Brutal Triathlons Sept 16th 2017

Now there's a few thrown their hats in the ring for this one I figured it was time for a thread to keep track of who's entered, who's crewing for who, who needs crew and so on.






Anyone doing the Double (hah) or Triple (hahaha) needs crew, at the very least they need someone to run up the stupid mountain with them. Providing I'm not dead I'm "happy" to "run" up the mountain with someone, provisionally Pudge at this stage as with a bit of luck he'll take long enough on the bike for me to at least have a sit down after I cross the finish line.

For anyone thinking of doing it, it's a great event in stunning scenery. Nice little swim in Llyn Padarn in Llanberis, followed by a number of laps of 30 or so miles on the bike with a couple of lumpy bits, then a few laps of the lake on foot followed by a nice little jog up Snowdon and back (or up Snowdon, back, and then lake laps if you're doing the Double or Triple). The Snowdon section is well marshalled by first aiders/mountain rescue, who will be on the mountain for 30+ hours enjoying the Welsh September weather.


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