Thames Towpath

Now that the nights are lighter it appears that many runners have woken from their hibernation in the gyms and enjoying the outdoors.

Whilst it is good to see all these new faces on my runs along the towpath in the evening has anyone else noticed that they fail to realize that it is common courtesy to acknowlege ones fellow runners. Just a thumbs up, wry smile or nod is needed - perhaps even a hello or alright.

Has any one else noticed this?


  • Funny, this has never been mentioned on the forums before. Runners, especially those from the South, not ackowledging other runners. It is a By-Law though isn't it? You'd think there'd be signs up about it warning people and possibly fines. Something along the lines of those you see for wheel clamping. Let's hope for those in the future.

  • Last year our club, Lincoln & District Runners, ran the Thames Towpath from Putney Bridge in London to Iffley Lock in Oxford, for our summer challenge weekend.
    This was a distance of about 130 miles which we ran in relay over a weekend in July.
    We found people along the towpath most couteous and polite, and had an enjoyable weekend (with a pint or two consume in the evenings.)
  • I run along the towpath in Bucks area - appologies to anyone I have ignored but I was probably dodging the duck sh1t at the time!!!

  • I run in West Berks and find that about 9 out of 10 runners acknowledge me. I used to run in Leeds, and found people less friendly there, so I don't go along with the unfriendly-southerners stereotype.

    What's more interesting is the way things change according to the time of day. When I run early in the morning (say before 9am), everyone, including non-runners, say hello. As the day goes on, runners will generally still acknowledge me, but ordinary pedestrians tend not to. Not sure why that happens.
  • I think it's time and distance away from the shower, RC.
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