London Triathlon 2017 - Which group should I enter in?

I'm going to do my first ever Triathlon in July! But I'm not sure which group to enter in, mixed or male only (I'm male...). I assume the Mixed is more relaxed, kind of, than JUST male athletes? I'm just starting out so wondered if anyone had experience in these areas at this triathlon, is there a real difference between these two groups?




  • My 17yo Son did London last year in a mixed wave.

    The wave size was fairly large and so they split in into 2 sub-groups.  This was self-seeded and it was interesting to see that typically the majority of men and fast paced women went in the first wave and majority of women and slower men went in the second

    My personal view is that the mixed is more relaxed/less competitive but then again that could just be the general vibe of the event

  • That's what I had thought, I'm really unsure as what to pick now as I want some decent competition (seeing as I'll be training from now till July!) but then not too intimidating.

    But then if I choose the mixed that might not be challenging enough.

    Decisions decisions, thanks for your reply.

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