Over 60's training (Part 2)

..............because the old thread doesn't appear on the titles here under the new format!!

However it still exists here https://forums.runnersworld.co.uk/discussion/7853/over-60s-training


  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    This  is not user friendly
  • Mick
    that doesn't look like Canada :)
    The site is a bit of a 'mare
  • For what it's worth, I'm here.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Ì think the way RW are handling this upgrade could kill a lot of the older threads.
    I am enjoying my running in the sun.  I am doing lots of swimming and walking so a very active time?  
    We did some fun swimming in a number of cenotes where the water was warm and brilliantly clear.
    It has done wonders for all my aches and pains
  • Columba
    quite a lot - well done on finding it!!

    I think I should follow your advice and find a warm spot - sounds good B)

    It looks like RW have got stuck in changing over the database and it is not going according to plan - if there was a plan!!

    Not sure whether we should stick around on here or over on the other one?
    I posted a message on the Website bugs but it doesn't appear to have had a response
  • There's another one?
    (I notice that this one is called Part 2)
    30 mins run/walk this morning.
  • Columba
    if you go to the top of this page  there is a link to the other one!!
    It is the old thread but missing a couple of recent weeks which I found out by finding another thread on which John, Ray and Mick had posted but which I can't now find again.
    What has happened to other long running threads such as the "Mature Runner's" one?
    I finally succumbed to a long running low level bug that had left me feeling a bit drained so I have taken Wednesday and Thursday off - shocking bad form I know :(
    I had done an easy 2 mile son Tuesday morning and then 5 in the evening with the Hash but even some excellent Daleside Blonde was not suficient to restore me....................
  • Mick
    I was thinking your photo above looked very Hockneyish when I first saw it and then I read about a new Hockney exhibition opening in London which I must get myself to!
  • I answered my own question about the Mature Runner's thread by doing  a search in the box above and found out that that thread is having similar problems as well.
  • well I've heard of Lonely Planet - but Lonely Thread.....................

    felt a bit better so I essayed 5.5 miles this mild morning in 52:50 (9:37m/m) with avHR 130 (66% WHR) an da max of 150 on the usual hill

    09:39  121  131
    09:06  128  136
    09:40  130  135
    09:32  130  136
    10:37  139  150  Hipps Hill
    04:17  138  141

    Easy running keeping my HR under control until the hill and it felt ok

    Crocus poking through the mud reminded me that it is nearly time for a maxHR test just to make sure it hasn't changed :/
  • I have had a quick scan around the Forum and it would appear that a lot of the old, and long, threads have similar problems and it doesn't look like RW are particularly bothered about sorting it out!!!
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    After a bit of messing about I think I am okay now with the thread.

    TS-Weather not to bad today for a run,good luck on maxHR test as mine has definitely dropped.

    Last nights run was a 9mile in 8:22 pace,last 2miles was undulating so really feeling it today.
  • Afternoon all,
    Thought I would pop over from the New Mature Runners Thread to see how this one was getting on. Seems like you started a new one, same as us, as they didn't uplift it to this new platform. Probably too big and they couldn't be bothered. You are welcome to pop over to us to see how we are progressing. Torque Steer has already had a look.
  • Ray
    you should be fit enough to do a marathon on after your recent training efforts - that was a very good pacey run on Thursday evening, not surprised you felt in the legs yesterday.

    I have had a rest day today partly because the run on Friday  left its mark a bit despite the slow pace and low HR  but also because g'kids were staying and I had to take g'son to football training for 0900 on a G3 pitch no less, no mud heaps for him, and there wasn't enough time between making pancakes for breakfast and then getting out. Two hours training left him famished for more pancakes!!! He has a match tomorrow at 1000 so I shall have to either run very early, or later on.
    It's all go!

    there are a lot of the longer, bigger threads that have not made the transition and it would appear that RW don't much care either!!
  • I don't understand why some people have managed to keep the same avatars they've had all along, and others haven't.
    33 minutes run:walk today. In sunshine. Knee hurt a bit towards the end, but not badly enough for me to have to stop.
    TS, stay away from my crocuses, will ya?
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    I did a comfortable 12k with a couple of friends today despite the mountains of snow around. While we were away it seems they received 3 feet of snow.
    It was warm at +3c with bright sunshine reflecting off the clean snow, quite scenic.
    We had to walk in a couple of places where the snow had not been cleared, a bit like trying to run in soft sand.
    Quite a difference from  my more recent outdoor runs.
  • Mick
    That was a nice welcome back for you!!  
    The only problem with winter break holidays is coming back too soon but  an encouraging run nevertheless and it sounded like it was quite good conditions despite the depth of snow dumped on you

    nice progress so far. are you doing a bit of icing on the knee as well?
    The crocus heads were gently trembling as I ran past them this morning but it is only the yellow ones that have fully emerged - I will wait until they are all out!!!

    As soon as I started running this morning I realised I was still not over whatever was ailing me and I throttled right back and struggled round 5.5 miles in 54:54 which is near enough 10 m/m with an avHR of only 121. Just felt carp throughout - maybe it was the very early hour I ran at, but the birds were quite happy to make a racket to welcome some warmer weather.
  • Hello

    Yes this is a strange site will take a while to get used to it all.
    I am just back after a 5 day running holiday on the IOW where i ran doubles it was great really enjoyed myself even my 15 mile hike.

    Sadly since home I have come down with chest infection/virus thing so first run yesterday after  4 days but still not right my chest /lungs on fire bit 4.5 miles on both Saturday and sunday...I hope tomorrow is a better day and I can increase the running.

    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
  • Welsh Poppy
    that's what you get when you go to exotic places :)
    When the kids were young they used to think that the IofW was a perfect holiday spot - and abroad too as we had to go on a ship (Red Funnel) to get there!!
    Sorry to hear about the chest infection. I have nothing so dramatic - just feel under par by quite a bit.

    Tried something a bit different this morning 5K fastish - failed as it took 28:50 (9:15m/m)  :/
  • morning all - anyone???
    easy 2.5 miles in mild conditions as preparation for a stiff Hash this evening - it's from a local pub with 5 guest beers so it could be a long walk home..........
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    Welsh Poppy-Good week of training with double workouts as well,bad luck about chest infection.

    TS-Pretty sure you will lower that 5k time quite a bit soon.The 5 guest beers seem good motivation to run,but take it easy on one or the other.

    Sunday i was involved in a masters x/c event which was only 6000metres with two slight inclines so not to bad.We had 4 in our team with 3 to count, and we managed to get 1st place for the over 60sixties with me in 3rd place so I got a medal.Felt for our runner in 4th coming away empty handed but I suppose you have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Ray
    well done on your medal (gold?!).
    I am surprised you had the energy to race after all that training you have been putting in so doubly well done.
    Sounded a niceish course for x country -normally the devil's work........

    I am still slightly under the weather so I am not too despondent about the 5K time and it did have 90m of climb overall in it - he says looking for excuses!!!
    You know me - I can resist everything - except temptation :)
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    TS-Definitely one of the easier x country courses,but no complaints from me.

    To nights track session was 4x400 -1600-4x400 the recoveries were 200 between400 reps and 400recovery after each set.

    400reps 1:33--1:33--1:33--1:34--1:37--1:42--1:41--1:37--1600/7:14

  • Ray: well done on your gold at cross country:-)

    Torque:I can understand the young ones liking their holiday when we go we also travel by Red Funnel but as a coach break we sailed from Plymouth which again was pleasant.I hope you are feeling better?

    6 miles for last 2 days so building back up although chest is still rough(lots of wretching and spitting involved)Sorry TMI but hopefully getting better each day it is a shame there is so much climbing on my routes.

    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
  • good morning

    Welsh Poppy
    you didn't describe the colour of the gunk so there wasn't TMI !!

    that was a very strong set of intervals indeed after your xcountry exertions- the first set were particularly strong before the 1600m took a bit of spring out of the legs :)

    Ended up being quite an easy run last evening apart from the presence of one chap's young daughter who was egged on by him to beat me back to the pub with about 400m to go.
    Her power to weight ratio gave her an easy lead and I thought "just let her go" but then the "resist everything except temptation" mindset swung into play and I blasted off after her. I quite impressed myself and frightened the 'ell out of her as I closed the gap up but just let her hang on to the lead :p
  • the Daleside Blonde, pork pies and mushy peas tasted very nice after that.................
  • Wondering why Welsh Poppy's posts are appearing in a larger font size than everyone else's.

    TS - no, not icing the knee. It's arthritic (so the X-ray said) and someone said arthritis shouldn't be treated with cold. Only with heat.

    Congratulations on the medal, Ray.

    Now up to 36 minutes run. Done today in pouring rain. Went to the "spinning" class last night, so that will have got my heart rate up.

    WelshPoppy, should you be running with a chest infection? I thought you were supposed to run if the problem is "above the neck" but not run if it's "below the neck".
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Great interval session!

    Good luck with the infection 

    To have chased and lost or not to chase and never feel the joy of winning, I know where you sit.

    This week is going well 3 x 5 miles so far. Tomorrow is Xtrainning which I haven't done in a while 
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