London Triathlon - ANY TIPS!

I'll be taking part in the London Triathlon this year and it's my first time doing so! (I'm sure the London Triathlon is a common topic but I just have my own few queries if that's okay!)

I'm a little wary but excited to complete this as I've always wanted to do it, I can't wait! I'm doing the Sprint distance but haven't yet decided on a male only/mixed group. Any suggestions?

One thing I've noticed is how expensive everything is (I'm kind of new to triathlons, I've done a few but am looking for a few, more professional upgrades) but I understand that money buys quality these days - any good sites that sell cheap, good quality tri suits/wetsuits?

Also, this may sound stupid but do you get given your own swimming hats? I see everyone in the same colour so I assume so? 

And one last thing, what happens with timings for the event? When I book my place do I get given a time slot? I'm going on the Saturday but I can't get there if it's too early on (8am-9am) which could be a problem.

Anything else you can advise me with would be really, really appreciated. 

Thank you!


  • To be honest at Sprint Distances I don't think you need to be spending a fortune on a wetsuit. You can pick one up from Wiggle for pretty sensible money, I see quite a few people wearing DHB ones which are their own brand so maybe look at one of those. From one I understand they're pretty buoyant which most new open water swimmers prefer. 

    Swim hat will be provided.

    Male or mixed, it makes no difference IMHO, fast swimmers are fast regardless of their gender and slow are slow. I'm in the slow category and I doubt it's down to my meat and two veg causing drag, more likely my crap technique and flailing arms are to blame.

    Timing wise, I can't say as I've never done this event but in most cases they tell you your wave number and start time in advance. As a triathlete get use to some very early starts, I regularly seem to find myself in a 6am wave. 


  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭

    Decathlon tri suits are about 25 quid and have done the job for me over numerous sprints, olys and a 70.3

  • I wrote a blog on how a typical tri runs.... each one is different, but the themes are generally pretty common.... hope it helps!



    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • As nobody has said it yet, which is a surprise.

    Don't drown, don't, crash and don't trip over yer' laces. 

  • do it with a smile on your face image


  • Hello,
    I live in France and before enrolling to London Triathlon 2018 on Olympic Format, I would wish to have some more information's about the races.
    I have sent the same question below to the organization without answer yet, perhaps the answer to my question are not fixed.
    1/ What is difference between the both race, olympic westminster premium and olympic westminster ? Except the price of course.
    2/ Where can I found the starting time of the all races planned these two day particularly for Olympic distance?

    Very thanks for your answer and help.

  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    I think the "premium" entry gets you access to the "premium" racking spaces (more space/slightly separate) and may get you a hoodie or something like that.  Other than that it's the same race.

    Start times are staggered, they release in waves of 300 and go from fairly early all the way through until lunchtime ish on both days.
  • Many thanks for your answers. clear for premium entry.
    How are organized the waves ? First arrived, first started, or by objectif time of swim or global time race ?
  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    There are male only / female only / mixed / sub 2.30 waves for the oly distance.   Depends on what you pick at sign up and then after that you are randomly allocated.  Apart from the sub 2.30 they aren't seeded on time.
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