The Thousand Mile Club - 2017



  • 'ey 'op all!

    Hahaha... Muttley - so you definitely remain unbeaten by next gen. Muttley! imageKnew he was sea-related (Devonport) but didn't realise he's a submariner... my great grandfather was a very early submariner back at the start of the twentieth century.

    senidM - that sounds like a great run! Nice mileage stacking up for you as well.

    Clag - I'm doing Manchester as my first ever marathon, but I have Wrexham Half, High Legh 10K and Wilmslow Half to do before the marathon. Which Half are you targeting? That icy mini-run sounds lethal... discretion was definitely the better part of valour there!

    A very wet and soggy LSR for me today. 13.18 miles at 9:36/mi. average pace - a bit faster than I should have been. It was also completely fasted - including no food or drink on the run. Felt good!

    YTD: 79.74 miles.

  • Thanks Clag and Nell,

    I ran from Tower Bridge to the finish line of the VLM (plus a bit more to the McDonalds on Whitehall) as part of the familiarisation training run with two newbies and a friend who has done over 240 marathons earlier today - the total distance was 22.11km or 13.76 miles - was 28 seconds under my target pace at the end.

    YTD = 114.57 miles (184.375km) so ahead of the km/message target that you guys talked me into.but it means just 885.43 miles to go

    Is anyone doing Silverstone Half on 12 March? I will be pacing there.

  • Great total already Harmander. 240 marathons is amazing - one a month for 20 years!! I won't make Silverstone as am doing a more local one the week after in Welwyn. To pace do you rely of a GPS watch or the feel?

    Ran less this weekend than I'd hoped due to my right calf cramping yesterday in the cold and still sore today so eased off so as to not aggravate further. Still ahead of the curve image

    YTD 49.96miles

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭

    Enjoying the thread.

    Impressive stuff by so many. Well done.

    I'm still knocking out treadmill miles but hope to get back on the road soon. Personal reasons rather than preference but at the gym with its TV screens I get to watch Pointless most days as I run!

    YTD - 36.1 (all treadmill)

  • Little Nell, the pic is from the Honiton Hippo, a multi terrain run my old running club hold each year. It includes a couple of river crossings.

    Shame the runs aren't spread out a little Mutley. Be a shame not to do them all though!

    Slow 6 miles today, had 4 minutes to spare according to the schedule but really couldn't have gone much slower. Base miles this month, I was really pleased with how much easier i went up the hills.

    2017 - 24.97

  • Morning all, as Donnie has already said some impressive totals so far!

    So last weeks stats:

    09.01.17 - 7.5

    11.01.17 - 3.75

    13.01.17 - 6.56

    15.01.17 - 3.43

    YTD = 39.67

    Clag, know where you are coming from, went out yesterday morning, we have a frost overnight (Sussex) then rain - very interesting run indeed as it just looked wet.

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Three runs to report since my last post - 4 mile son Friday including a couple of slightly quicker miles, 3.5 Saturday morning and 5.5 yesterday evening, to bring me to 33 YTD.

    As an aside, and to give some context to my injury woes, last week's mileage of 17 is my highest weekly mileage since the first week of September and yesterday's 5.5 mile run was the longest single run since 24 August!

    33 YTD

  • 17k muddy trail run on the Coast Path on Saturday.

    45 miles YTD.

    Probably a gently week for me this week before Winter Trail 1/2 marathon in Coed y Brenin on Saturday.

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all. Only a Saturday run to report which was parkrun with warm up and warm down as well totaling 5.75M. Decided to rest up a bit on Sunday as I have increased my mileage a bit in last 6 weeks or so and left calf felt a little tight (it was cold, windy and raining so that might have been the real reason for not going).

    Nell – yes happy with mileage to date but the trick is to pace your-self and remain injury free even if it means a cut back in mileage some days /weeks. I’ve often heard of runners doubling up on a day but what is the benefit of doing a 4M run in the morning and a 3.11 in the evening? Doesn’t really appeal to me I have to say.

    Andrew – I had a look back in my diary and realised that the last time I did a run that was double digits was Oct 2015 when I did the Royal Parks HM. Sad state of affairs.

    Good running everyone.

    YTD = 48.25m

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    Got a cheeky bonus run in this week, 3.8 miles at comfortable pace on Friday. Then ran to and from XC on Sunday (at very easy pace) for a total of 13.3 miles for the day. So about 30 miles for the week but apart from the XC (5.7m) all at easy pace.

    YTD 61.1 miles

  • YTD as of yesterday 38.7 miles.  Happy with that, but some really impressive totals on here.  Well done everyone.

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    Circumstances dictated that I did my run ob Monday night instead of today. So I ventured out for 6m easy run in nice conditions; hardly any wind. It re-affirmed that my decision to not run on Sunday was a good one. Good run but a little tired still.

    YTD = 54.25

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Afternoon peeps.

    Well done Stylish, good to see you getting back into the groove.

    An easy 6.25 miles for me today in cold but sunny and still conditions. That counts as my long run this week, I need to work on distance and start going longer.

    40.26 ytd

  • evening

    5 for me today

    ytd = 48

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Thanks Muttley. I'm conscious that after many months of not even doing 50m I don't want to ramp up the mileage too quickly. But not doing long runs was my downfall last year so I need to do the same.

    I think everyone has made a good start.

    Well done mathschick - cold was it?
  • Guten Abend meine fellow runners.

    Good going everyone!



    Stylish wrote (see)

    I’ve often heard of runners doubling up on a day but what is the benefit of doing a 4M run in the morning and a 3.11 in the evening? Doesn’t really appeal to me I have to say.


    Fair enough Stylish - it's not for everyone. I like it because, as I said, I feel really bouncy and energised during the second run. It's also a bit of a hang over from my weight loss days as two short runs in one day really kept the furnace burning and helped to shift the lard... these days it just means I can eat more (crisps and pizza... mmmm...).

    Just one run today, though! Hill reps - was supposed to do eight reps but it was tough so I only managed six. Total distance ended up at 5.20 miles.

    YTD: 84.94 miles.

  • Little Nell you're smashing it.

    I ran a quarter marathon in the gym tonight!


    YTD: 56.55 miles

  • Just 12.75 miles again tonight.

    YTD = 127.32 miles

    Am pulling away Little Nell - you might want to do three runs a day for a bit. image

  • 5+ miles last night. 1 mile warm up , 1.5 @ 9:15, 3 minute recovery, 1.5 @ 9:15, 1 mile warm down. This used to be an easy run...I was having to work hard for that! On the plus side, I've lost a couple of pounds this week (about 9 to go) and I'm already feeling a lot fitter.

    2017 - 29.97
  • Another 4 slow miles ticked off last night.

    2017 - 33.97
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Almost too short to warrant reporting, but 3 miles last night to bring me to 36 YTD.

  • One man's 3 miles is just as valid as anothers Marathon Andrew. They all count.
  • Totally Agree Just Run,

    I applaud every step anyone takes as it gets them closer to the finish line.

    Singapore Marathon invites inspirational quotes to put on its mile markers - one of mine was chosen the year I did it - 

    'The clock doesn't stop - nor will I'

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    "Believe you can"

    Cold evening last night but a 6.16M run with a few club members. Helps to run with others. It takes extra effort and commitment to get out there in weather like this.

    YTD = 60.41m


  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭

    I'm enjoying this. It does keep the motivation going.

    YTD = 54.1 (that's almost three miles per day - I'm pleasantly shocked)


  • A chilly 6.5 miles tonight to keep me ticking over.

    YTD 63.13

  • Wotcha peeps! Hope everyone is well.

    Thank you 20TO12 - feeling good, so far *touch wood*

    image Harmander... I'm going to have to let you get away from me - I can't keep up with your pace!

    Just Run - you're putting together a good series of runs there.

    Andrew... I agree with Just Run and  Harmander, I'm happy to log 3 miles - and I think you should be too image

    Well done on getting out last night, Stylish - better than I did!

    Nice total coming on for you too, Donnie.

    A "brisk" run for me at lunchtime, as usual. W/u then four miles at HM pace (8:03, 7:48, 7:51, 7:56) then c/d totalling 5.21 miles.

    YTD: 90.15 miles.


  • First run since injuring my foot on New Years Eve ... Only a 2.16 recovery run by feel (ended up 7:06 pace).

    A very small one but its finally miles on the board.

    YTD: 2.16 miles

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Picked up another 4 miles yesterday after work. Don't mind running in the cold, it is the wind and rain that bothers me.

    40 YTD

    Duncan - a recovery run at 7m/m pace! You must be pretty sharp when you are doing full-on training runs and not fresh back from injury! Well done getting out there though, and welcome to the thread.

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Nell - forgot to say, you are smashing training so far this year. I suggested an annual target of 1200 for you, but you are well ahead of that at the moment. Are you hoping to maintain this level throughout the year or are you periodising and planning some downtime later in the year?

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