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Hey all!

Hello, I'm new. I'm working my way through the Bupa beginner half marathon plan (finished week 2 this morning image ) and have a cross training day coming up in a week or 2. My friends say they go to the gym on that day but I don't want to join, for financial reasons amongst others.

I feel like I should be doing more to improve my overall strength and flexibility. 

So I guess I'm after suggestions/links to decent cross-training routines/videos to be done at home for running that they would recommend for a beginner like me looking to build strength and increase flexibility?

Thanks all!



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    There is plenty on YouTube. All free so you can browse at your leisure and do the routines you like.

    I use Youtube for yoga and core workouts. I would suggest you put in "yoga for runners" and try out some routines. As a beginner I would suggest Ekhart Yoga or Yoga with Adrienne, they both have suitable routines. I also use Sean Vigue, but some of his woouts are quite challenging.
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    There is a good little app called the 7 minute workout

    There are manymanymany on the interweb,  I know some who have got on really well with RebelFit and The Body Coach and Emily Skye is also good and she posts a lot of clips for quick workouts, Davina is usually good so I would say mix & match a few, pick those that work for you and see how you get on!

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    PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    kinetic revolution is a great resource but it has targeted exercises, rather than an all over routine.  It has in depth video clips on exercises to target specific weaknesses etc

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    Thanks all. I have been a fan of working out from YouTube previously, mainly yoga which lead to power yoga which lead to running. Yoga with erica was my go-to. So I felt like the cross training days might lead to this. I didn't know what to do specifically though and I am nervous about 'wasting' any days; the plan suggests swimming as an option but it doesn't feel like that will cut it? Does cross training literally mean any other exercise, even if not as knackering as running?

    I'll def have a browse of those resources guys, cheers!
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    Yes,cross training is any training that isn't running. The idea is that it develops fitness but gives your body a rest from the impact forces of running.

    Would also ditto recommendation for 7 minute workout.
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    Thanks everyone. Was taken out with an injury for a while there but am about to get back on it and going to try some cross training today. Thanks again image 

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    Hey all. Just wanted to update and say that I've really enjoyed cross training the past few weeks! I've been using fitnessblender.com as it has a really useful search tool for their hundreds of videos. Just wanted to feed back in case anyone hadn't heard of it. Thanks again!
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    PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
    I have a bike at home, and thinking of getting a rower. Already have a treadmill, but when sometimes I feel like a workout late at night or early morning and use the bike to get a sweat on and lose some calories.

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