The Thousand Mile Club - 2017



  • Ooops - that rather loses its impact at the top of the page!

  • I'm sorry, Harmander... what was that you said about splitting into multiple posts??? image

  • Nell,

    I can take it - bring it on lol.

    Even with my message I am still a KM ahead - nah nah image

    Bad weather coming? so what, I have a treadmill at home  - even more nah nah's image

  • image Just joining in with the other children... I'm easily led image

    Edited to correct the past participle of "lead" image

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    Other Children Nell....................???

    Track session last night of 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 reps. Total mileage 5m

    YTD = 36.50m

  • Two days off work and two decent runs completed! Went out for a 10k trot yesterday and just about managed a sub 55 minute finish which represents another steady gain in performance since returning from injury, then did just under five miles today to and from the gym but at a very gentle pace this time.

    2017   34.80

  • Sorry Stylish... I particularly enjoyed yours and Muttley's goading of Harmander - I'm a sucker for a bit of light teasing image

    No running to report - I missed a 6-miles slow scheduled for tonight due to "mandatory fun" following a big meeting taking place at a work. To be fair, though, it turned out to be quite good as we went to Jodrell Bank (no rhyming slang!) for a lecture and a meal.

    I had my workout already today - had to help move a tree so I could drive in to work! A couple of runners had also stopped to help - which was nice. Between them, another motorist, myself and a tree surgeon we managed to clear the blockage and unclog the massive queue of traffic.

  • I'm not sure which I'm furthest behind in, miles or the the thread?

    Anyway, overslept Sunday and missed my training window. I did, however, redeem myself a little by entering am event. I'm running the Hartland Heartbreaker on April 30th and to prepare I've printed off a 16 week marathon schedule. It will mean falling behind for now as far as miles go but all good in the long run (excuse the pun).

    2 miles Monday, 3 last night at slow/easy pace.

    2017 - 16.97
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    8.1 miles last night with my running club, felt much better than my last couple of runs. A few days off running now before XC on Sunday.

    YTD 43.3

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    4 miles last night, to bring me up to 20 YTD.

    Won't be running today, as by the time I get out of work it is due to be snowing here.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    Just Run: I've been in that situation before. Spilling some money to enter a race is good incentive to shake off the CBAs.

    Must get some entries of my own in. There are 3 local favourites coming up on successive weekends in February but for my purposes in the wrong sequence: a half, a 10 miles and a 10K. I'll probably still do them.

    Pleased to see Nell upholding grammar standards on this thread. I'm a sucker for a past participle y'know ... and as for the pluperfect ... *swoon*

    Anyhoo ... I decided today to get out there and do it before the forecast snow arrives. According to The Plan should have been 2 x 3 minutes tempo with 1 minute recovery. But I thought that a little lightweight so did 4 reps, taking care to hold it down to tempo pace and not up to interval pace. Target pace was 8 m/m based on a (theoretical) 10K time of 50 minutes, and it felt comfortable throughout at a wee smidge ahead of that.

    5.61 miles in all. Need to work on some longer runs methinks.

    25.98 ytd

  • You guys are going to (hopefully) be proud of me - did 12.76 miles uphill in the blinding snow at 11:16/mile just now.

    YTD = 90.62 miles  so that is just 909.38 miles to go.

    With  145.87km I am also way ahead of the km/message rate.

    Doing the second half of the VLM course plus a bit more on Sunday and some more with a Parkrun in the middle tomorrow so that is another 40km by Sunday night - well into the second 100 miles.

    Told the newbies I am mad - here is the proof

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭

    I'm new to this.

    Thoughts on treadmill running? Everyone happy if I include those miles?

    Treadmill miles this year = 25

    Oudoor miles = 0

    YTD = 25

    I'm in the Yorkshire marathon and will do some local 10k events so will hit the road eventually just not at the moment!


  • Hi Donnie - I am doing the Yorkshire marathon too

    run today YTD = 33

  • Treadmill miles count I was told last year.

    When and where is the Yorkshire marathon?

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭

    The Yorkshire marathon is mid October and is in York. Done it twice before and I'd recommend it. Gets very good feedback on this site. 

  • 'ello, 'ello, 'ello... what's going on 'ere then!?

    Nice running peeps - good luck for your XC on Sunday, Nick - are you in a league?

    Donnie - as Harmader says: dreadmill runs count, and race miles count - but only the recognised distance of the race not the distance measure on any personal recording device image

    Muttley - just for you - I had written a sentence that implied I was very dense and had the atomic number 82 (Pb) before I corrected it image

    Yes - very proud of you Harmander... I've just done similar, but the snow changed to hail part way round so I ran along saying "ow... ow... OWWW" as it was really "stingy"!!! An invigorating 5.21 miles that felt remarkably smooth and comfortable at 9:24/mi. despite the precarious under-foot conditions.

    YTD: 59.44 miles.

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Nell, yes my club takes part in the Herts XC league, this will be my 3rd one and they are good fun. Think this will by muddier (unless the ground is frozen!) and hillier than the other 2 I've done though.
  • Shucks,

    Already booked to run Bournemouth marathon on 8 October - same day as Yorkshire.

    Even I cannot be running two marathons simultaneously 300 miles apart.

    Nell - you are less than a marathon distance behind me - keep up young lady (or should I slow down for you?) image


  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    Another 6M with club run on Wednesday. But don't know about weekend running yet. Very cold tomorrow and heavy rain expected Sunday. Don't have a dreadmill but the thought of running on that would bore me to tears! 

    YTD = 42.50M

  • Sticking to the schedule so two 10:00 miles for me after work. 10k walk/run in 70 minutes on Sunday. Would have been painfully slow a few months ago, nw i'm glad of the time allowance.

    2017 - 18.97

  • another 5m for me today

    YTD = 38

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Ooooh Nell, you smooth-talking minx, you know how to make a bald middle-aged man go weak at the knees image

    And I'm not one for the dreadmill either. I find them harder than outdoors and much sweatier because of the lack of a headwind. Fair play to those who can stick it out though.

    Right then ... just a gentle 3.6 miles this morning, couple of laps round the park on slightly muddy trails. Didn't want to go further or faster because I've promised Muttley Jnr a run tomorrow so I don't want tired legs ... can't let the young whippersnapper show me up, oh no. He's not beaten me in a race yet!

    29.56 ytd

  • Muttley image ... yes, save your legs - you definitely mustn't let the young 'un out run you!

    Harmander... while you're within touching distance it's a real temptation to try to catch you but I'd probably kill myself (well, injure myself at least) if I did the volume you do! I'll be satisfied with actually catching up with you in real life in September image

    Hope you enjoyed your muddy XC today, Nick.

    Stylish - you've got be happy with your start to this year compared with some of the bumpy patches you went through last year! You're logging nice steady mileage.

    Nice and steady Just Run - and great new pic... did a flash flood take you unawares?

    Some nice mileage as well there, mathschick.

    I'll be doing my Saturday double again - first part done: 4.01 miles (in the final reckoning I'm sure that 0.01 of a mile will make all the difference... hahaha...). Was aiming to dial in to (hoped for) goal marathon pace of 8:45/mi. but that's just a bit slower than my natural steady pace of ~8:30/mi. so I ended up with an average of 8:34/mi. ...some more work needed to "feel" my goal pace.

    YTD: 63.45 miles.

  • I have done it

    10.18 miles including Parkrun has got me past the (first) 100 miles.

    YTD = 100.83 miles

    Nell - you are 37.38 miles behind - pull your finger out kiddo. image

  • Should have read 10.19 miles actually - every 0.01 mile counts

  • Well done Harmander - a quick review of last year's thread reveals that you broke through the 100 barrier on the 19th Jan. 2016... so you're winning 2017 already! image

    So - a rather late up date... went out for the second part of my Saturday double. The Plan wanted 3 miles slow so I ended up with a little local trot that totalled 3.11 miles (a nice round 5K, or there abouts) - giving a total of 7.12 miles for the day.

    YTD: 66.56 miles.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Well, so much for Muttley Jnr's alleged readiness for a run today. He took fright at the weather. His excuse is that since he's an RN submariner, if he gets wet it means something's wrong. Whereas I, as ex-RAF, will go out in anything except thick ice and fog. In his defence he was out hiking all day yesterday but I have still called him a wimp.

    Anyhoo ... a slow 4.45 miles, again round the park in rather muddy and rainy conditions but no less pleasant for that.

    34.01 ytd

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Benfleet 15 today, muddy, wet, hilly, cold and hard- I love it!

    15-Jan Wk 2: 24.5* YTD: 65.5

    *short week, snow and touch of pre-xmas Bronchitis lurking so eased up before Sundays run.
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    image Muttley, not sure that you can deny the logic of Muttley Jnr there; that did cheer up my day!

    Harmander, impressive mileage - well done on racking that up already!

    senidM - again, decent mileage; good to ensure you take care of yourself if you've not been 100% - so many horrible bugs doing the rounds!!

    Nell - what's your marathon?

    I did a paltry 1.23 miles today. Headed for the trails which I believe yesterday had some nice crisp snow on them. Today however, I almost didn't make it from my car to the pavement, then when I reached the trails there was a bit of ice to skirt around. Managed just over half a mile before encountering an open patch with a complete covering of ice - horrible, thawed snow that had refrozen overnight so was just absolutely treacherous. Nearly fell over trying to get back across the car park to my car too - like a bottle! image 

    Texted my friends who were heading out later to advise them of conditions - they went anyway and I got a text from one of them later saying she'd fallen on her bum and it hurt a lot. Not good. On the upside, the thaw should ensure they're clear for next weekend!

    Did an easy warm up yesterday followed by parkrun with my big sister, so nice easy miles. Need to get my arse in gear as I'm training for a half marathon in February.

    YTD: 51.13 miles

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