NYC marathon 2017

I'm looking to do NYC this November, just wondering who the best & cheapest ITP is or best way to do this?




  • I went with a flight and entry option and then booked the same hotel the ITP was offering but for half the price.

    Only thing I lost out on was transfer to hotel, but its not difficult getting from the airport into the city.

    I going to try in the ballot this year.

  • ok thanks. Yes I booked up with 209 events for the flight and entry. I looked at the same hotels but it worked out to be around the same price. So booked an alternative hotel. How did you get from your hotel to the Ferry stop?

  • I went with them as well.  Part of the Flight and Entry package included a coach to the start.

    I looked at cheaper hotels but then had to factor in the travel to the hotel they used to get the coach.

  • I don't think the coach is included to the ferry, just the ferry across to Staten Island and transfer to the start.

  • Coach was from hotel to the start.  Ferry wasn't involved.

    Looks like it has changed since I ran in in 2015.

  • Hi All

    Anyone got enter the ballot? I put a GFA entry in and just waiting to hear back.


  • i have got my GFA back and been accepted - they are doing it on a first come first served basis - i put mine in as soon as it opened. I know they have had some delays this year in approving things - was on the phone to them last week. 
  • NYC is very easy to do without an ITP and rivate coaches to the start. You will either be assigned to a bus from the Public Library (Byrant Park) 42nd Street and 6th Avenue or to a Ferry, or you get online when the transfer assignments are open and assign yourself to which ever suits you best

    For the Ferry take the Subway 1 line (Broadway and 7th Avenue LOCAL train) DOWNTOWN to South Ferry (end of the line)

    Currently you have to travel in the 1st 5 Coaches of the train to get off at South Ferry. The subway station is at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Normal Subway charges apply.

    Get on the Ferry at the other side there is a fleet of free buses which take you to Fort Wadsworth where you will assemble for the start.

    Check the details of Subway engineering works in the weeks before... Midtown to the ferry is about a 30 minute ride.

    The Bus from the Public Library will normally pass via Brooklyn and over the Verrazano Bridge to drop you on Staten Island at Fort Wadsworth.
  • andyc209 said:
    i have got my GFA back and been accepted - they are doing it on a first come first served basis - i put mine in as soon as it opened. I know they have had some delays this year in approving things - was on the phone to them last week. 
    Hey Andy, how recently did you hear about getting in and how quick did you get your entry in, as I put my time verification in about 8 mins after it opened and not heard anything yet? Also mine was a non-nyrr verified race so I guess I will be at the end of the queue.
  • Hi Andy, I was put my entry in 5 minutes after it opened and was non-NYY as well. I heard back last Wednesday. I would e-mail / call them today to check. Ballot closes today I believe. Good Luck
  • I have tried calling a few times but I probably picked the worse day to choose, so have emailed them.

    Hopefully it will be sorted as I still would like to think I was early enough to get in.
  • Andy, i have been emailing them for a while but the response is pretty slow - in the end i phoned them - worth the £8 phone call to ensure everything was fine. Initially i got my provisional acceptance but had to phone them over the payment. i would have thought you should still be ok though but a call will do not harm. They did tell me that there had been delays this year in processing the qualified applications. God Luck

    Iron SwissBobby - thanks for the info - got hotels and flights sorted so my travel to the start is the only thing missing. They have said they are opening application for busses in Spring. Hopefully i'll just get on one of those busses - be like Boston again - loved being taken to a start line in a Department of Corrections bus! 
  • Thanks for the info, finally got through on the phone, 2 min conversation and I am in, so I can double up the majors this year - cant wait!!
  • which other one are you doing? Got London as usual for me - once NYC is done i only have Tokyo to go for the set of 6
  • Yes London for me too, will be 2nd time and these will be 3rd/4th marathons (outside of Ironman) overall.

    Hoping to do Boston next year and may just enter the ballot for Berlin next year as well as London doesnt seem to be a qualifier.

    Will consider the other 2 another time. :-)
  • Hi Guys,

    I just thought I would pop in to say hi, I have just signed up to run NYC this year with Sports Tours International, I am still awaiting the ballot result on Thursday but thought I would get in while I can and have the fee refunded should I be one of the lucky international ballot entries (which is doubtful with my dismal ballot record). This will be my first time running New York, I have my first ever marathon in Paris in 6 weeks time then Berlin in Sept so hopefully come November I should be marathon fit and already fast becoming a marathon junky.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Today's the day of the drawing, I think?  Fingers crossed!
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    seen the results are out - got my acceptance email again. Good luck everyone in the ballot. 
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I didn't get in...!

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    Minni - Sorry to hear .... going Travel Partner route?

    Got my hotel and flights booked now - travelling over Friday morning from Manchester to Heathrow then NYC with BA
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nah,  I'll look for something else.  Have fun!

  • SmudgerncfcSmudgerncfc ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    I am in for NYC 2017.

    It will be my ninth Marathon out of 10 this year (including London and Berlin) and finishing with the 10th just 6 days after NYC at the Running the Rift Marathon in Uganda.

    Would be good to meet new people when over in NYC. I will be staying for about 5 nights, travelling out on either the 1st or 2nd November (flying from Gatwick with Norwegian Airlines).
  • Hi guys just a quick question will probably start my training for this in July,have only ever done London before.
    Will be looking for some 20mile races but can't seem to find any sept/oct time any of you guys know of any ? I'm based in herts so somewhere in the southeast really..cheers kev.
  • Hi everyone- glad to have found this thread. I got a place in ballot so have arranged my own accommodation and flights. Treating it as a holiday and race all in one as never been to New York before. Have completed Manchester and London this year and now lower mileage before Marathon training really begins in July. 
    Kevin I'm doing the St Albans Stampede Sept 2nd which depending on how many people in your group can be as long or short as you want. It's over a 12 hour day and last year I completed it with a friend and we did 2 laps each (4miles per lap) alternate and completed over 30miles. When you finish your laps you rest/recover/eat and wait to go again. I did Berlin marathon last year and this run/race really helped with endurance. You can enter a team up to 4 people if you want or go solo/pair ect.
    ive also pencilled in Ealing HM and Stevenage HM.
    im then going to do my other long runs along river starting at Watford or follow the Gade 20mile route that they put on for the London marathon training in spring. If you see any other runs in Herts let me know.
    question for people that have done NY before-
    poncho or collect bag
    coach or river to start.
    feeling good completed nice steady 7m run in sunshine before heading out today. Might have to dodge thunderstorms later on!!!!

  • Ok thanks steve I'll check them races out. Good luck with the training.
  • Ok is it poncho or bag. Is it ferry or coach
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    I've just booked the midtown bus at 6am and poncho - never take too much to start and my hotel is only a few blocks from the finish. Never done it before though - i will be in an early wave i assume with a predicted time of 2.55 but the 5.30 bus just seemed too early to arrive :)

    A lot of previous runners recommend the ferry as it allows more of a lie in and also has loos available but the bus was just too convenient from my hotel 

    re the poncho thing - basically if you normally take a bag to the start and have no-one to meet you at the finish so need clothes etc then bag check otherwise get a NYC poncho - my hotel is on Times Square so i think i wont need a bag of clothes etc

  • Same here- bus 6am and poncho. I'm staying near getting coach (I think) and have family meeting me at end so poncho. 
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    another poncho / foil blanket to add to the collection - always useful when going on the log flume at a Theme Park :) - Staying at Riu Plaza just off Times Sq. Was thinking about paying for the Buffet Pre race meal for $35 but done a few of these and often been dissapointed in the food. Anyone done this before - is it worth it? Suppose it saves the hassle of trying to find somewhere to get carbs in especially when there are thousands of runners in town all doing the same thing.
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