Strava compatible running watch

Grateful for any advice on a good running watch in the price range £100 to £200 that can be downloaded to Strava using blue tooth .GPS watch with reasonably quick GPS satellite connection desired


many thanks


  • Garmin Forerunner 230 would do the job at that price range. Garmin connect syncs with Strava, it's not a direct upload to Strava but it is seamless.

    You might be able to get the 235 in your budget if you find a deal.

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    Hi Geoff, most watches should do this in one form or another. It depends what you want out the watch, there are a lot of these that come as activity trackers which act as 'daytime' watches to monitor number of steps as well as the usual running features (GPS, etc).

    Have a look around and do some comparisons to ensure all the items in you want list are catered for.

  • Take a look here, Geoff - all you've ever wanted to know about running watches... and more!

  • Big_AvoBig_Avo ✭✭
    I love using Strava and was looking for a new watch to replace my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. I contacted Strava for a list of compatible watches and they gave me a list that was over three years old.

    I'm still in the market for a new watch, probably go for a Garmin to unlock the linked features.
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