Thursday session - 24 October

Well, a slightly later than has become usual Training post...

What: Intervals (8x500m).
Why: I do speedwork on Tuesdays and Thursdays; I missed the Tuesday one due to resting a suspect knee, so back to the grind with intervals (and not my usual Thursday diet of fartlek or hills).

Last hard: Will definitely be today - only 8 reps, and only 500m, pretty much guarantees I'll cane the a**e off it...
Last rest: Yesterday (20 min recovery jog).


  • Hiya - the rain has finally stopped here although snow is on the way - apparently!!
    What : 2 fartlek sessions (easyish)
    Why:training schedule - easy and I did a lot yesterday -10 miles in 1 hour 13 - yippee!!)
    Last hard day : yesterday - see above
    Last rest day : Friday

  • Tim,

    Failure? Sounds like your taper is going really well. Good luck on Sunday.

    Rest for me today.

  • Morning all - crisp and bright here in the North East.

    What: Speed work at club (really enjoyed Tuesdays sessions at the club - so I'm going to really make the effort to go twice a week)
    Why: To get some speed in the legs ready for the race on Sat

    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Saturday
  • Morning all! It's lovely here too...

    What: not sure, supposed to be a gym day but its so nice I might run instead
    Last hard day: Wed
    Last rest day: Tues
  • Morning All,

    PB, are you by anychance doing the Worksop 1/2M? If so see you there.

    What: 5 miler with middle 3 at goal 1/2M pace.
    Why: Just to get into the right frame of mind for Sunday.
    Last hard run: Tuesday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Freezing , but at least no rain :)

    What : 5 mile easy
    Why : enjoying a couple of 'stress free' easy weeks before building up for the marathon training
    Last hard : yesterdays long run
    Last rest : Tuesday
  • morning everyone

    back in touch (at work at any rate - we'll see what PC World have done to my PC when I pick it up this evening).
    Been on a short break nr Gloucester - avoided the worst of the weather it would seem.
    Exceedingly miffed to find the hotel didn't have a treadmill despite advertising its "fitness suite". Too dark (unlit) & unfamiliar to go out, so best I could do was thrash the cycling machine each night in temperatures which must have exceeded 80F. Was able to wring buckets of sweat out of my gear (even the socks!) each time afterwards. But I really would have liked some time on my feet before my last 5K of the year this Sunday....


    what: short but q brisk trot (4.3K course). Exact pace to be determined....
    why: see above
    last hard day: (on foot) - Chester Zoo 10K week last Sun
    last rest day: yesterday - if you choose to ignore the gentle ~11 mile ride (~1½ hours)round Forest of Dean with younger son in trailer bike.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Quiet in here today - everyone must be off searching for the singletons.

    What: That 7 miler I've been promising to do all week.
    Why: Got so cold last night I wimped out after 2 miles. Must look out the long sleeved top.

    Finishing for happy hols tonight, so I may or may not log on from home tomorrow, but then I'll be away until Monday 4th. Hope to get a few runs in at my Mum's before the Fort William half on hte 3rd.
  • Useless day; trying to work whilst responding to bi-hourly phone calls to taxi teenage daughter and her mates around various places. Suggested a bike ride to younger daughter - met with derision so retaliated by banning TV for the day.

    What: 4/5 miles easy.
    Why: supposed to be recovery day, tempo run tomorrow.

    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: Tues.

    All of you planning your weekend long run, here is the long term weather forecast.
    Sat - awful.
    Sunday - worse.
    I'm sure you'd want to know, as none of you would let the weather prevent you from getting out for your customary 2/3 hr weekend runs. Would you?
  • Laura,

    The interesting one for me is Sunday - from what I could make out from the weatherman's pressure charts, the Wirral Seaside 5K is going to take place with a gale force westerly chasing everyone down the coastal embankment.....if I'm feeling good, there might even be a sub 17 minute time on the cards :-)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Forecast for sunday is sunny and bright , light breeze & around 26 degrees.

    Oh that's Paphos, I think I get there late afternoon..... :D

  • Dustin,
    please don't torture us anymore, I can't take it.......
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    sorry - didn't I mention I was going on holiday? - only three more posting days to go....

    (BTW if someone wants to come round and put the bins out for me next week I'd be most grateful :D)
  • Shall I go out tonight for 6/7 miles in the pouring rain with the club, or shall I go to the nice warm gym and do an interval session, decisions, decisions.

    Mike S. it should be an interesting race on Sunday, nice along the Dee Estuary when its blowing a gale, no cobwebs there.
  • Fess up time - I've not done anything since I had major aching pains in my legs last Sat. I did go for an easy 4 yesterday and it was so cold when it started to rain I turned around and went in - did about 1.5m

    club night tonight but as I've driven 320 miles today and had a beer at lunch I'm knocking that one on the head too.

    Saturday and Sunday will be spent from 8:30 am to 8:30pm in Worcester swimming pool watching and cheering midge1 on.

    So if I skip Friday that will be a weekly total of 1.5miles.
  • Another tedious x training session in the gym. 65mins in total
    Rest day yesterday did nothing at all - what a slob.
    Have booked to do a spinning class at the gym on monday, it says for 'all' but I keep hearing horible stories of how hard it is!!so that will be my next hard day.
    Tomorrow some weights I think.
  • Had a fantastic run tonight. Fastest 6 miles ever in 39.58. Feeling good! Can't believe I ran that fast and it was a very undulating route with 2 steep hills. I think I must be peaking, hope it lasts until Cheddar 1/2M in 2 weeks time.

    Dustin have a great holiday. My friend is in Cyprus at the moment, so if you bump into Sheila from Weymouth say hello!

    Good luck all weekend races! Not me this weekend I've decided to not complete my challenge of 6 1/2marathons in 6 weeks, due to having a bit of a scare with my calf last weekend. So no more racing until Cheddar now. I'm being kind to my body!
  • racers not races.
  • What: 4.5m easy trail run
    Why: 5 Tempo miles tomorrow
  • Nothing!!
    Couldnt get out of bed at 5.30 and at work tonight
  • worked damn late today very tired might get up in the morning - fat chance
  • Glad to hear you're on top form again Hilly.
    Mike - may the gale force wind blow in the right direction on Sunday...

    WW, hope you opted for the club run in the rain - I set off for mine around town having dropped the kids off at the cinema, dark,windy, rainy, felt tired, tempted to stay in the bar etc. Within a few minutes I was absolutely revelling in how good it felt to be out. Came back, sat in the bar and felt glowing, even though I was soaked and windswept. Strange how what you feel like setting off bears absolutely no relation to how the run goes, don't you find?
  • 4.3K in 16:26
    Lungs felt like they hadn't been used to hard exercise for weeks.
    Feel I've lost a certain amount of sharpness - not to mention confidence.

    Also knackered from pulling up & removing hall, stairs & landing carpet (with Mrs S) this evening in readiness for having it replaced tomorrow....

    At least PC World managed to replace my 2nd hard drive OK.
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