Was puzzled to read that RW suggest doing a long run this weekend coming...

Definitely recall reading that taper should last 3 weeks and that last long run should be 3 weeks before the big day.

Was planning a shorter run for this weekend... when I last did FLM 2 years ago I followed the 3 week taper.

Any thoughts?


  • THREE............Its a misprint.
  • I did my last long run today, 24 mile in three hours. Now I start to taper. This worked well for me two years ago when I did 2hr56min
  • It can't be a misprint. It was in last months and this months too.

  • Thanks to injury my last long run was (4!)weeks ago. Every one is tapering down. Today I've tapered UP to 8 miles. Wayhay! No pain!. Now all the advice is to do as little as pos. I suppose it means sticking to the icing.
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