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Hi I have registered for my 1st 50K Ultra in May, I have completed a couple of marathons, I have been trying to find training plan suggestions, How many weeks before the run should I complete my long run the plan I have has a 26 mile run 6 weeks before, should the long run be closer to the run? many thanks 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I try and follow a marathon plan when training for a 50k. Possibly just adding a couple of miles to the weekly long run. My longest is usually 3-4 weeks out and somewhere around 23-26 miles. With a couple of marathons under your belt you are well set. Good luck.

    Ps my main tip would be to do your long runs on terrain similar to the race route (if possible)
  • Keith- I don't know what your current weekly mileage is, but don't be too startled if the mileages in some of th eultra plans seem huge- by no means everyone does massiv elong runs, or back- to -backs. As far as the 26 mile run 6 weeks before the race - how long did it take you to get over your last marathon?- if you were happily running again after a couple of weeks , then that's fine, but don't do a 26 miles LSR 6 weeks pre race if it is going to take you all of those 6 weeks sto recover, and mean that you have to choose between not doing any further long runs, or risking injury.

    As Millsy says, marathon training, but with more race- specific running, and probably less speed stuff, should be fine for a 50k.(assuming your aim is to get round and enjoy it, rather than compete at the top end)

  • It's also worth looking at more than one 50K training plan, so you can see how they vary - indicates that the training is not set in stone.

    For example the Ultraladies training plan at http://www.trailrunevents.com/ul/schedule-50k.asp assumes you are starting a 20-week progrmme able to run a 16-mile LSR followed by six miles the next day; peaks at 26 miles followed by 10 miles at both six weeks out and four weeks out, with an easier week in between; and only gives mileage, no hill repeats or anything, while this one http://www.runforthetoad.com/trainingprogram.html starts with the 'long' runs at 14km (less than 9 miles) followed by 5 km; tops out at 38 km (a little under 24 miles) without a semi-long run the next day; and has some speed repeats, tempo and hill sessions included in the middle of the plan.

  • That second one looks much more do-able, - although I'm sure more would be better, if you have the time/ injury resistance to manage it.

    30-35 miles per week about all I've ever managed- my first ultra of the year last year was 33 miles long, and my training maxed out at just under 35 miles per week 3 weeks before the race, and only 7 weeks where I did over 25 miles in total ! I managed to get round in reasonable shape, and the other 4 (!) ultras I did through the summer were all off similar low mileage, although to be fair, the repeated ultras plus a couple of marathons thrown in probably acted as a substitute for longer training runs.

  • Agree with comments. Big one for me is training on the same/similar Terrain of the Ultra. If its real off road, rocky, rough ground/hills then some practice long runs (and walks) on similar ground is near essential. .. and time on your feet with your ultra kit.

    Friends crashed and burned as, although they had much better distance/training in the legs, they couldn't handle the uneven ground and the real tough climbs.

    My favourite was a day out with long run/walk in the hills with a couple of tea and lunch stops. But 4 weeks (age slows recovery!!) before actual race maximum.

  • I've just done my first ultra, 43 miles (country to capital). I took the back to back route as long runs wear me out too much... ????.....longest run I did was 20 hilly miles one day, followed by 10 the next day, that was four weeks before. I did a 14 plus 14 two weeks before and one or two others previous to that. Oh yes, and practise eating on the run, mind you 30K will prob feel more like a marathon.....which I ran at a much faster pace than the ultra...was a lot less tired after the ultra, apart from legs knackered!!!!

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