Large well cushioned trail shoes

I'm a 17.5 stone, size 12, tall, dog runner with a history of bad knees that has reduced me to running as my only sport! I currently run in old style Saucony Omni Grid which have spared my knees. Unfortunately, their grip is not brilliant in the mud. I've tried specialist running shops around Leeds but they've not been much help. I don't fit into a size 12 Asics. Can anyone suggest anything suitable for an old plodder?


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    New Balance are supposed to be good for bigger runners, but I always thought Saucony were supposed to be the best for mud.
  • i just got a pair of montrail leona divide, took em out today for a baptism by mud. i found the cushioning good and there were well grippy. and the fitting was much wider than my NB 764s.

    i have to point out im 11.75 stone.
  • I have a pair of Montrail Hurricane Ridge trail shoes. I think they have the same tread as the Leona Divides; There are stockists in this country but I shipped mine in from the States using the internet.
    Good cushioning/ excellent grip and also Goretex so dry feet!
  • I love to bits my old-style Saucony Approach - I think there are still some knocking about on the web.

    I've also got the new model which are a bit firmer and a bit more support. They're good too.

    I'm size 12 too, more-or-less a neutral runner, but a bit lighter than you - only 77kg (work it out).
  • Thanks for all the feedback on the various shoes. I learnt that not all sizes are equal. Brooks, NB, Asics, Montrail and Salamon don't fit me in a 12 whereas Saucony do. Very few places are willing to buy in larger sizes for you to try out; they expect you to buy them without trying them.

    With persistance, Up & Running (Leeds) sorted me out with Saucony Approach. I took them for their virgin workout this morning in appalling conditions. They were excellent in the wet and mud, and keep the water out well. Only slips were on wet and slightly muddy grass at an angle when I slipped to the side twice.

    The ride was comfortable. I can recommend these for the heavier, larger footed runner who needs a trail shoe for muddy conditions.

    Thanks everybody. I'll let you know how long they last!

    The Shire Horse
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