The Thousand Mile Club - 2017



  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Nell, think I've already written a commiserations thingie for your figurative car crash, so ditto for the literal one, hope the cars not too badly damaged (take it you're ok, so alls not too bad).

    Harmander, been there with the unexpected paddle a few times, the Thames can be fun at times. Best one I had was the Quicksand 15 from Margate along the beach to Ramsgate and back, with a higher tide than was expected! If your'e not actually swimming it doesn't count as a Tri,  ;)

    But, had a look at your SITC event on the 17th, looks like fun and I do love a different event; only slight prob I have with it is the course, a 2K lap along Woodford Ave? Still, may get lured in so might see you there.

    At the moment still under the weather with manflu from my little sweetie visitors last week, hence sitting here typing inanities, but managed to get out for a bit of speedwork Tues so....

    YTD:       1005.57, HURRA joined the 1000milers
  • Thanks Donnie2, David Charman and well done SenidM (M Denis I presume).

    The Thames water was indeed chilly but ironically it cooled the feet just nicely. 

    Little Nell, good to hear you are OK.

    Two 13.71 milers this week, it is getting nippy in the evenings so I had an earlier start and finished in daylight. Makes my:
    YTD = 2573.27 miles. (under 49 miles to reach the equivalent of 100 marathons).

    Am undecided whether to go for a really big total for 2018 (say 3600 miles) or high quality speed stuff and limiting the total to say 2018 miles.
    Would like everyone's thoughts please.
  • So many now passing the target - I'm still hopeful. Gym visits on the way home from work each night this week, so four episodes of The Chase and a total of 17 treadmill miles.

    Nell: Hope your safe, well and mobile post car crash.

    Harmander: Who am I to advise! Although remember to keep enjoying it.

    SenidM: Get well soon.

    YTD: 846.7
  • Namaste Freunde!

    Many thanks for the good wishes... yes, generally OK - no injuries, etc. Car will be repaired rather than write off and I'm getting a courtesy car tomorrow morning.

    Fantastic club race achievement Hobie - very nice. No pressure in the race series then! :lol:

    Woo hoo... congrats senidM! Well done on breaking through the 1000 barrier :smiley: Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Harmander - both goals sound great but they're at different ends of the spectrum... what would suit you better working on speed or grinding out the long miles? I'd be interested to see how you get on with some faster stuff as I've only ever know you churn out the mammoth miles :smile:

    Donnie, I really think you'll make it (~22 miles per week) ... if I were a betting woman I'd have a little flutter on you passing the finish line. I'm interested to see if I will, theoretically, win some money at the end of the year!

    Was planning a double today but my lower back is having a big old grumble... it was a bit niggley after Saturday's race but last night's gym session made it worse. I did run at lunchtime - was OK actually but the pace was harder work than it should have been and I knew I wouldn't be able to do a hard VO2 track session tonight so gave it a miss. Lunch run totalled 4.59 miles.

    YTD: 1025.69 miles.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Harmander says "Am undecided whether to go for a really big total for 2018 (say 3600 miles) or high quality speed stuff and limiting the total to say 2018 miles."

    for us mere mortals 2018miles of high quality speed stuff is just a bit mind-boggling, that sort of mileage for us would mean lots of LSRs but not much else.

    Perhaps go the other way, the Ultra way? With that sort of mileage, 3600, you could run 52 marathons a year and hardly break sweat, or some 24hr runs, try and break the 100M! - only you know what your'e capable of, but it will be fun for the rest of us to find out how you get on in whatever path you decide to go down.
  • Couple of runs this week have me up to 770 YTD
  • Another 5 miles today, so up to 775 YTD.
  • Thanks for the comments folks,
    I was determined to reach 2600 miles before the Remembrance Day event so did 13.33 miles including Parkrun yesterday and 16.94 miles this morning making 
    YTD = 2603.52 miles - in less than 19 miles time I would have run the equivalent of 100 marathons - this nothing compared with some in the 100 marathon club.
    This means I have 7 weeks to get the other 396.48 miles in.
    To be honest I am finding I am wearing out my regular running buddies so maybe I am leaning towards the 2018 miles target next year and concentrating on helping those training for marathons get the best results they are capable of.  Having to do less than 40 miles a week instead of nearly 60 has got to be good for all.
  • On the VLM 2018 Forum, I have posted the following message that some of you may be interested in - you are most welcome to join in even if you are not running London marathon.

    As promised earlier, I will be happy to meet up at Tower Hill tube or Thames Gateway DLR station next weekend to run from Tower Bridge to the Finish line (about 14 miles) at about 12 minutes a mile pace to help you familiarise yourselves with the course as part of your training. the options are:

    Saturday 18 November, meet at 1 O Clock 
    or Sunday 19 November meet at 10 O Clock

    After finishing you will be asked to either buy me a Big Mac Meal at McDonald's on Whitehall or make a donation to Essex Disabled Sports Foundation.

    Please bring your drinks etc. with you, there will be toilets at two petrol stations and ASDA along the route - these will be at 1 mile, 5 miles and 10 miles along the route - and at McDonald's at the finish.

    Depending on numbers, I am happy to run both days - please respond by Thursday 16 November on this Forum

    This offer will be repeated in January and February 2018.

    In March, I will repeat this offer but it will be a 20 miler as we will be starting at Cutty Sark DLR station which is just before the 7 mile mark on the VLM route.
  • Since last posting I've done 3 and 4 miles at the gym plus my local park run adding 10.1 to my total.

    Harmander: Good luck with the marathon offer, I hope you have some takers.

    YTD: 857.8
  • Donnie - you look well set to get to the 1000 round about on schedule.

    I did 4.5 last night and am up to 779.5 YTD now.

  • Afternoon all,

    Some more great running in the last week.

    Hobie1495, As Nell had already said, what a fantastic opening 4.5k club race.
    Senidm, Well done on hitting the 1000 mile mark.
    Donnie/Andrew, Keep it going as you are getting close now.
    Harmander, Advice, well I am sure only you can decide what is best for you, however I would have thought the 2018 miles is the one to choose, as this will allow you to concentrate on putting in quality miles along with helping the other runners you mentor. Of course this would result in many more hours at home with the wife :D

    So Stats up to date:

    09.11.17 - 5
    10.11.17 - 5
    12.11.17 - 6.25
    14.11.17 - 12.5

    YTD = 1095.25

    So an easier week planned as I have another 8 lap marathon booked for next week along the Thames path, this one will be a bit special as my Mum is going to walk her first HM whilst I do the marathon, hence we should bump into each other a few times on route.

    Well done everyone.

  • David Charman,
    'Er Indoors has taken up running - she done her 141st Parkrun on Saturday - luckily she ain't all that quick
  • Here is the good news,
    I ran 18.84 miles yesterday during the day as I had an evening event to attend to - this got me over the mileage equivalent to 100 marathons in total in 318 days.
    YTD = 2622.36 miles (4220.283 km) in 484 hours 46 minutes and 7 seconds - I make that a 4:50:48 marathon pace as average
  • Traviss Wilcox from the 100 Marathon Club actually ran 100 marathons in 284 days and there are others who run a marathon a day for over a year - so I know my place.

    Check out the link below for inspiration 
  • YTD: 867.8

    I'm unlikely to run again until Monday, so, 6 weeks to complete the final 132.2!

    Dave - good luck with the next marathon. Let the forum know how it goes

    Harmander: The equivalent of 100 marathons!! I admire your mental strength. Amazing. 
  • Huge admiration for you Harmander 100 marathon distance, I chatted to a couple of 100 marathon club members during Snowdonia this year, incredible strength.

    Donnie, Andrew, you're nearly there.

    David, I'm guessing you'll be passing me very soon as I've no long races planned. Good luck with the Thames Path.

    I did a tour of Pendine Sands at the weekend (12 miles) & club run last night...still weirdly warm.

    1103 Miles YTD.

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  • Frickin' spammer!

    Wotcher nice running peeps :smile:

    Great, regular running from you Andrew - mileage racking up nicely! Do you have a target end of year total in mind?

    It's looking more and more like you will breast the 1000 mile tape, Donnie... you are right on top of the regular running too. Hope the short hiatus is for a good reason. Do you have any more races lined up before the end of the year?

    LOL! at David's comment about Harmander having to spend more time with his missus - very insightful! :lol: All the very best for your upcoming marathon, David - and good wishes to your Mum for her first HM too... sounds like it'll be lovely :smiley: How many marathons will that be for you after this latest one?

    Congrats on passing 1100, Hobie - lots of nice, scenic running for you in Welsh Wales :smile: I'm an ex-pat Cornish maid and really miss the Cornish hills and coastline.

    Fab running by you, as ever, Harmander :smiley: Averaging sub-5:00 for the equivalent of 100 marathons is amazing! Well done on doing your London familiarisation runs again this year - it's really very generous of you (even if you do get paid in Maccy D's :lol:)

    First run for me tonight since last Thursday as my back started playing merry hell. Ended up going for physio on it and the guy did a great job... he sorted out the massive muscular pain - I can still feel some aching in the SI joint but at least I can move properly now! He also did some sort of amazing magic with my problem right ankle that really loosened it off (albeit temporarily). Managed the club track intervals session tonight, which totalled 4.98 miles. Going for a "Runner's MOT" at the same physio's on Saturday - exciting... and will hopefully help me sort out my crappy gait!

    YTD: 1030.67 miles.

  • Thanks Nell - I am aiming for 900 this year, with the hope of being consistent enough next year to reach 1000 (I had a very low mileage January & February this year which set me off well behind the game, so I am going to try and work on doing better in those months). Sorry to hear you seem to have had a catalogue of niggles since you reached the 1000 mark.
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Hi all, great running going on as always. Nice achievement from Harmander getting 100 marathon distances and many others getting over the 1000 mark too.

    I have recently reached 1000 miles for the year...on my bike haha. Since the start of June I've cycled to the train station most weekdays for work, only just under 4 miles each way but it adds up.

    On the running side of things I've struggled to find time to fit much running in the last week or 2, have just got out for my weekly 8 miles on Wednesday nights with my running club. Feel in reasonable shape though to be honest, and have a marathon semi-approved by my wife for September haha. I am home alone next week so hope to get a few more miles in than usual, though I'm playing squash twice as well.

    634.9 running miles YTD.
  • Salut maintenant!

    900 will still be an excellent total, Andrew... especially, as you say, after a slow start to the year. Anything after 900 will be gravy (or icing if you have a sweet tooth! :wink:)

    Hi Nick - nice to see you again. How's the little one doing? I'm certain that amount of regular cycle mileage will be keeping you at a good level of fitness - which your club runs seem to bear out. Which marathon have you been given permission for? :smiley:

    Unusually for me, I ran today - Friday is usually a rest day but since I've missed several sessions recently and I've had this week off work I didn't need more rest! :smile: I checked out a running route from home to the club track in the next town along. Found a lovely route alongside the river and following a local woodland footpath... about 4.7 miles each way plus the intervals track session should give me about 13-15 miles for my mid-week MSR in future. Today's exploratory run totalled 9.82 miles.

    YTD: 1040.49 miles.

  • Thank you all,
    Since my last posting I did 10.48 miles on Thursday  and this morning I only did 7.08 miles including Parkrun - but - I did go for the 2nd half of the VLM route with one chap in the afternoon as promised - a distance of 13.73 miles - Big Mac Meal was lovely. With six weeks to go, my
    YTD = 2653.67 miles
  • 8 miles today including a 10k race. Very happy to report a 15 second PB of 44:52 on the watch (official time awaited, but will probably be 44:55ish)!

    795 YTD 
  • Evenin' all!

    Good going, Harmander - glad you got a taker for your VLM run and Big Mac purchasing.

    Yay - congratulations Andrew. What an excellent time... well done! It's my dream to one day break 45 mins for 10K - I'm very jealous/impressed :smiley:

    Just a short-ish plod out for me this evening as I ended up DNS-ing Conwy HM because I wasn't sure my back would make it round 13.1 miles at race pace. Totalled 9.43 miles all in.

    YTD: 1049.92 miles.

  • Thank you Nell. I am still a bit surprised by my time, as I wasn't even targeting a pb from this race! I was aiming for sub 46, started a little quicker than planned and felt good so just kept going!
  • Managed to sneak in 4.1 unexpected miles yesterday afternoon and did 10k on the gym treadmill on the way home from work tonight.

    Andrew: That's a very decent 10k time. As Nell said 'oh to be sub 45' Well done

    Dave: Marathon update and news of your mother and her run? Looking forward to it.

    Harmander: Please your had company on the marathon reccy. I was in London at the weekend, and looked out for you on Whitehall, but I was never running.

    Nell: I've two pre-Christmas 10ks coming up. Running the 1st Doncaster 10k on Sunday, maybe, just maybe sub 47 mins.

    YTD: 878.0
  • Afternoon all,

    With the upcoming marathon on Thursday, not a lot to report on since last Wednesday.

    Harmander, Well done on the 100 marathon distance - Epic running indeed.
    Andrew, Congratulations on the PB, what a fabulous time. 
    Nell, This will be marathon number 7 this year, with one more planned in December, I am sure Harmander has completed many more. Hope you enjoy the new route this week, sounds like it will be a lovely run.

    Stats since last week

    17.11.17 - 5.62
    19.11.17 - 3.12

    YTD = 1103.99
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Nell - nice exploring :) The little one is doing well thanks, we've recently got a running buggy and have been out with it a couple of times, which went well (ie she slept the whole time haha). The marathon is New Forest marathon on 9 Sept next year. Haven't entered yet.

    Andrew - congrats on the PB!

    David - good luck for your marathon tomorrow.

    I did a 10k buggy run on Sunday which was all easy apart from 2 mins where I decided to see how it felt pushing the pace (on a convenient flat bit of wide footpath), pleased to hit under 7 min/mile pace. Then last night did an impromptu session of 2 miles hard, 1 mile recovery, x2. The hard miles averaged 6:35 which was a lot faster than I expected, always a good feeling. Recovery miles around 8:00, amazing how easy that pace feels when doing a session. Pushed it again at the end for 0.2 miles to make it up to a round 10k in just under 44 mins. Well chuffed with that. Club run planned tonight, which will be approx 6.5 miles at easy pace.
  • YTD:883, its gonna be tight.

    Doncaster 10k on Sunday, new event, 2000 places sold about a month ago, methinks we're experiencing a running boom.
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