aintree grand national

bit like the Cheltenham thread two weeks ago
place your bets..
top tips required

tip of the day
4.20 duke of buckingham

each way bet


  • I've only been to the National twice.

    First time it was bombed off, second time the bloody false start.
  • my mum's down for a coporate w/e...she invited me but I was planning to go to i've pulled out I'm gutted as she's taking someone else...bugger!
  • (To Jethro)
    AHEM.... and you were where on Tuesday????
  • Hi badger..
    not risking off road in the next two weeks.
    dodgy knee and 16 days to go...sorry.
    Will do them after FLM.
    Was it a good 'un? Last time I did the brewers arms it was a shambles.
  • Fairy nuff J.
    Of course it was lovely - first daylight hash took my breath away in all senses of the word!
    And last week was fabtasteroonic - was on and off my beloved badger trails, and into whole new undiscovered parts as well, including finding a carved wooden seat by a lake with mushrooms AND badgers on it, just 15 mins run from my set!
  • I fancy Tusk 3.20 & Tysou 4.20 as an e/w double myself.For the big one on Sat i'll take Amberleigh House(E/W) if it runs.
  • Has to be Joss Naylor, the only horse ever to make the transistion from being a top class fell runner to being a top clas steeplechaser :-))))
  • Didn't there use to be a (human) race staged around the grand national course on the Sunday morning? Anybody know what happened to that?
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Did the sweepstake at work, No chance - Skylab (only 1 star in the papers- Boo hoo)
  • I've cycle raced round the old GP circuit at Aintree. Luckily they avoid the fences. Phew.
  • I'm going - YAY!!!

    Watch out for me on the telly - on the QT the big one for the grand is clan royal - check this out -

    Has come way down in the odds - i reckon this'll pay for my day out!!! If not I'll put a tenner on the last race - worked last year!!!!!!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Wonder how many horses will die this year? Seems about as ethical to bet on that as it is to bet on which ones survive the course.
  • I do like going to the Races - but not this one. It looked like a massacre a few years back. That's not fun.

    S*d Aintree - do Chester - you can walk back to the city centre from there. :-)
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Put your money on Dusty Carpet - it's never been beaten.
  • I'll agree with cougie i went to Aintree a few ears back you cant see much and end up watching the big screen, So its wiser to stay @ home and watch on the tv. As for my tip for the national get a pin and close your eyes place in page where runners are( not your other fingers) anything can win and usually does!! form goes out of the window in this race. Good luck with your wagers!!
  • Nice one, Jethro.

    Will be back when I've had a look but it looks a pretty unimpressive National to me, but will no doubt have a sentimental Ginger bet on Amberleigh House (Is he really 4th/5th favourite???)
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