Are you as fat as you think you are?



  • You'll lose a good lb or 2 as well ;0)
  • a lb or 2 .. blinkin eck !
  • Mind you Bune I was trying to fool the doc!
  • lol

    carbs and salt increase water retention for future ref

  • Heck theres nothing I dont know when it comes to weight Bune! I'd cut my feet off if I could!
  • you do ok now tho ?
  • Yes my weight has been good from the hospital point for two years now although still slightly below normal, but I eat very well and dont weigh . I just dont have any mirrors around ! :0(
  • thats good , well done
  • Ta Bune, onwards and upwards with a bit of luck :0)
  • get on them nakid. clothes and shoes weigh 2lbs.
  • stand on one leg! ;0)
  • more if you got loads a clothes and heavy shoes
  • Shoes with heels weigh more than flats. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  • I don't think I'm fat so I can't answer the question.

  • BO,

    Shut up then.

  • Apologies - technical error with the voice box. So...

    Scotty - you barely register
    The Count - looking good
    Trinity1 - that must be one hefty pair of shades or this things gone haywire again
    Slide - You've also got two legs that are shorter than each other - you're kinda odd
    Buney - I've got a talking rack if you like?
    Lady L - you can stop jumping now!! (and maybe take off the stillettos next time)
    Nicky2K - when you got nakid I think is when the short circuit happened...
    Tixylix - that's enough, I really need to stop taking the p
    Burnt Out - are you convex or concurve?
  • too tired to read the thread but this may already have been said

    words of wisdom from my 5 yo daughter after a medical

    "they only weighed my feet"

    so how much do my feet weigh Dr?
  • About a size 4?
  • LOL @ flr's daughter.

    Don't want to weigh the rest if me feet are that heavy...
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