Illness and Training VLM 2017

Can anyone please advise on the following .... have come down with chest infection which has meant I have done only 1 run in 10 days and still not able to run yetimage

Do I need to alter training plan or am I panicking prematurely because it's still January ?

 Advice much appreciated 



  • You'll have to see how long it takes you to get over the illness. You'll be better off going in undertrained than starting training before you're able to. Get rid of the infection and then look at the training. Good luck !
  • I am in exactly the same position clare238 - and worse I feel as if I brought it on myself, going for a 10 mile run in freezing rain.

    I'm going to make my first training week back, whenever that is, all easy runs - running slow and keeping warm - and I'm also going to do loops near my home so I can get back sharpish if I feel less than amazing.

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