First timer Manchester marathon


Running my first ever marathon this year and had a few questions

1. Not followed a training plan as such just one I have made up as I go along, currently run 3 or 4 times a week. Covering a average of between 25 -45 miles. Will I need to increase my mileage?

2. I currently do one longer run a week (longest so far 18 miles in 3 hrs) what is the longest run that I need to complete before the big day?

3. should I be doing any long runs the week of the marathon or just a few warm up runs.

4. What happens on the day of the marathon, ie what time do I need to be there for?


  • 1. Depends but it looks pretty promising. Do you have a half marathon planned to estimate your race time?

    2. You need to get up to 20ish miles. If you can get 5 or so of them in then you will be well prepared. Its important not to race these. See point 1.

    3. you need to taper down for the last few weeks.

    4. Have a look at the race information. Will you be staying local or travelling on the day?

    If the latter then allow more time so you're not stressed before the race.

    You're spending hours each week training. It'd not kill you to read up on what you are meant to train like. We've seen umpteen people sabotage their own races by training badly.
  • Thanks for the reply Cougie;

    1. Not got any half marathons planned but am planning to do a 15k resolution run in march,  when I originally signed up for the Marathon I estimated my time at 4:45.

    2. Planning on doing a 20mile run on Saturday this week. and then one every week until the end of Feburary.

    4.  I live in Prestwich so will be getting the tram to the start.

    it was just laziness on my part regards not reading up on training plans.

  • I think a 20 miler every week will be overkill unless you're used to them ?

    15k is only about 1/3 of marathon distance, so any predictions of your marathon time will be sketchier than say from a half.

    I'd still want an hour or so before the race then at the start.

    Good luck !
  • It's a good thing to have a deload week every four weeks - that's a week with less mileage and a shorter long run. It stops you (literally) running your body into the ground. Also, make sure you're including some sort of stretching routine or yoga, and try to get a sports massage every month. If you can't afford the massage, then you need to get busy with the foam roller.

    As cougie says, it's a good idea to be 1 hr - 45 minutes early so that you can stow your bag and use the loo.

  • 1 hour 45 minutes early - good grief image

    I'm usually too nervous for that. Nonetheless, don't forget guys this is Manchester we are talking about and our weather is "character building".

    hope you enjoy your day.


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