Help please!

I've got 4 weeks until my marathon, until just before Xmas everything was going to plan. Then I came down with this horrid cold that then turned into a chest infection. Anyhow, to cut a long story short. I've been managing to get out still, but my training has really suffered, i've not done and speedwork and i've struggled to get round my long runs.

The longest i've run so far is 15 miles. Any advice for how I should handle the last 4 weeks?

Thanks in advance.


  • Are you really up to running a marathon ? Can you defer ?
  • Yes, it's abroad so I don't want to defer and I really just want to get round. i've accepted that there's no chance of a PB. 

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    In which case, rest, rest and then rest again until your chest infection is history. Otherwise you risk it turning into something much worse.

    If it has gone within 4 weeks then a steady trot, with a bit of walking, might be your best strategy.

    Some of us have been in similar situations, myself, seeing an osteopath because I could hardly walk the week before London, come to mind, but we can always get round somehow, just forget times.
  • get well do, what you can manage, and cut your taper short.

    good luck x

  • Thanks guys, i'll definitely give it my best shot. image

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