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PSOF Championships 2018

Given the late decision for the 2017 pirate championships, makes sense to start the discussion early.

Decisions used to be made around the campfire (pile of beer cans and pizza boxes) at Bala.  With Lanza around the same time as Bala and a relatively large number participating/supporting this year, I suggest the final decision is made there.  Also serves to ensure there is a critical mass of support committed to the chosen event.

Ive no strong opinions but would welcome suggestions and a good rationale for the reason an event should be chosen or support for someone elses suggestion.

One off the wall idea I have (but would take some organising), Pirate DIY Ironman, we could investigate hiring a location and facilities (accom, camping, lake) like Avon Tyrell where Enduroman takes place each year or one of the South Cerney lakes?  Could run a single on Sat & Sun (option to do the double), and awards/essential pi$$ up on Monday.

Thoughts please?



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    Austria ! That was fantastic.

    Or what about the Sweden one ? Anyone done it ?
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    Like the idea of the DIY but I'd had thought that may be better run as a side event. I like the idea of going away to a full-on IM (other brands are available) for the championships and making a bit of a holiday of it for the partners/friends etc. Best will in the world I'd find it hard to sell the idea of 2/3 nights camping around a lake in the UK over Lanza/Klaggers/Nice etc.

    As to where the Pirates go to next year, Lanza would be a fave for me.

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    Thanks for kicking this off Barlos....

    I'm not sure on the DIY IM... sounds like a good idea in principle, but I suspect it would take a massive amount of organising.... plus I suspect a lot of potential championship entrants will want the 'razamatazz' of a branded IM event.

    I am personally very keen to do IM Barcelona... I think it has a lot of merit as a pirate venue, as it is cheap to get to (low cost flights into both Girona and Barcelona - and taxis or hire cars are ridiculously cheap), cheap to stay, driveable for those that prefer, plus its pretty flat so not going to put off some of the potentially less experienced or less strong entrants... and finally the venue at Callela has massive, possibly even unrivalled, potential for the post race piss up!

    However, I wholeheartedly agree that we MUST get a decision made in a timely manner this time round, and can't think of a better option/timing than Lanza for that to be made... I'll go with whatever option is chosen if I'm not at Lanza.... except for if its a UK event.... I want a guaranteed warm destination to make it a family trip... and will add in Outlaw for my UK fix!

    EDIT: cross post with Symes... looks like we broadly agree!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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    For purely selfish reason if its not in the school holidays some of us won't be able to attend without special dispensationimage

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    If it's somewhere *really* good, it might drag Funkin out of IM retirementimage 


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    My personal vote would be for Lanza, as that's where I'm planning on going in 2018... Possibly followed up by some stupid stuff in the UK too.

    A DIY sounds great but there's loads of things that would need to be sorted that'd make it potentially costly and a lot of hassle.

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    2018 IM free for me???? Copenhagen is a good event and venue I enjoyed it so much I am going back this year it's also flat n fast so good for first timers ????
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    Agree with decision being made earlier rather than later as really want to attend a Pirate champs, but this year I'd booked in to IM Vichy before Hamburg was decided on. 

    Have no preference as to where other than somewhere warm (although not overly keen on a sea swim!). 

    As for a UK based DIY full, if there was enough interest, I 'may' have totally free access to a perfect lake, that just so happens to also be right next door to some of the nicest, lumpiest cycling North Wales has to offer. image

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    For me, my vote goes to Wales
    Done it once before and the support around Tenby is amazing

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    While Lanza is undoubtedly a very special location for IM, I think we'd be well advised to consider how many potential entrants to the champs are put off by its reputation.... at a personal level, i'd love to do it again mind you!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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    +1 for Wales for me. I've been to the Long Course Weekend last two years and the course and support is unreal. 

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    MC - understand re Lanza reputation, damned sight easier than Wales especially if you happen to get some weather there image

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    as I cant make a non Uk event due to both mine and Ginga's work commitments 

    +1 for Wales. Even if I am always shit at Wales due to said work commitments.


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    I'd love to have Wales as the pirate champs, but the problem is that every year there seems to be a question for a while over whether it'll be on the following year.  So you could end up finding out in September that there's no IM Wales to enter in 2018, by which time the list of possible alternatives is very narrow. 

    Lanza 2018 wouldn't work for me personally because it's right before A levels, but it seems to me that there are enough people who really want to do it that it deserves a go as the champs event - easy to get to, decent weather, plenty of accommodation, unlikely to fill up within seconds.

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    CD, the rumours are little more than chineses wispers. The Mayor announced after this years event that a new contract had been signed. I can recall wether it was 3 or 5 year either way it would be good for 2018.

    That said there is very little chance of Wales actually being chosen as championship because although there are many pirates that would like it to be the vote will always be skewed by those who's life allow them to go abroad to the previous champs where essentially the final choice is made.
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    DIY IM in 2018 sounds good, and so does Booo's lake in North Wales.

    Did Wales last year and really enjoyed it.

    Lanza is on my hit list so that would be good for me too.

    Missed this years due to faffing too much so looking forward to a speedy decision on the 2018 one please?

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    That's good to hear Duda.  It's certainly got the locals on their side, which seems to have been the problem with Weymouth and Mallorca.  Don't discount it being picked, Outlaw & Henley both got the nod.

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    Cheerful Dave wrote (see)

    Lanza 2018 wouldn't work for me personally because it's right before A levels....

    I was under the impression you were older.

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    Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭

    I'd like to take part but its school holidays or nothing for me so I think that only leaves Mastricht or Vichy unless it was Outlaw which is the weekend that we break up.

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    I'd be an extra vote for Barcelona with Wales as a distant but second choice.

    either will allow me 18months to get over my seasickness issues. 

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    I love the idea of a DIY weekend... that could really start something!


    I'll make the tea image

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    is that Tea 1 or Tea 2 you're making?

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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    Hope wrote (see)

    I love the idea of a DIY weekend... that could really start something!


    It's made for you .... 



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    a DIY weekend would be fun....but I really don't think it would work as part of a championship.... you need the atmosphere, volumes of people and all that surrounds a big event to make a champs.... I'm not saying the DIY wouldn't be fun., or that we shouldn't do it, but that it would make a poor champs...

    I am also still very much of the opinion that two times we've had the champs in the UK previously, its been less than brilliantly attended, as its just too much of a gamble weather wise and lacks the 'exotic draw'.... I really (as I suspect a good few others will) want my family there, and a weekend in Wales just won't be very appealing to them, whereas a long weekend somewhere in Europe is a whole different matter.... and finally, while Wales does sound huge, its got the same challenges as Lanza, in that newbies will be put off, as its just too hard for them...

    So what does all this boil down to?...  think we need to decide why we are organising a champs... is it a get together for the existing IM veteran pirates? (in which case, Wales, Lanza etc are great), is it to draw in those pirates that are teetering on the edge of IM? (in which case, one of the European IMs like Austria, Sweden etc might be a good choice), or is it to attract completely new pirates? (in which case a flat easier course might be a good idea, like Copenhagen or Barcelona)

    Just my thoughts....

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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    Initial thoughts on that MC are who gives a crap about appealing to the newbies, never been taken into consideration before, why now, if they are committed to joining in then they'll go where the event is and train appropriately, it's not a knitting club you know image

    The UK one at Outlaw worked ok but otherwise Henley wasn't a great success as far as numbers go. Unfortunately the same could be said for this year's version, are we on 7 or so? not sure how many of those who voted for it at Majorca are actually signed up either.

    As I've said before, agree entirely about going abroad being a tad more appealing than UK for family friends. Makes it more of an event with the getogethers before and after whereas the UK ones you drive up the day before and can drive home after you cross the finish line potentially!

    I guess we'll never have the championships as we did previously with 40 people going along, more likely to be mid-teens, unless it's Outlaw.

    Maybe have a UK champs and a Euro champs?

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    So far then we....

    A lot of people wanting Wales.

    And one vote each for





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    Why dont we try an on-line vote this year??  narrow down to a few possibilities and then set up a voting email

    with few people going to various venues it will be hard to achieve the critical mass that is needed, I appreciate a few are going to Lanza and as a date its a good one to have a decision by but I think again only a handful of people would race the following year?

    I'm still open to offers this year just as all the entries seem to be filling up  image

    What about Italy ?!

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    The one issue with opening it to online is that you potentially have 500+ Facebook pirates deciding where a dozen or so actual pirates may end up racing

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    Italy would be interesting.....

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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