Running partner in Wakefield!!!

Just started running, training for the flm in 2003 as running for charity.I live in wakefield and would be interested in hearing from anyone wanting to get through the pain and the boredom together.


  • Although I'm not from Wakefield it occurred to me that maybe joining a running club might be the way to go? If not then 'good luck' in getting a partner!
  • I run with the Rothwell Harriers which is a short hop from Wakefield (some of our members are from Wakefield) We run at 7pm on Wednesday nights from the Rothwell Sports Centre and you would be very welcome. If you want, let me know which Wednesday you will be down and I'll be there to greet you. By the way, am in Bournemouth on 6th November...anyone doing Cheddar half marathon on Saturday 9th Nov? That's my birthday...a good way to celebrate!
  • Thanks Roz. How far do you run i wouldn't want to show myself up iam not that good, yet!!
  • Hi Martin, Personally I don't do the longer runs. We all set off as a group and split off if some want to go longer (due to marathon training) and the others head back. No-one is left behind not even plodders like myself. Unfortunately, dark evenings dictate that we have to run on roads so a short run is about 5 miles although when I was back with my sciatica and achilles, I only did 2 - 3 VERY SLOWLY! So don't worry, if you aren't doing much mileage yet.
  • Hi Martin, how is the training going. I feel the same as you about starting, if you still need somebidy to start running with let me know
  • Chris. Training is going ok on sat i ran 5 miles for the first time and didn't stop once. Although i felt good it is dead boring, getting up on a morning to run on your own is lonley.Where do you live? Hows your training going?
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