Over 60's training (Part 2)



  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    ........ just made it  :/!!  205

    I'll have you know I am a man :)
    I do believe the scales of good fortune have been slightly tipped by some helpings of leek - and the 6 Nations doesn't allow time for a rebalancing act

    Running fast - now that is a novel concept! Well done on time and distance - you must have got your meds in balance again?
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    I guess today's run represents an improvement, TS! And am slightly jealous, not that I am thinking about running at present, apart from that I have gone from 50k a week to being able to walk a km with a stick...and leave me nigh on exhausted!

    Anyway, slow is the new fast. Or that is what I keep telling WP

    Meant to say about the rugby and football officials' decisions which no doubt JB in particular will be displeased about! I am usually on the side of the officials having refereed school football (up to area level, eg Manchester v Liverpool) for too many years. With a free kick the advantage is to the side sinned against. Before a game I would usually brief the captains that they could take free kicks immediately and didn't have to wait for the whistle unless I told them otherwise. Could be a very expensive mistake for Brighton. Let's hope that that decision doesn't affect the end of season standings. 

    And England were awful...both rugby and cricket-wise! Doubt that 205 is enough!

    Oh, echocardiogram completed yesterday and am now wearing an ECG monitor until next Tuesday. All fun and am learning a lot!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    yup - nothing in the cricket to aid your recovery!!  |Or the rugby...

    I wouldn't be even slightly jealous of my run - even the old dears on their zimmer frames were fancying their chances against me in the park :/

    I have always thought I would really like to ref a Premier League match just to see how many players were left on the pitch after I booked everyone for diving, protesting decisions, feigning injury, cumulative fouls, holding etc- and that's even before the serious bad tackles!!

    It's a thankless task being a referee but made even worse by their inability to be both consistent and firm - and that's before VAR!

    Ideal test subject for Garmin accuracy - wear it and compare its HR output to your ECG - but no running!!

  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    edited March 4
    ....  also the level of dissent shown to refs in football is intolerable at all levels and it's learned behaviour.

    Pre Covid I used to watch my g'son play both rugby and football - he is pretty good at both. 
    The same individuals in each sport would have a completely different attitude towards the ref depending on which game they were playing along with simulation etc to attract fouls. ( I except my g'son from this as he is under notice that he will be pulled immediately off the pitch if he misbehaves in such a manner!!)
    Part of the trouble is that they are coached in football from an early age at league level football clubs academies to actively seek fouls and go down to earth whereas the rugby clubs teach strict adherence to the word of the ref. 

  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    ................ so early morning cricket news was encouraging.
    Went out for a run and now look what has happened !!

    Lovely, still, sunny morning - but cold at 1C in  a northerly breeze that threatened ungloved fingers a  bit

    3 miles done in 29:31 (9:45m/m) with avHR 129 and a max of 142 on newly restored HRM, after a hard reset sorted it out, so I have lost a bit of aerobic fitness over the last month's inactivity.

    Ah well - at least it's 50% further than yesterday :)
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    Today i decided to slow legs down by trying to run at 139 HR as been at 145 all week not look at pace screen. I managed 141 for 5.3 miles and  16secs a mile slower than yesterday.Job done with my hills:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    TS/alehouse - good points re officiating & onfield behaviour. Yes, bad luck for Brighton, but they did have the opportunity with 2 pens to help themselves  . . . .  
    WP - no worries being slower today, after the earlier speedy outings - it's been a good week for you :)  
    TS - good effort from you this morning - on first glance I thought the "hard reset" applied to yourself, rather than the Garmin !  

    Realised I didn't answer your query re my longer run pace; Doesn't feel as if I'm any faster - but then again, I tend to try and not look at the time taken - just the distance !  Maybe, now I'm doing the longer ones weekly, I should monitor the pace a bit - hopefully the regularity should be doing something beneficial !  
    4 miles this afternoon, with 9 or 10 lots of "grass strides".  Went later, as hooked in by the cricket - India were 121-5 when I tuned in, and I stayed with it until the close (pushed out by England's over rate  . . .     
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Running pace is very relative. When I plod along now it doesn't feel much different than when I was stringing together 5 min miles. I am concentrating and working hard probably harder than when I was much younger. I just don't do fast anymore.

    The weather here of late has been tough, cold with high winds. I can handle cold but not cold and windy. I just had to get out today so 6.2k survival shuffle. The only thing showing was my nose but even with two layers on my legs I got a bit of wind burn on my thighs. It wasn't that cold -17c windchill, it was -26c the day before and I don't do that anymore. Warm weather is supposedly on its way.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    blimey, Mick - those conditions are extreme !  good work getting out there . . . .  
    A balmy 3c when I headed out this morning - 12 miles, initially around local parks, then down to the industrial loop "The Neepsend Triangle", to give it the proper name :) 
    Finished the 12 around there, where a few local runners were doing virtual challenges, and daughter a session.  Walked the mile and a bit uphill home, as a cooldown for the legs  . . .   
  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    running to HR is to be encouraged - prevents overtraining :)

    that sounds a really scenic route for your long run!
    Well done on maintaining the distance over several weeks now

    that is tough conditions - the good news is that your cold weather has energised the  Jetstream over the Atlantic and we should get some warmer, wetter weather soon.

    It was dry and chill this morning as I set out on a Hash trail that almost passed my doorstep - very considerate of them.

    4 miles done with a bit of rock scrambling included in a rocky gorge for good measure - probably the slowest I have ever ran overall but an interesting trail mostly off road and dry underfoot which was a pleasant bonus

  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    .....  more extreme gardening yesterday left me struggling as soon as I left the door so with sensible hat on I cut back to 2.8 miles.

    Strange revelation last night as I tried to stretch out some of the kinks in my knees and legs - my proprioceptive exercises revealed my right side had gone completely although my left side was unaffected - weird!!
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I did not run Saturday opted for sensible hat.Got up off sofa and tweeked my back so no running since.On PK and hot water bottle.
    Sitting is dangerous!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    hm, rock scrambling, gardening, sofa sitting to be avoided!  
    too much of the latter this afternoon; feeling slightly off colour, but perking up a bit now, so will head out tomorrow!   
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Does that mean you can only do a one leg stand on the left side?

    Thats a new one, injuring yourself getting up off the sofa.

    The weather has improved somewhat so 7.2k yesterday with the boys and 10.2k today around the village. It is supposed to reach positive double digits by the end of the week, I could be in shorts!!

    MrsMick6 has gone off to babysit for the week, so lots of time to get into trouble.

  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    happy to share the sensible hat :)
    Those sofas can be lethal!  Before my back operation I used to dread sneezing as it could immediately put my back into spasm.

    hope you are out there now.............

    yup!  I can do anything on the left side - one legged stands for as long as I want, single legged squats, move right leg out to the side etc - right side zilch, nada, zero, nothing.  Lift my left leg off the ground and immediately start to wobble and overbalance.
    As I say weird - starting with some remedial work now on the right leg and joints.

    3 miles this morning on legs tired after aforesaid remedial exercises  :/
    Cold and dry and encounters with s'kids for the first time in a long while as they go back to school!

  • Torque SteerTorque Steer ✭✭✭
    good mileage there as well in what may hopefully be the last of your awful weather.
    Next week you will be complaining about it being too hot!
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Dave: Hope you are out running and enjoying the nice weather before the rain arrives tomorrow;-)

    Mick: You can get into a lot of trouble in a week:-)

    Torque: Nice run...are all the kids back in school? we only have the primary infants in at the the moment but on a walk last week it was a shock as used to the school being closed!

    Another walk 3 miles today .More range of movement but back still a pain and it wipes me out.Hopefully a few more days.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    excellent couple of days there, Mick - getting them in before the mischief begins?    ;)
    TS - I can balance much better on my left leg. Nice dry running - as WP says, may be the last one for a day or two
    well done with your 3 walked - more of your proven fortitude, WP!  
    3 miles here (well, 3.15, so 5K sounds better) - inc grass strides.  Felt really unfit today -
    at least the strides shook things up a bit.   
    It's probably time ( as I keep thinking, and probably mention here, occasionally), to structure a proper schedule, with some variation, rather than predominantly plodding. Oh, and actually do something about my lard  :/
  • WP
    no it's a phase return for secondary school with preference given to those in GCSE and A level years.
    Walking can be good to relieve the back pain - trouble is one has to stop eventually - as I found out!!

    was it your right knee that was giving you so much grief a little while back?
    My physio discovered years ago that my right leg was only doing about 50% of the work it was  supposed to be doing because a previous trauma from years ago (rugby!) had left the leg doing things it didn't outa in order to reduce strain.  I spent a long time on remedial work to strengthen it and regularise my stride - looks like I may have relapsed!!

    Windy, rainy and still a bit chill this morning as I podded a sedate 3 miles in 30:40 - but at lest there were no walking breaks....
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Quick update from me. Saw the cardiologist again yesterday having worn an ECG monitor for a week and had an echocardiogram since I last saw him. My notes say: 
    "The echocardiogram reassuringly showed a normal heart and that the heart had not been structurally damaged by the Covid vaccine. 

    The ECG was also normal and even when I had episodes of chest pain, or pain in the back of my head, this was not reflected in a change in heart rate. 

    The cardiologist said that the heart was what he would expect to see in a well trained athlete and he noted that whilst the lowest HR that was recorded was 37 the average resting heart rate was just under 46. 

    However the vaccine may have caused a change in the autonomic nervous system, and in turn this may well cause the erratic blood pressure readings, with BP generally too low. He suggests, unusually for a cardiologist, to increase my intake of salty food."

    Still not got to the bottom of why I am either light headed or am very tender at the back of my head. 

    TS: I balance on one leg whilst cleaning my teeth (4 x 30 seconds, alternate legs, and indeed, alternate arms). At least it helps the teeth! Actually when I started this ages ago I found one leg much worse than the other. Can't remember which! 

    I imagine that it will be a good while before I run again so it may well feel like starting again. Have managed to build up the walking to over 5000 steps a day; wasn't even managing 3000 at one point. Still walking with a stick as a precaution although I might ditch that in the near future. Onwards and upwards (slowly). 

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • alehouse
    good to hear from you and your "progress" of sorts :)
    The consultant report is interesting but not conclusive- they rarely are - but good news about your heart function being unaffected and unrelated to your chest and head pains and lightheadedness.
    Still some problems to solve but good that you are able to get out and walk a fair distance - although today may have been a trial!!

    I used to do the teeth cleaning thing as well for many years - thanks for the reminder - I will start again :)
    I also used to do achilles heel raises on the Underground escalators in London when I was regularly there - one can get a lot of reps on some of the long ones- as strengthening for the calves!

    Absolutely lashing it down here now - I thought it was quite bad when out first thing but I had the best of the day!

  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    So what will be the next step? 

    I have accepted the fact that I am not the gazelle of yesteryear and Just run or shuffle, depending on what's not behaving, just because I enjoy doing it. Yes I can be a bit one sided and yes I have all sorts of aches and pains but I still love to get out, get my heart rate up and feel good when I stop. I will do whatever I have to, to allow it all to continue.

    7.4k with the boys and coffee and a treat afterwards. It was a beautiful day +5c, sun and no wind, lots of water about but I didn't have my sealskinzs on.

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Re next steps, that is a particularly difficult question to answer, Mick! If I am still having "activity" in the back of my head and/or my blood pressure is still erratic, I believe the GP will refer me on, probably to a neurologist. 

    Sounds a decent run for you as well, waterproof socks apart! You now know what you have been missing all these years! And, just as for TS, it has lashed down all day here as well. And is forecast to do so for most of the next week. 
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • alehouse
    I trust the symptoms will disappear as rapidly as they ensued. 
    Don't know whether it is relevant but I also have low blood pressure but which my doctor assured me was a lot better than the reverse!

    oh yes I agree with you - no matter how crap I am feeling I always feel better after a run no matter how difficult it is to move
    7.4K and a treat is a very good day out :)

    I listened to the wall of sound last evening that was the wind raging around the house, interspersed with rain lashing down, and was surprised to eventually wake up to a sunny dawn but still with blustery winds.
    I was having one of my crapier days (see above) so slogged round 2.1 miles alternatively cosseted by sunshine and blasted by wind.
    Felt better after a shower and refreshed now by my mug of hot choccie and a (large!) piece of homemade flapjack.

    Conscious that, like Dave, I have to resume my battle against weight as last month's inactivity has seen me regain my position as the heaviest, oldest runner that Mick knows -  a position I would be happy to relinquish :)
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Good to see you Alehouse and hope things progress for you.

    Mick: No sealskinz socks on....tut tut tut;-)

    Torque:I hope the refreshments help but sadly I bet they don't help with weight :)

    I am joining Dave, Torque on shift the fat bandwagon!

    I walked 4.7 miles yesterday in torrential rain and winds and short on time as Mr T was delivery groceries.

    Today although each day back is improving, it is not run ready as yet as I tried yesterday.So today 2 hours walking over my hills 6.6 miles :) I am thinking of getting walking poles!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Just popping in to report a small triumph albeit a rather phoney one. I managed a 20.57 for 5k today and finally (after a mere 35 years of plodding) went over the 80% WAVA threshold (80.81%).
    Now for the phoney bit. This was run entirely downwind - and quite a wind it was. However, I thought it was worth giving it a go and am pleased with the result.
  • John

    is that a new kind of doping - excessive wind :)!!
    Well done.

    ...  or walking boots?
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Don't feel guilty, the watch doesn't lie.

    You still hold that title, all the old runners I know that are still running are short and skinny.

    13c so off I went IN SHORTS. First run in shorts this year. A very enjoyable 7k around the village.
    We have a bird feeder off our rear deck and have Blue Jays, Chickadees, Juncos and even a bright red Cardinal. We get squirrels but the cute little red pine squirrels. That is until just now when a large aggressive black squirrel chased everything away. The dog went into a complete melt down and went off in hot pursuit.
    The grey squirrels you get in the UK are the same species as these black ones, not sure why you don't get black ones as well, maybe I should send this one over.

  • Thanks Mick and TS especially coming from distinguished elder statesmen of the thread!

    But here's the thing. Having survived careering along a busy prom driven by a 50 mph wind, I was invited for a little stroll by a friend and his dog (the dog speaks perfect English).

    As we walked along - dog on lead - I somehow tripped over it. I didn't have chance to anticipate the fall - one second I was upright then next I was on the deck, with blood leaking out of my thumb and my (dodgy) knee taking most of the impact.
    What the old saying - pride comes before a fall?

    Anyway, that's me out of the game for a bit. Question: was the god of running so angered by my gaming the wind for a PB that he ordained punishment?

  • Mick
    shorts!!  Is that a record early date for such apparel?
    I had to look red cardinals up - nice looking bird, a bit like a bullfinch over here.
    Apparently the black squirrels are a mutant of the greys and there are some in SE England following an escape  from a large estate after their introduction but they haven't spread (yet!!) as prolifically as the greys.

    At least I still hold one title :)!

    sorry I did have to LOL :)
    But, yes, the running gods do take such transgressions seriously
    You should have been warned by my tales of imbalance.
    Seriously I am not sure what sort of lead the well spoken dog was on but some of those extendable ones with a relatively fine cord on them can be lethal as one simply can't pick the cord up particularly if not really looking for it.

    Wild, windy, rainy. sleety, and sunshine this morning and I felt fine for about 200m then the old familiar energy draining feeling crept in so 3.2 miles in 33:40 was pretty depressing.

    I amy have done too many one legged stands over the last couple of days but it didn't feel like anything new.

    Eating breakfast on my return I watched on BBC an ex marine who had both legs and an arm blown off in Afganistan preparing to run 5K on blades powered only by his glutes - and felt a bit better, if not a bit tearful
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