Over 60's training (Part 2)



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    We put our house back on the market this week, ready for the spring season.
    Can anyone spot the changes.

  • Am  I here? Finally got around to getting on here. If I did. Anyway, I had 2 weeks laid low with a bug but have been back in training for a week or so, gradually whittling down my run times and hoping to re-join the land of the parkrun on Saturday. Ran this morning into 'Doris' (not a fellow 60+ but the storm) and although the south has got off lightly, I defy anyone to find running into that wind along the prom a pleasant experience. Even running with it behind me was iffy as at times I felt a bit out of control. Best wishes to all.
  • Mick
    there is more white internally and less wood?
    It is verrry tidy :)
    Training sounds good.  
    I was surprised how fast I could move once I wound it up. The fast twitch muscles are the last to go

    good to see that you have found us.
    I have had a bit of a low level bug for the last week or so - just enough to take the edge off any sort of activity and leave me feeling very drained. Hope you manage to rejoin the Parkrun contingent this weekend.

    Doris gave me a bit of a beating today - so many trains were cancelled that the ones running were absolutely packed and I ended up going to Manchester and back standing both ways -not what I paid first class fares for!!!
    off tomorrow to Southampton by plane - I hope the winds have abated as it's only a little one!!  Hopefully the two days rest will have sorted me out and left me ready for more pork pies and beer whilst rugby watching over the weekend
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    Good memory, that is exactly what we changed.
    The tidy was just for the photo shoot.
    Are you not supposed to be guaranteed a seat in first, no chance for a refund?

    I suspect that would have been a treadmill day for me. We never get those kinds of winds here but we make up for it with lots of snow.
    Good luck this weekend.

    A stronger run for me today.

    10:00 AM Friday, February 24, 2017
    Gym7.3k, felt v strong all the way
    Run Duration = 42:54,  Run Length = 7.3 Kms or 4.5 Miles
    Average Run Pace = 05:53 per Km, 09:28 per Mile, Age grade =  61.3 %
    Average Run WHR = 78.4 %,  Max Run WHR = 92.6 %
    Average Run Cadence = 85.1, Average stride length = 1.00 m
    Lap  Duration   Kms      Miles    Per Km    Per Mile    AWHR     MWHR   Cadence  Slength(m)
     01     06:31           1.0        0.6      06:31      10:29     60.7%     66.7%       86.0        0.89
     02     06:10           1.0        0.6      06:10      09:55     71.9%     80.7%       86.0        0.94
     03     05:39           1.0        0.6      05:39      09:06     77.0%     80.0%       85.0        1.04
     04     05:49           1.0        0.6      05:49      09:22     80.7%     85.9%       85.0        1.01
     05     05:40           1.0        0.6      05:40      09:07     84.4%     90.4%       84.0        1.05
     06     05:49           1.0        0.6      05:49      09:22     86.7%     92.6%       85.0        1.01
     07     05:36           1.0        0.6      05:36      09:01     85.2%     89.6%       85.0        1.05  
     08     01:40           0.3        0.2      05:38      09:04     85.2%     87.4%       84.0        1.06

    Not too sure why I did that as I have a 10k hill run scheduled for tomorrow.

  • Mick - good luck with the house sale. It would be worth zillions over here!

    TS - hope your bug is lower level than mine was. Am about to gorge myself on the rugby coverage too!

    Well, Doris may have scarpered but her younger sister arrived today. Not so strong but VERY cold and with a nasty bite; a prom course is not a good choice in such circumstances! In these conditions I was mightily pleased with a 21:50 and with the wind behind me was clocking 4.10 min kms. I must be over the bug!
  • Afternoon
    Mick: it looks like a show house so tidy!!  Good luck with the sale it is so spacious:-0

    John Well done on parkrun nothing much wrong with you;-)

    I am still struggling with my chest and asthma so just doing what i can so around 40 miles for the week.I am going to run doubles next week when I can.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP - thanks. 40 miles a week still sounds pretty decent to me. What is your weekly target without the chest/asthma problems?

    5 miles at 7:36 miling for me today. Then went to see to barmy event: 50 competitors running a marathon in a local multi-storey car park; 71 times up and down. Apparently this event was hugely over subscribed: it takes all sorts!
  • John: Great pace for your miles this morning:-)
    BUT what a total nutcases down your way.......I would never in a month of Sunday's want to run that race!

    4 miles for me this morning it is my faster run session which is still slow by everyone else;-)
    John :Around 50-62 miles I am old school more miles makes a better runner:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Still reading back. Still not over my groin problem although it's a lot better. I'm tempted to ignore it and make a slow careful return to recreational running, even if not racing. I've been on three short bike rides this week, my first for ten years. It felt good. More later hopefully.
  • Now up to 39 minutes... Again, done in very wet and very windy conditions.
  • Graham
    hope you had a good holiday - and Doris didn't disrupt your return!!

    you are certainly packing the miles in - with or without a chest infection
    Don't forget - a little variety does you good and once your aerobic base is firmly established it's time to put some currents into the base mixture :)

    you did remarkably well in the parkrun despite the wind and your lack (or because) of your layoff - very good going.
    Nicely backed up this morning as well - although I shall miss out on the car park challenge!
    There is a similar thing in London except  its up and down the stairs in one of the larger office tower blocks as a charity fund raiser..............

    I ventured out this morning for the first time since Tuesday and expected to feel recovered but still found it hard going.
    6.2 miles in 57:28 (9:16m/m) with a fair bit of climb - 150' in the first mile but it does give some downhill relief
    10:08  up
    08:34  down!
    09:53  Hipps Hill

    I cunningly spread the hill over two miles so the time didn't look so bad.
    despite not feeling really in the groove I did manage 3 consecutive miles under 9m/m so it was progress of a sort in a vaguely depressing way
  • Columba
    you snuck in as I was posting - good progress, well done.

    Rugby today was very frustrating as the Italians cunningly tactically frustrated England with a no rucking ploy and little bodily contact. Interesting move but only succeeded in keeping the score down.
    I can dimly remember playing in a similar game where it was introduced by the referee because the pitch was getting frost bound!!!
  • Just as a PS to the car park marathon: the winner did in in 3:04. 

    TS: On the rugby today, I don't think I've ever seen such a 'procedural' game. Your workout sounds quite tough given that you've been laid low.

    Graham: I also ventured out on my bike today for the first time this winter. I like cycling but I've noticed a marked increase in the pot-hole population of late. I think they are breeding.

    Columba: a very slow-but-sure return. Very sensible - and this with the good weather still in front of us.

    WP: yes - 'old school' indeed. I have never run that far in a week to my knowledge. I got into running at a time when the trend was a reaction to Long Slow Distance training and one quote stuck with me from someone who at the time was an authority: 'if you train Long slow Distance, you get Long Slow Runners'. There was also the (pejorative) term  'junk miles' fashionable at the time. I just use this a (flimsy) rationale for my own dislike of long distance training - laziness masquerading as theory.
  • John
    hence currants required !!
    Potholes are breeding nationwide..................

    Forgot to say that while I waited for my flight home on Friday evening in Southampton airport I was astonished to see this wagtail calmly walk under my chair and off into the adjacent Costa area where it proceeded to pick up bits from around the customers feet.

    It will now be trending on Twitter (groan!!!)

  • John
    it felt tough today - not physically but because I could not get my natural rhythm and my feet were thudding rather than skimming.

    The theory of junk miles has largely been disproved - or should I say that it has been recognised that the only way to fully develop one's aerobic base is to run sub-lactate threshold level over long distances.
    when one reads of 5K runners doing 100 miles/week or mare in training the mind boggles!!
  • good morning
    last out - first in :)

    Grey, drizzly and sleety here this morning - lovely!!
    5.25 miles done in 48 mins (9:09m/m) and feeling a lot smoother than yesterday
    10:13 the whole of Hipps Hill

    Looks like HRM has packed in completely - is that a birthday I see coming up in March?
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    Graham-hope you can get back to running with no reaction.

    Welsh Poppy-That's quiet high mileage on a regular basis.

     Columba-39 minutes brought to mind the film 39 steps.

     John-Good pace run after your cold.
     TS-Well spotted picture of the wagtail I must admit I wouldn't have known what it was.
    Sorry John,run 18 junk miles yesterday with the marathon group,then ate 18 miles worth of junk food afterwards.
  • OK, looks like we're back in business. I enjoyed the Caribbean cruise, even if it's not really my cup of tea. Good to get away from the British weather for  couple of weeks.

    Still got signs of the groin strain, although it's a lot better and only affecting the lower part of the muscle. To be honest I got so frustrated with complete rest fom running that I've decided to run anyway and have been following my comeback regime from the PF injury last year. So a very slow 10 minutes every other day and slowly building up from there.

    It hasn't made it worse and I can run with minimal pain so hopefully I can keep it under control and run sensibly. Racing may be a long time off but I'm beginning to accept that. The immediate aim is to do some parkruns again, but not to aim for fast times, just to take part. 

    I went for a very enjoyable bike ride with my stepdaughter yesterday, about 14 miles with a stop for a coffee on Newcastle Quayside.

    Sorry about not responding to anyone's posts but I'll try to keep up from now on.
  • Ray - then consider yourself doubly disciplined! 18 miles!

    Graham - sounds promising. I think the test will be that first parkrun; I am incapable of running slowly in anything that resembles a race; I just know that I'd end up chasing someone.

    TS - like the wagtail pic. They are lovely cheeky little birds. 

    Rest day for me today. Weather is very unpredictable - drenching downpours out of nowhere (well, OK, the sky actually).

    Am trying a 'new' (to me) parkrun this coming Saturday: Bedfont Lakes. Sounds very rural and idyllic but it's actually in the west London sprawl with stunning views of the Feltham Young Offenders institution I think! 
  • Lots of posts have appeared above my previous post, which weren't there when I posted.
    Now caught up with you all.
    Best of luck, Graham. I'm sure you'll get back into racing if you possibly can. I am definitely not aiming to race again, but will do parkruns when I can but as there aren't any near me that won't be very often. I'm not so competitive that I can't prevent myself from chasing people; I did a parkrun in London over Christmas and managed to keep myself to a 1-minute walk break every 4 minutes.
    I know wagtails. But I wouldn't expect tp see one in Costa.
    Swimming yesterday, and the "spinning" class tonight, provided the car will start which at present it won't.  
  • good morning
    18 miles = 2,200 calories = eat what you like :p!!
    Of course a heavyweight like me burns even more per mile so I can eat more......

    could be scar tissue causing the discomfort. A strain is a tear of varying proportions and the muscle has to heal and regenerate through the tear scar tissue. Trouble is the groin area is not very receptive to treatment>
    Sounded like a very enjoyable bike ride.  When I last stayed on Tyneside at the Copthorne Hotel on the Quayside we went for a walk downstream and I noticed all the bike paths and the coffee rendezvous shop which was doing a roaring trade. 
    It's all a bit of a change from the black sheds that were there originally!!!

    proper parkrun tourist now :)
    Sounds very scenic - not.

    I think you must live in a Welsh Triangle the number of times appliances break down on you!!
    Nice variation in your workouts.
    To get to Costa the wagtail had to walk across the entire passenger concourse (although it's not a very big one) first and presumably came in through the sliding doors!!
    As John said they are very engaging birds but this is the first time I have ever seen them indoors - and so at home too.

    easy 2.5 miles this morning in bright frosty conditions in 21:30 - just enough to get my back into working order and ready for tonight's Hash which is again from a very good bar within walking distance of home...............
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    Torque is it just the hrm strap ? I have a spare for the Garmin as I never got on with chest straps and have a Mio which is wrist based.Just shout if you would like it.

    Columba: It sounds like the knee is still not right?

    Ray: Great Run 18 miles and liked the refueling afterwards:-)

    John: I do remember the time when it was frowned on to run  long distances and the term junk miles and that if you run slowly you make slow runners.
    I can only go on what has worked for me post Achilles the only speed work I do and it is not really speed work is Sundays 4 miles which is short and sharp and the fastest I run all week as the course is 2 down and 2 back up again and I enjoy seeing my times tumble.Or if I go and run on a flat course but not done that run this year as yet. I PB'd in all distances I ran last year so just 2 10k and half marathon distance :)

    Sunday 4 miles
    Monday 9 miles + 4.3 as second run
     Today will also be a double but 3 miles on treadmill as too icy to run outside and a second run later

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP - totally respect anyone (especially at our age) finding a schedule that works for them. Yours must be working well if you collected a crop of PBs just last year. Funnily enough so did I - but on a different regime. I to run scared (or should that be scarred?) of Achilles problems.

    TS - one of my friends used to run with a 'hash' group but this was ages ago so I got the (obviously wrong) impression that they were all rather defunct. What makes them different from a 'normal' club (apart from the beer)? This might just be a 'what's in a name' type question.

    Sunny and quite pleasant here today - no sign of a frost. Ventured out and ran a 5 mile at 7.41 miling pace, but it felt so much quicker (= harder!). It's still a mystery to me how I can drop to sub 7 (or thereabouts) in a race when a training run seems so hard. Is it just adrenalin?

  • good morning
    thanks you for the offer of the strap but  I got one a few months back and while I had a short improvement it appears to be misbehaving again. I checked back to when I bought it in 2013 and then realised that I had 4 replacement straps from Garmin in a 9 month period!!!  Dozens of emails back and forth trying to get the fault corrected so I think it may be giving up the ghost.
    What is the history with your achilles?

    Hashes are still alive - there is even one in Brighton!! 

    There are 251 in the UK in varying states of activeness  http://www.hhh.org.uk/hash_list.cfm?listtype=all

    and 1,000s world wide.  It is primarily a social thing with running and drinking involved but the object of  good run is to keep the group together irrespective of ability by laying false trails which the faster runners check out and cunning devices such as a "back arrow" which means each runner has to turn round when they reach it and run back to the last person before going on. Sometimes that can be a very long way.
    Because it is unstructured and one doesn't know where one is going from the start it gives running a novelty not found in an ordinary training run. 
    When I am fit I use a Hash as an extended fartlek session an I am sure some folk hang back just to make me suffer on back arrows!!
    Last night was just over 5 miles for me - the slowest probably only did 3 miles but we all arrived back at the pub within a minute or so. 
    Then some social bonding over several pints of Leeds Blonde :p

    I also kept a beady eye on the footie in the bar as the Toon deservedly beat Brighton with a flukey late, and a much better, even later goal...............cue more beer!!

    This morning was bright and frosty and I was a bit sore from last night (head probably more than body ) as I ran a steady 5.25 miles in 49:50 (9:30m/m)

  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    John-Very good pace for 5miler,i guess it's just the adrenalin that makes us run faster.

    Welsh poppy-Good mileage there,how do you find running on a treadmill?

    TS-Beer sounds good and we have a local hash club which a few from the club go to.Will be nice to have the toon army back,but I also want to see Brighton make it as well.Not surprised you are sore with the beer and very little recovery it just gets harder.

    Last night we done 7 miles with 5miles at Fartlek pace so not to bad.This morning was a 6miler at 9:30 pace.Tomorrow night supposed to be a 8 miler at 8m/m pace not sure if we will be able to achieve that. 
  • good morning

    most folk taper a bit for races so there is not an accumulation of fatigue in the muscles when the race starts - unlike a normal training day.  One may have also done things like a warm up, cool down, started to focus on the race and started fast all of which prepares the body for additional exertion.
    Just the act of putting on a vest as opposed to a normal tee shirt would alert my body in the old days that it was showtime :)!!

    you are doing so well with your training that you should run a marathon yourself!! Tough week for you so far, hope last night's run went well

    Talking of currants in the mix - I unexpectedly decided to run a faster mile this morning as an experiment.
    So 1.25 miles warm up brought me to my old spot where I used to hammer them out in profusion.
    However this time it took 7:45 to run one mile and I was in no state to do any more.

    1.5 miles home up Hipps Hill finished me off.

    Experiment failed :/
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    Dismal and rainy day here in north London.

    TS-Give it time I am sure you will run quicker,but 7:45 is pretty good anyway.

    Last nights run was a bit of a disaster in as much we never hit the perceived target.We were supposed to run 7.75 miles in total and 5.75 at 8m/m pace.Now here comes the excuse no good being a runner if you don't have one.The guy leading the run I assumed was going at the required pace as it felt quite hard,but looked at watch after and was a bit disappointed but not to worry.

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    TS - thanks for the research and insight on the Hash. There's always been a lot of hash in Brighton! Maybe part of the reason I was unaware of their continuing existence is that you seldom see a Hash listed as someone's club when you see race results. I guess they are not that sort of club!

    As for Newcastle (Graham is a fan of them I believe) beating Brighton, this was painful to some of us. We faltered horrendously last year and the fear of history repeating itself lies very close to the surface. I'm rather hoping we both go up automatically; the play-offs are simply too stress-inducing.
    Ray - yes, those mile times were a bit variable. I'm so clueless on training (this is I guess easily apparent) that I couldn't come up with the sort of schedules that you are doing yet alone implement them. I did a completely random 30 minutes yesterday just for the sake of doing 30 minutes. It was utterly miserable!

    I was planning to do a bit of parkrun tourism this Saturday but the trains are 'playing up' and it simply seems like too much bother  -so I'll take the easy option and do my local one. My young training partner is training for the (Brighton) marathon and is up to 15 milers on a Sunday. I can just about stay with him for 5 of those 15 so I am of limited utility.

  • Ray
    looking at the watch always makes me feel disappointed :/!
    I console myself with the thought that at least I am running......... just.
    Still a useful effort last night after some tough days training so you were probably due an easier run - not that it looked that easy with those mile splits!  was it a hilly route?

    Hashes aren't normally affiliated to the AAA so they tend not to get listed.
    Brighton appear do nearly all their runs off road which could be good fun in that area.
    I have just been contacted by a student at Hull Uni, who is a hasher in her home town of Weymouth, and wants to start a Hash in Hull using the City of Culture status (alternative!!) as a vehicle to launch it on a tide of beer. She was looking for support so we will go across and lend a hand - missionary zeal or what!! 
    Join your training partner for the last 5 miles he may appreciate the company, and the pace, more then

    I am an exiled (and nearly lapsed ) Toon fan so it was more than just a casual eye on the game.  The haunted look on the Brighton supporters faces at full time probably reflected those fears of missing out yet again. Hope they don't as I would like to see Chris Houghton have some success. He was a very dignified manager at Newcastle and deserved more support than he got 

    Cold and grey here this morning as I stuck it to the usual 5.25 miles in 48:16 (9:12m/m)

    Like Ray I thought I was going quite well until I saw the mile split time at mile 3 and, as usual, then got slaughtered on Hipps Hill. I do not appear to have improved in running up that barsteward at all but at least it gives me the chance to talk to all the dog walkers at that pace - or at least they can talk to me!!!
  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    Welshpoppy, as always I'm impressed by the amount of running you do. A string of PBs show's it pays off

    John, I am indeed a Newcastle fan and have a season ticket. I also hope we both go up, as does just about every Toon fan as your manager is very much respected up here and did a great job for us too.

    TS, the Quayside has changed beyond all recognition and is a great place to include in runs or bike rides. Is there a better riverscape in the UK outside London? I doubt it.

    Ray, still a good run there even if the pace was a bit misjudged.

    Columba, swimming and spinning must be keeping you very fit even if you can't run as much as you'd like.

    I'm keeping to my comeback (hopefully) regime and have done a couple of 13 minute runs, a day apart as usual. One more and then I'll step up to 16 minutes for the next three runs, keeping it nice and slow.

    Another enjoyable bike ride yesterday, about 14 miles. The limiting factor at the minute is saddle soreness but that will improve as I toughen up. Being so skinny doesn't help. No natural padding in the crucial area at all!

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