Nike advert.

Is it me ranting on or is the Nike advert where the man and women are running and splashing each other absolutly brill? It makes you want to go out in ya wellies :-)


  • Nibbs,

    I liked it too.....not sure about going anywhere in me wellies though!
  • I think it's a really clever way to combine an ad for both Nike's running and (by implication) footy products, appealing to a wider audience and saving the company money into the bargain. Smart move.

    Not as good as "BELLY'S GONNA GET YA," though ;)
  • Classic advert. Wonder how much it cost to make?
  • I haven't seen this one.. sounds pervy??
  • Deffinately one of the better adds around at the moment

  • I thought it was fantastic - until Alex Ferguson appeared at the end and ruined an otherwise brilliant advert...
  • Got to agree - it's a brilliant advert.

    As a not quite hardened capitalist, I do feel that I should dislike Nike for their slightly dubious practices. But they make great kit and their advertising is second to none... oh well.
  • I've got a lot of reservations about Nike, but on the plus side they are doing an awful lot lately to make running look really cool. So thanks Nike.

  • Mind you, it's not as good as the John Smith's advert where you see all the football players doing keepy-uppy, and then Peter Kay just boots the ball as hard as he can into someone's garden. How many times have you wanted to do that?

    'Ave it!
  • The diving advert with Peter Kay has to be the best one around at moment. The one where he does the 'running bomb'


  • I actually liked the Samuel L Jackson ones for Barclays (even though they were rubbish)....Must be something about him being, without question, the coolest man on the planet!

    And the Eurostar ones with the bloke from The League Of Gentlemen are pretty odd.
  • I love that Nike ad and I want the jacket the girl's wearing. Has anyone got any idea of a website I could try ?

  • Advertising works!
    I am going into Niketown in London tommorow as I need some new gear,the advert made my mind up for me.

    'Top bombing'
  • DD - it's not the same one that Paula Radcliffe has on in the big 8 page advert at the front of this months RW is it? Just a thought...
  • Yes Venom


    My running kit needs some updating it's really old. But where is the website that I can buy from? I went all round Taunton on Tuesday but all the sports shops sell clothes not running kit.

    Please help me,I'm in a buying frenzy but I can't find a shop.
  • I really really like Nike gear, but the company's a bit po-faced if you ask me.

    Have you seen that they've got their legal bods leaning on John Smith's over the 'Just 'Ave It' line that appears in the Peter Kay ads? Infringement of intellectual property, copyright, blah blah blah. Whatever.

    As for how much the Nike ad cost, I work as writer in the ad industry and I'd say you're looking at somewhere around 250 grand just to make it, and something like 250 grand to buy the airtime. So something like a cool half mil in total.

    But if you think about it, the best ad for Nike is Niketown itself and also the Nike 10K. The marketing behind that is evil genius. 10,000 running adverts each spending something 50-100 quid each on Nike gear in the run up to the race.

    Best ever running ad in my opinion is an Adidas press ad from a few years back. It was a shot of a street stretching off into the distance from a runner's point of view and read, 'Just to the lampost', 'Just to the parked car', 'Just to the tree', 'Just to the...'

    It won heaps of awards.

    Not glamourous ad, not a fashion ad, just true! Written by a runner for runners. (But not written by me, unfortunately!)
  • Hi Daisy,

    try www
    I've not shopped online with them but their Woking & Reading branches are the only places I shop for running gear.

    Happy shopping.....
  • And don't forget the club discount for Sweatshop. I think with ordering online you have to email them afterwards to claim it.

  • i thought the 'pitch' nike ad in what women want-mel gibson-was v good,don't know where it came from or whether they used it subsequently.anybody know?
  • Thanks Guys

    I went to their website and they're sending me a catalogue.

    Will new kit make me run faster?
  • New kit makes me want to run in it, which makes me fitter, which makes me faster (Or so I kid myself!!!)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Can't stand the Nike advert - anything that puts extra cash in the pockets of the Trafford Reds can never be a good thing. The best Nike adverts I remember were before the Barcelona olympics when most of the athletes they chose (Bubka was definitely one) ended up losing.

    Now if they could promise that for Fergie's whingers inc. I'd welcome them with open arms.

    As bitter as the John Smith's.

  • You must be quite pleased with Mickey Rooney though, Gavo?
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Just a bit.
  • Mickey Rooney?'ve lost me now guys. For anyone who doesn't know, Niketown at Oxford Circus have organised runs every Tuesday evening..can get a little crowded on the pavement at times though with all those walkers around..the Nike 10k said they had 20k this year..was anyone queing for longer than me ( a whole hour) for the shuttle bus - think there must have only been one running..

  • I love the stormy pegs ad in RW - the snowy one in Norway - does my bum look big in this?

    DD The only place i've seen the nike phase jackets advertised so far is at one of the websites up on the right side of this page - either Runners need or Total Fitness - but won't they have em in Niketown - never had the pleasure as we dont have one in Manchester. Is it any good?

    ps if I buy some stormy pegs will my bum be as nice as the one in the advert?
  • The new Nike advert is brilliant, but why do they have to put Man U at the end. Surely they could have got Paula Radcliffe instead of a bunch of overpaid footballers.
  • Bune

    Yes it will
  • must find a spare sick ste'squid asap!
  • Ricky, I think the point is that then they get to have a football ad and a running ad for the price of one :)

    (Cheapskate activity, just like their reliance on sweatshops, and I don't mean the running retailer!!)
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