NB wearers

I have heard that NB shoes come up rather narrow compared to other brands

Anyone experienced when changing from other brands they needed the 2e fit in NB. I know obviously best to try a pair but unfoerunatly stockists are far and few between here 


  • If you have wider feet go for the 2e fitting.

    That's wider than normal i have found.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭

    From the NB shoes I've had I've found the width similar to saucony but narrower than asics, mizuno and inov8.

  • Thanks guys

  • New Balance offers standard and wide shoe size options: Men's: D, 2E and 4E and Women's: B, D and 2E. 
  • Help please. Anywhere I can buy Zante V1 US 10 UK "9.5"...Real world UK 9.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
  • I've used NB 860's and Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost and found that NB's are far wider.

    NB's are available in difference widths though.
  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    Adidas are by far the most narrow shoes I have worn.
  • > @Brightwater said:
    > Help please. Anywhere I can buy Zante V1 US 10 UK "9.5"...Real world UK 9.
    > Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
    > Dave

    Didn't find in UK. I bought "lifestyle" version very cheap on Amazon US. They have a denser, warmer upper, and short narrow laces...not a show stopper. I don't notice them when running and they are comfortable. I now use these for 10k and the original Zante for 5k...toe tread worn and cushioning reduced but still comfortable.

    Regarding width, I have a wide-ish foot, for me D fitting toebox and heel are perfect, midfoot tight, but ok with loose lacing then tight last row. The midfoot bump is unnoticeable when running.

    I couldn't resist a NB bargain offer on light trail shoes Gobi - based on Zante V2, with heavier tread and stiffer upper - I should have gone for wider fitting as the tongue is too narrow at last lace hole - but they are comfortable. I use for grass courses.

    I await Zante V4 with interest. If I have to visit a shop I would like to try Nike Vaporfly 4% "when the price drops"...I have a sub £50 target I am resigned to giving up. I will also be interested to try Nike Zoom Elite 9, On Cloudflyer, NB 1400 V5.
  • Correction - Cloudflash (light), not Cloudflyer (heavy)
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