Ultra running after TTT knee operation

Hi everybody,

I'm after some advice an wondered if anyone here can help.

I am a keen, ultra, long distance trail, fell runner, cyclist and duathlete - basically any endurance sport!! and have recently been suffering knee aches, severe crepitus and swelling of the RH knee made worse after a bike crash last year.

The pain is not so bad to stop me running but I am now noticing it affect my gait which is causing hip pain, again bearable but i suffer for a day or 2 after a long run.

The point is, after seeing a couple of consultants, I have been told I need a TTT operation and a lateral release. I have arthritus, caused by maltracking of the patela and bone on bone wear of the lateral cartilidge. The Consultant said I will be up and running in 4 months or so after the OP but I doubt his optimism and don't think he understands what 12 hour 60 mile mountain runs involve. Google tells me at least 12 month recovery from other patients but to what level I am unsure.

Has anyone had a similar op? and what were the results?

I am 42 years old and don't want to stop doing what I enjoy - should I run until I breakdown or have an op now?

Does anyone know a knee specializing Physio in the NW they could recommend as an alternative to surgery?

Any help is greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance


  • Probably the lack of replies so far means people are not willing to play net consultant when you have already had a couple of qualified opinions. I'd beware of seeking opinions until you find one you want to hear. Rather, I'd follow qualified advice so long as they truly have some insight into running. Such a person or persons should be able to tell you the trade-offs of op now vs. keeping running vs. physio work. I'd trust that opinion especially over so-called complementary treatment (if you were even thinking that - complementary means just that - not replacement).

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    I can't recommend anyone, but would definitely recommend seeing a physio who specialises in running. There is a huge difference between the top physios and your run of the mill ones. You aren't guaranteed a good outcome with surgery so I'd take the conservative route first or at least get opinions from practitioners who know something about running. Good luck

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    My main worry was I thought the surgeon was being over optimistic with recovery times and that he didnt really understand the difference betweeen a competitive ultra runner and your 30 minute 5km runner. 

    I am registered on a knee forum and nobody on there has been anywhere near running after 4 months which has led me to question the qualified opinions.

    I agree, there is an element of me holding out for the opinion I want to hear but TBH I petrified of having an OP and losing the ability to do what I love and would like the odds stacked in my favour as much as possible.

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