Hamstring Strain

Whilst running yesterday I felt a sudden pain in my hamstring which although uncomfortable didn't stop me from completing my run, albeit very slowly. This morning my hamstring is slightly tight and I can feel a dull ache in it all the time.

I assume that I have slightly strained the hamstring and would like to know how long I should rest before running again and also if there is any exercise I can do to maintain fitness whilst resting the hamstring.



  • At least you've not torn it. I normally find that a slight hamstring strain takes a week to two weeks to heal properly...

    Make sure you strengthen and stretch your lower back... physio once told me that caused a lot of hamstring troubles (people doing lots of situps but no lower back exercises causing them to be unbalanced).

    It's usually easy to tell when your hamstring is ready to roll again - make sure you build up slowly (i.e. don't go for all out sprints) but you should be able to run easily for a fair distance after a week or so without any troubles... I play a lot of football and hence know all about hamstring troubles and coming back to early only causes me problems when I try to turn too quickly or burst into a sprint from standing.

    Take it easy, listen to your body and you should be fine
  • Cycling will probably be OK as a cross training exercise. If it's painful though--don't do it!
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