Amazing new product!

I’ve been reading some good reports of an amazing new product on a US based web site: -

“Scandinavian-based sportswear firm Newline has introduced a new line of weight loss suits. The product dubbed the "SlimSuit" is similar to a long sleeved triathlete suit and works by absorbing fat as a person perspires. Newline expect to "banish fat for ever." FloraAstraTetrazine, a patented nylon polymer, was developed by Professor Frank Ellis Elgood for use in the nutrition industry. Supposedly, as the athlete's body temperature rises and blood vessels dilate, the SlimSuit drains "excess lipids from the body through perspiration." After the body fat is sweated out and absorbed by the suit, the person only has to remove and wash the suit (washing out the fat) and then wear it on their next work out.”

Does any one know where I can get one of these suits as I’ve put on a few pounds recently?


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