Stramilano 2017 - Help?

Hi! First post on here. I am looking to participate in the Milan Half Marathon this year on March 19th. I have ran many in this country but this will be my first abroad. I have seen that I will require a run card ???15 and also a medical certificate? Having sent a few emails around it turns out I need a urine sample, electrocardiogram and spirography test done in order to compete. I am wondering if anyone has done something similar before, where I could get this certificate done (I assume this is beyond doctors) and how much it costs? Thanks so much!


  • IF its anything like French races - any bit of paper stamped with an official looking doctors stamp will work. For IMFR they didnt even look at mine.

    I'm sure some italian veterans will be around shortly, or is there a Rome Marathon thread - probably the same questions there too.

    I'd not be bothereing with all of that medical gubbins myself.
  • I have registered for the Milano Marathon two weeks later and did Rome Marathon in 2014 so I am somewhat familiar with the regulations for Italian races. There are two ways for foreigners to be allowed to start and that is either to get hold of a medical certificate signed and stamped by a doctor or to be a member of a club recognized by your national athletics federation. As it is usually cheaper and easier to become a member of a club I recommend you to go that way.

    Edit: You can also buy your own stamp and be "creative" with the medical form. I know this is quite common for races in Italy and France.


  • OK so the event is now less than 2 weeks, I went to my doctors to get some kind of certificate today and they wouldn't issue me anything. So now im facing going all the way to Italy to not be able to compete. My event status online is now "PLEASE URGENTLY SEND RUNCARD + VIABLE MEDICAL CERTIFICATION", but no idea what to do now. I am meant to be picking up my race pack on the Saturday before, but I can only assume that they are going to ask for my documents when I try to collect them? Bit peeved. Any help???
  • Hi Andrew. As Stockholm Syndrome says above, best way is to join a club and pay for UKA affiliation so that you can show the organisers your membership card. This is all I had to show when entering the Milan Marathon this year. You seem to have left things rather late for that now, though. Maybe contact your local club and ask.

    When I ran the Stramilano some years ago I got a med cert off my doctor to show them at registration the day before. They asked for it so I produced an envelope and they just handed the entry pack over without looking! 

    Strange you you have a doctor who won't help you with this. Guess it's time for you to get creative?! Good luck.
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