Could I???

Hello. I'm almost 42 (yikes). I've been open water swimming for a few months. Did one mile for a charity swim and now just trying to get in the water all winter in a swimming costume. Hoping to start building up to a steady 1k or so once the water warms up a bit.

I've also started back running after about a decade. Mostly hills and forests and I'm building up to 10k.

I keep thinking I've got 2 out of 3 for triathlons but I'm rubbish on a bike. I pretended to do mountain biking at uni but hills kill me and I've never mastered pedalling standing on my pedals. lol

Entering a triathlon always seemed for the elite to me but I keep meeting people who do them 'for fun' and say its worth a go.

So, it is possible? Do I need an expensive bike? Where should I train on it (local roads not the best). Is this just crazy talk and should I return to my coffee?



  • Hi

    First off It absolutely is possible, remember always that anything is possible!!

    Sounds like you have got a great base of fitness there!

    In answer to your question - no you do not need an expensive bike, you do not even need to buy one, that mountain bike gathering dust in your mates garage will be perfectly fine for your first tri.

    If the roads are not the best you may be better sticking to cycle paths to begin with.

    I would recommend starting with a super sprint triathlon and build from there.

    There is lots of great resource on this forum but u may also like - hope this helps and enjoy!


  • Hi. My sister talked me into a sprint tri. I was always a bit worried re it all being a bit too serious to just give it a go.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very welcoming, lots of beginners, lots of slow swimmers (even slower than my grannie breaststroke), all sorts of bikes (including mountain bikes and sit up and beg bikes,  definitely not just disc wheeled time trial machines). Big range of abilities and shapes and very welcoming and friendly.

  • Just like the others have said

    You do not need an expensive bike, my first tri was on an old mountain bike

    Most sprint tri's are very welcoming to beginners


    What part of the country are you in? 


  • Oh tri is far from elite. Just go for it and enjoy. It's not rocket science - you have the swim nailed - if you can MTB then road is easier and anyone can jog a bit.
  • Thanks for the responses. Sounds like I should get myself a cheap bike and start pedalling!

    Oh, I'm in Northern Ireland. 


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