Who's brave enough to test run their fancy dress before the day?

Red Indian Squaw

I feel I ought to just check it's OK to run in - but I'm too embarrassed to appear in it in public before the day!


  • Apparently the weekend before FLM - Hampstead Heath is awash with giant fruit, and Wimbledon is packed with oversize Wombles.

    You go girly.

    (makes wow-wow sound with mouth)
  • private viewing?
  • Well I will if you will ....
    Hope you've got a tomahawk for me!

    'lo Cougs :-)
  • Hi Cougs!

    will get back to you shortly on that one Tigs.
  • I did a club training session (on the streets) in my gorilla suit before the Great Gorilla Run last year.

    You get a better quality of heckling! It was funny though, when a couple of people completely blanked me, refusing to make eye contact. You could almost hear them thinking "Oh my god - a nutter!"
  • If you're trying it out around Surrey, I want to watch!!
  • <puerile comment>

    "hamstead heath is awash with giant fruit"

    No change there then

    </puerile comment>
  • I'm picking up my rhino on Monday and going to do our club wednesday night seven miler round Hyde/Green/St James Park to see if I can keep up with the other sub 4 people or not.

    Might try and get one run in Richmond Park as well to scare the deer.
  • My money is on the Deer Richard - more horny than you.

    Erm, in the antler sense of the word. Actually, probably in every sense of the word. Oh, you know what I mean !!

    (please - someone videotape the funniest episode of When Deer Attack for me ?)
  • Oooooooh good one RM even I didnt think of that one.......

    A mate of mine Duffy is planning on doing the FLM in, even Im not this daft.....Stilletoes and stockings with suspender belt....He,s mentally as unbalanced as me :))))))))))
  • Stilletoes!! Bl**dy hell. Are they stability stilletoes for overpronators?
  • Stilettos! Oooh not going down that line!!!

    Thinks ... shall I join the Rhino running around Richmond Park - I can do 4 hour pace, would make a change to be able to keep up with RichardM!
  • bet I still wont beat him !!!
  • Just hope one of them doesn't try to mount you Richard (for the sake of the poor animal as well as you!!)
  • I could take the spear and bow & arrow set along to protect him!
  • Richard M - If you come by me dressed as a Rhino I'm going to trip you up. Sorry mate but it just has to be done. I'd said to some folk at work that at least I'd beat the Rhinos home.
  • With guys like you no wonder they're endangered !!!!
  • Stilettoes?

    I knew there was a valid reason for Pose technique...
  • Your secret's out now!

    You, NRG-B and Panty are secret cross-dressers :o)
  • just toying with the idea of fancy dress , i did have sensible approach to flm but as time getting nearer getting very giddy and have purchased wonder woman outfit today. do i wear just fancy dress outfit or put running stuff underneath . Please advise
  • I've never done a marathon in costume, but I'd guess that two major concerns would be getting too hot (so don't wear both) and yet you don't want chafing, so maybe wearing some other kit underneath would help.

    You could try a run without kit underneath and see if it's a problem for chafing, but that means going out on your own in your costume :-O
  • Once did Reading Half as a baby, complete with dummy, Bonnet, and towel as a nappy.

    1...30....with extra chaffing....

    And got 2nd prize in the fancy dress, £75 Nike voucher :)))))))))
  • Who won first prize Nicko? Probably your mate in his stilletoes I should think.
  • No it was 4 dr.s that ran as a team to raise cash for the hospital they worked in actually. Bloody fix.....Just cos they wore surgical masks.
    Try running with a fekkin dummy in your gob and all the kids taking the piss...little bastards.
  • Bet you made a very fetching baby Nicko! Did all the mummies want to kiss you?
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