South Wales 100ml and South Wales 50ml - 23rd/25th June 2017

This event deserves much wider recognition and is destined to become a classic in the Ultra calendar.

Organised by a group known as RunWalkCrawl, it's 105 miles with 6400m ascent from Cardiff across the central South Wales valleys and the high central Brecon Beacons, in 40hrs or 44hrs for walkers. It's an excellent and tough route.

Organised reccies are offered with the first taking place on Sun 29th January next.

And now finishers will get 6 points for the UTMB and similar points for other continental events. Last year I did the 50 which has 3200m ascent & a 24hr time limit and now gets 4 UTMB points. Strongly recommended.


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi John.  This event would be a definite for me were it not in June which is my busiest time at work and I wouldn't have the time either to do it or prepare for it.

  • Hi T Rex,


    That's a pity - maybe another year you might get the chance, you probably know much of the route already from all your other S Wales ultras. There's a reccy of Cardiff to Treorchy a week Sunday too with places still available.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    With the 100 starting at 1900 on the Friday it means you go into or most likely through a second night.  A tough way of going about them!  Lakeland 100 is the same.

    Nonetheless on my to-do list!

    But then so is the new, summer version of The Spine Race also in June.  How about that, John?

  • It's almost a carbon copy of the Lakeland 100...But obviously on a much smaller scale as new last year....And not quite as scenic although the path are better in many places.....

    I also hope this race takes off as the organisers do a good race...And it's a good tough course.....Quite varied in places...

    Shame that June is so busy race wise....I might consider the 50 for next year..

  • Done the 50 as my 3rd ultra and first at that distance last year , over the moon that I finished but seriously questioned my sanity during it.
  • Hi T Rex,

    I hadn't seen that The Spine is also on offer in June - one friend did the winter version and it seems exceptionally tough. Hmmm........

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    You could knock that off in 3 or 4 days, I'm sure, John.  A man of your experience.

  • I'm entered in this , having friends in Taff's well means I can go and reccie quite a bit of it . It seems quite a few of the longer races now start in the evening /early morning now .
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