Running shoes cost 10p per mile.

How long do running shoes last?

The local shop says about 600 miles. Adidas advertise a 1000K guarantee (about 620 miles). But then they "won't believe you" if they wear out in that time.

For a £60 pair of shoes, that's 10p per mile; about the same as petrol.

OK, so it depends on weight, style, terrain, sharp stones and phase of the moon. etc. etc. But how long 'on average'?

And what are the systems of the shoes 'going home' - with or without the runner?


  • Hi Steve.

    Well ive just got my 6th pair of Ascis Gel Kayanos and ive found that they do feel very different once ive always get to that 500-550 mark, my last pair i got the last day in July and have just purchased some more.

    I just also wanted to ask others what they feel on keeping to the same shoes if they have never had any problems with them, as ive said this is my 6th pair and have never had any problems, has anyone else done the same then changed and found a better shoe that suits them and maybe it improved there running.

    Hope that makes some sence.
  • 10p a mile - scary thought.

    I think it's all a conspiracy on the part of the shoe industry to get us to buy shoes more often than we need to. Wear them till you can see daylight through the soles, I say.
  • And the Adidas ones have soles developed by Pirelli. Probably have little valves on them somewhere.
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