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  • Cal - your club mates seem rather inconsiderate... the club websites I've looked at always say they're open to all runners and no one gets left behind. They've done this to you twice now!

    16.22 miles for me today. I tried out Veggie Percy Pigs for my fuelling today (Hi5 gel tried last weekend) - the Percys were nice but it was difficult to chew while running and it actually made me feel hungry on the run... like I could eat a massive sandwich or something - so I'm still undecided. Apart from that the run was good, 9:52/mi. av. pace - well within goal marathon pace +60-90 seconds.

  • looks like the new forum is live now.... :)
  •  :)Pete.... thank goodness you've posted - I thought was going to be only me talking to myself!
  • Well, doesn't look like we have a choice now, does it? No running today after yesterday's 20 but I did some yoga. Don't feel too bad considering (aside from my boobs - despite wearing a sports bra that has never caused issues previously, I now have a nice couple of red stripes under each boob plus a smaller one on the solar plexus. Guess I will have to add them to the list of places  I need to smear with Vaseline... :#
  • 4 miles recovery today. Legs not too bad really - a bit stiff and tired after the 20 but not really sore. I  have Hampton Court half coming up this weekend so hopefully I'll be recovered in time for that. I'm not expecting a PB or anything (although it would be nice!) but at the very least I want to better last year's time (a rather modest 2:05, which I was happy with back then as my PB at the time was 2:02:34 and I was just coming back from my groin strain).
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    Can't remember exactly, but seems like lots of people have been getting good 20ish mile runs in, so well done. Since my HM on Sunday a week and a bit ago, I've just done easy runs, 8 miles on Wednesday, 5 on Friday, and 6 last night. Easy pace seems to be 8:00-8:30 in general so feeling optimistic about my 3:30 target, might consider lowering that a bit but will see how this weekend's long run goes.
  • My friend emailed the organisers yesterday to ask about what gels/fuel there will be on course because the route map just shows water stops.  Thought you might like to know their reply:  

    'On course we will have SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel- Orange flavour at stations 2, 6, &10 and then Lemon & Lime gels at stations 4 & 8.'
  • Yay - everyone's here!

    That's a nice new avatar pic of you Cal.

    Pacing sounds good Nick - seems like sub-3:30 is well on the cards.

    Thank you Rachey - that's extremely helpful! I have settled on SiS gels for my fuelling but I've only tried the blackcurrant and the apple ones so far. I think I also neglected to thank you for the pace-time calculator link you gave on the old forum... I believe that was the actual one I was originally thinking of!  :)

    Legs were a bit achy yesterday after the 18 miles on Sunday but did a speedy track session this lunchtime and all was fine - in fact I had completely forgotten any post-LSR aches. Was a total of 5.5 miles with some nice consistently fast laps.
  • Just 4 miles for me today after 20 on Sunday, didnt feel the best. Couldnt get going , felt all akward and out of sync, guess its just being tired after nightshift and Sundays long run.
  • 7.5 today, felt a lot better than yesterday. On a side note, enguired at hotel I'm staying at the night before race as to what time breakfast was available, 7:30 is the earliest they can do, may have to pop a  toaster in my bag to take with me so can have my pre-race jam toast or is 1 1/2 hours gap between brekkie and the race enough time to digest ? 

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    Daz, up to you really, personally I normally eat around 1-1.5 hrs before long runs, think for the marathon I will try to be a little earlier, partly just because of logistics. I normally have cereal so was thinking of getting some UHT milk if the hotel doesn't have a fridge.

    I know most people I talk to like to leave longer after eating, so 1.5 hrs before might be cutting it a bit fine. As an alternative to bringing a toaster could you just have a jam sandwich instead?
  • Nick, yes probably will get up at 6 and have some pre-made jam sandwiches.  Starting to get excited strangely as the day gets closer. Reading about tapering and nutrition as have plenty of time on nightshifts this week. 
  • Jam sandwiches on white bread the breakfast of champions. This marathon is getting very close now. 6.5 and 8 miles with the dog 'Bramble' today (wonderful running weather here) before she had enough. Got to resist the urge to overdo it now. Good to see the 20 milers being done and dusted,
  • Thanks, Nell. It's from my PB 10K last October. :)

    I've messed up my back doing yoga (I pushed too hard so it's my fault). Not a spine issue - it's more hip/pelvis related. Probably a very angry glute pulling on something. I have done the same thing before and it went away on its own so I'm not too worried about it but it hurts and is pretty annoying.

    So I took a rest day yesterday and tried a test run today (which was also to test my new Garmin 25, which has a much longer battery life than my 10).
    Bit of a rubbish run as my legs were very fatigued. Not sure if that's from the 20 miler or because I sat around yesterday - probably both. My back was sore but I could run through it. I hope it eases up before my half on Sunday.

    In other news, after getting stiffed again in the Royal Parks ballot, I decided I'd go the charity route since this is the year I turn 50 and I'm determined to realise a few ambitions. I've been a supporter of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for a while now so I checked to see if they had places, and was successful in getting one. I'm not going to ask people for money but have put a link in my profile if any animal lovers fancy helping out.
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    10 miles home from work for me on Tuesday. Was just an 'easy' run with the aim of keeping the heart rate low, so was pretty please to find that I can now run sub-9 minute miles and keep the heart rate down. 

    Hard track session Wednesday evening. The session is with another local running club, but the coach is happy for our club to join in. Works well for me because most of my club are slower than me, but these guys always give me someone to chase. It was pouring with rain and coach had us doing 3 x 800m, 5 x 200m, 3 x 600m. My strategy at track is to latch myself onto two slightly faster ladies and then try to stay with them the best I can! Couldn't manage it for the final couple of reps last night though. My legs are tired. My physio happened to be watching the session (his girlfriend also runs with this group) so I got told off for not cooling down afterwards too. Oops! I was soaked to the skin and just wanted to get home!

    3 miles recovery this morning. Everything felt tight and achey. Perhaps the physio was right after all. Hopefully its loosened me up for my 10 miles home... 

     I'm still just about avoiding the germs that seem to have plagued husband/kids, but I woke up with a cough and sniffles today. I doubt the soaking at track last night helped, but my running buddy reckons its early onset maranoia. We will see! If need be then I'll take this week as a cutback/recovery week and jiggle the next few weeks of the plan around a bit. 
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    Looking at my plan today I only have 3 long runs left before the taper, which makes it sound very close now! Had a good 8 mile tempo last night with my running club, felt easier than previously for the same pace which is good. Nice that it's warmed up a bit too.

    Cal - hope your back sorts itself out soon, good luck on Sunday.

    Rachey - I know the feeling, sometimes really can't be bothered to warm down/stretch properly but I almost always pay for it the next day. Sounds like a good session.
  • Good to see everyone is progressing well. Starting to get into the training groove after really slacking for the month of January! Starting to feel it all come together a bit now, although last weekends long run was quite tough in the sleet! Looking alot milder this weekend!
    Best of luck with the training folks, remember to try to enjoy it and it will hopefully make it easier!
  • Ugh - thats me done for this week. I have succumbed to the germs that have crept into my house via the small people. 9 miles home from work last night was hideous. Everything felt achey and my breathing was laboured. So... with 26 miles in the bank this week I'm taking a break until (hopefully) Monday. Was probably due a cutback week anyway... 
  • 9 in the bag for me , day of rest tomorrow before 20 sunday.  Rachey- sympathise with you having caught cold/flu, I use first defence which is a nasal spray you use at first signs of cold, seems to work so far.
  • Hey Rachey, unlucky on the lurgy. I eat as many oranges as my stomach will allow me during the dark days. "usually" gets rid of it after 2/3 days. supplements and orange juice doesn't work the same however. get well soon.
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    Rachey hope the lurgy doesn't hang around too long. I always find a good sleep helps massively with that kind of thing.

    I did a cheeky Parkrun this morning, which was not on my plan but have been wanting to fit one in as I'm in good shape. Had a really good run and came in about 19:35 for a 40 second PB, so well pleased with that. Managed to run it quite consistently which I've not done before when going for a fast time. Hoping it doesn't make the long run too tough tomorrow!
  • Hey folks.  I am entered for the marathon and have accommodation booked at Trafford Hall but my roomie has had to pull out through injury.  It's a triple room so if you know of anyone looking for accommodation send them my way and we can work something out!  Great to read about everyone's preps!
  • Nice one NickW2, great confidence booster and RacheyD1978 at least you've got the lurgy thing over and done with. 21 mile run tomorrow to make 10 year high of 71 miles for the week. I am with you PeteHolt on the orange thing, 5 a day habit.
  • Did my first ever 20 miler today and the last mile was emotional.   I ran it at my marathon pace as i only seem to have 1 jogging pace, but it is pretty slow compared to most on this forum.  Tried it as a dress rehearsal same gear, sweets, gels etc that i plan to use at Manchester.  I felt really fresh as usual for the first 10 then started getting progressively more tired at each mile point. Then hit a steep hill at 18.5 which took its toll and the last mile was grim and i was running on empty.  Don't know where i am supposed to find the last 6 miles from?
  • Si - last year I spent the last mile of my 20 swearing and cursing. It's normal. I did a bit better this year (last Sunday) but don't worry too much. True, the last 6 miles of a marathon are, let's say, testing. But Manchester has great crowds to lift you.

    Hampton Court half today, and nearly didn't make the start. After marshalling at parkrun yesterday, my back was killing. I really didn't want to DNS, though, so I did everything I could - stretch, TENS, painkillers, grinding a hockey ball into my butt. Did a few test strides, ate, napped, then did a few more test strides.

    Woke up feeling a bit better. Not 100%, but OK enough to risk it. Well, I only went and got a new PB! 1:57:37 (25 seconds off). So yeah, it wasn't my most comfortable half - left food had pins and needles from 4.5 to 6.5 (this happens sometimes - I think it's down to tight calves), I threw up in my mouth during the last mile and nearly puked again from effort at the finish, but f... yeah, I did it. Wasn't expecting a PB today - wasn't even expecting to run today - but when you want something badly enough, sometimes it's possible.

  • Well done Cal, great pb, hope the back eases up over next few days. Hot bath and good rest will sort you im sure. 
    Well I thought this was supposed to get easier, did 20 last Sunday, fell pretty good at the end and enjoyed the run. Today, another 20 but felt like every joint in my legs/hips was aching. Struggled over last 2 miles, think I will have an easier week coming to hopefully allow body time to repair any damage.  
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    Great to see all the excellent training happening on here!

    Hope you feel better soon Rachey.

    Well done on the good 20-milers OuchOuch and Daz. Well done on getting a 20-miler under your belt Si - even if it did hurt towards the end! My first 20 is scheduled for next weekend (as per the great god "The Plan") so you're all already ahead of me.

    Nice parkrun PB there Nick - well done! :)

    Sorry to hear about your back Cal... but fantastic that you powered through it for a HM PB at Hampton Court today - really well done! Did you see the inimitable Harmander there, from Sikhs in the City? I believe he was pacing...

    Since Tuesday I've done 5.25 miles on Thursday with the middle three miles at goal HM pace... actually a bit faster in the end: 7:57/mi., 7:51/mi. and 7:44/mi. Then a 4.53 mile leg shake out yesterday in preparation for Wrexham HM this morning. The great god "The Plan" stated that I had to do a sub-1:45 HM on 19th February so... I cranked out a 1:43:53 (at 7:53/mi. av. pace) for a 3 mins 27 secs PB! :smiley:
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    I didn't actually - but I've encountered Sikhs in the City before (the name gave me a good chuckle). Those guys can run, and keep running when most people have given up the pursuits of youth in favour of comfy slippers and daytime TV.

    My parkrun did get Martelletti'd yesterday, though. That was impressive to watch. He broke the course record but quite a bit.
  • Take a bow Si C for getting your first 20 miler under your beat - bet your starving now.  Take a bow too Cal and Little Nell, getting half marathon PB's when well into a marathon training programme are superb performances....excellent stuff.  Daz - I think thats a natural reaction, remember your body this week round is still dealing with the fatigue and damage caused by last weeks 20 mile run. A recovering week sounds a good idea to give your body a chance to recharge.  22 miles this morning in 2.50 running with a guy who ran Manchester in 2.52 last year. Felt good - much better than this time last year when lost the rest of Feb and the first half of March to a calf tear.
  • Cal, little Nell thanks for the comments it made me feel a bit better knowing that i'm not the only one to suffer on these 20 milers.
    Ouch Ouch yep i was starving, never known hunger like it, had a sis chocolate flavored recovery drink and a salmon and cream cheese bagel both to die for.  22 miles in 2.50 thats some going
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