Guys Thatched Hamlet 10 mile

Does anybody know if the Guys Thatched Hamlet , Lancashire, 10 mile run is on this year (1 December)? I've seen the event listed on race results sites but haven't been able to locate an entry form. Can anyone help?



  • Yes, Loll it is run on the 1st of December 10.30. Go to and locate events2002 then December. Click on info and there you'll have the entry form. That is an excellent site especially for events in North West.And you have the choice of Wesham 10k on saturday,30th November which I intend to run. Don't do both though!
  • Thanks arian, I'm off to get a form now. With a bit of luck my blisters and muscles will have healed and I will be able to walk again by Christmas :-) I think you're right though, it wouldn't be wise for me to do Wesham as a warm up.

    Best of luck on the 30th.

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