a set distance eg 10k. But I suspect if runstock does not reduce its costs it won't last for long. image

  • I've signed up for it in 2020. Aiming for 50k which'll be double my longest distance ever ran. Looking forward to the challenge!
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