Over 60's training (Part 2)



  • Graham: please beat Huddersfield. As both you and TS say Chris Hughton is a highly respected manager. Indeed, a mad-keen Spurs fan I know remembers CH as a 'gentleman' when he played for the club. Good guys can still finish first - but I'd settle for second!

    Finally a balmy (well almost), wind-free (ditto) parkrun day so a pleasing 21.34 for me. Huge field (315) and consequently a bit chaotic at the start. I should line up a bit nearer the front as I eat up valuable (to me!) seconds weaving through the folk who probably shouldn't be so near the front.
  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    John, I'd settle for a point to maintain the gap but a win would be nice. Good run for you this morning. With a time like that you're entitled to start near the front so don't be shy next time. Did you win your age group?

    I was looking at a cycle route in the Scottish Borders that I was thinking of doing back in my cycling days. It's called the 4 Abbeys and links the four main abbeys in that part of the world; Jedburgh, Melrose, Kelso  and Dryburgh. 55 miles, mostly on quiet roads. I could do it as a day trip if I put the bike on my car bike rack. I've pencilled it in as a target for this summer. 
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    That sounds like a great bike ride with lots to see to break it up. Roads here are very straight so long road rides can get a bit tedious.

    That was a competitive time, you have earned the right to be up the front.

    This has been a good week for me despite the temps dropping back to the deep freeze for the last couple of days and forcing me back to the treadmill. I nolonger run outside when it is -31c with the wind chill.
    I managed 5 runs and 1 xtraining day. I got in a good hill session so my confidence is creeping back. 
    I finished my computer programming course yesterday so it is back to my drawing on Monday. I have a three day workshop on drawing hands and feet starting on Monday so I will not get much running in.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    Mick, yes, straight roads can get quite tedious at cycling speeds. I'm lucky in having Northumberland on my doorstep with its network of quiet country roads. You've done well this week to get so much in without the motivation of being outside. Spring must be just round the corner for you though surely and memories of freezing weather put aside for another few months. I hope you enjoy your drawing workshop. You have a real talent based on what you've posted on here.
  • Hi all

    wow - that was a large parkrun field. you are perfectly entitled to a front row start and sharper elbows with a time like that - excellent.

     perfect day for the Toon yesterday but not so good for Brighton.  It's always this time of year that the fatigue/injuries/form drop off after a long series of games starts to set in and it's the team(s) who can overcome it are the ones that kick on. 
    Tuesday night at Reading could be decisive for Newcastle - and for Brighton as well irrespective of results elsewhere.

    what was your programming course about?  I thought you  were pretty genned up on that side of things.
    -31C doesn't sound too nice for going outside. The treddie sounded a good option!!
    Hands and feet are tricky bits and lots of painters haven't got them right - including a number of old masters!!

    that sounds like a super bike ride - lovely area.  I am with you on the rear end discomfort!  I could never find a winning combination to overcome that :/

    Grey and chill this morning but the rain held off until I finished doing a vaguely uncomfortable 7.2miles in 70:40 (9:44m/m) with the big hill start.


    decided that was enough ...................  and if was!!
  • Forget to recount a rather amusing story from this morning


    I was running up Hipps Hill in Valley Gardens which was thronged with folk looking at the spring flowers. A young girl, 6 or 7, was coming down the hill with her parents and she smiled at me and then turned to her parents and said in that voice, which is supposed to be a whisper but in fact carries very clearly-  “he’s doing very well for an old man!” 


    Cue much embarrassment from her parents which I defused by saying “that’s the nicest thing anyone has said about my running for a long time” . Smiles all round.

  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Since the site's changed I don't get email notifications telling me when someone has "replied" to one of my posts; consequently I'm not visiting the site as often as I used to.
    Caught up with you all once again, though.
    Car needed a new battery. Now has one.
    WelshPoppy - you asked whether my knee was not yet right, - as it's been diagnosed arthritic I suppose in a sense it will never be fully "right", but what I'm trying to do is learn how to run in spite of the arthritis. I seem to be making good though slow progress by means of run:walk; increasing time (and thus distance) very gradually; and sticking to the gait analyst's advice re pre-run and post-run, walking for several minutes before I start running, posture and alignment at all times, or at least as much of the time as I think about it.
    42 minutes on Thursday. 45 minutes today.
    Graham - I'm sure you're right about the swimming and the spinning, which really is why I'm doing them. Frankly, I find the swimming boring, and am glad when I've completed my 30 lengths and can get out of the pool.
    Anyone doing the Bath Half next weekend? Three members of my family are, and I'm going down to cheer them on.
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    Columba-As you say not to much you can do about arthritis,but you seem to be doing a good strategy which will be beneficial.

    John-Really good time you run definitely move to the front,let the others have the problem of passing you.

    Graham-Good win for Newcastle i feel sure they will get promoted.

    Mick6-Those temperatures are something else.Excellent week of training which you can unleash outdoors when weather permits.

    TS-Decent run in similar conditions as ours,a really nice story makes it so worthwhile.

    Went with the Marathon group this morning (look away now John) and run about 21miles.My watch kept going into compass mode so it was a real pain and i felt like flinging into the river as we were on the towpath.Apologies  i don't have stats except i am knackered.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Thank you but you flatter me. Drawing is a skill, spend enough time at it and you will be able to draw, however, the real talent comes in composition. How to put together a drawing or painting and getting the colours right or if not right pleasing. I suck at the latter.
    I just like to draw and enjoying doing the difficult bits such as hands and feet.

    Enjoyed your story and yes you are doing well for a 70 year old. I am selecting my races for the spring and find myself looking for last years results so that hopefully there will be a 70+ AG with someone in it besides me.

    I have been through the same experience with my right knee. It cannot be cured but you can learn to run with it. Your gait changes so other bits of your legs have to adapt. It has taken me over a year but I am back to a point that my intensity is increasing and I think I can get back down under 25 mins for the 5k which will be competitive around here.
    I enjoy swimming but find the public pools very hard on my skin. I keep my own pool as low on chlorine as I can and that helps. 

    A rest day for me today even though I feel up for going for a run but my knee seems to insists on it.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    21 miles is a looong way, it has been a while since I did that, well done.

    Forgot to answer your question, remember you did ask.
    There are a lot of modern programming languages that are gaining favour especially interpreted languages that are much more portable from OS to OS. Most of the programming I do for my running apps is done in C++ which has to be compiled for a particular OS. 
    Python is a language which has a growing vocabulary of utilities being developed by a very diverse community. 
    This allows you to develop very tight and efficient code to do specific tasks such as interfacing to a website, crunching very large datasets, even running on platforms such as Raspberry Pi and interfacing with lots of different physical devices.
    I have already done one or two courses on Python but this recent one was looking at crunching very large datasets and performing various statistical analysis. There were lots of assignments so it was very practical and certainly took my skills to another level.
    I am contemplating what sort of programming course I should do next but I have neglected the other side of my brain so next week I hope to immerse myself in another type of detail.
  • hi all

    you may have to redo your notifications bit on your profile as I think all the settings have changed!!
    30 lengths is a long way in a pool - like you I get totally bored with swimming up an down and seeing only a tiled floor!!
    Good that your knee is standing up to the increased training load. Run/walk is a good way to ease one's body back into it.

    that is the important stat - knackered!!!
    I can recall being almost too tired to eat after doing a long run like that and having force some grub down - preferably a tasty bacon buttie!!
    A towpath run sounds quite nice - was it as flat as it suggests?  Sometimes a hill or two can be a nice break to get the muscle groups working slightly differently and break up the rhythm.
    My weather may have been similar but my run was 14 miles shorter!!!

    you sort of lost me at "python is a language...." :):)
    There is a series running on BBC now in which a group of amateur artists are given a different task each week to perform and the worst one gets eliminated each week. Last night's was on portraits and fingers featured prominently - sausage was an adjective used quite a lot to describe the offerings of hands within the portraits!!!
    We don't often get +70 age group categories in races here, we normally get lumped in with the over 60's!!

    I was feeling tired today so I did by feel a recovery pace run of 5.25 miles in 50:55 (9:42m/m) which actually turned out to be the same pace as yesterday!!
    10:56  hipps Hill

    I suffered the ultimate indignity this morning - not only was I ponytailed but the ponytailee was pushing a buggy with a baby in it :s

    Is nowhere safe......................

  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    TS,you're right the towpath always plays havoc with my legs,much prefer a hillier type run within reason.
  • It is time for my grandson to have his cultural roots affirmed and so we are going to St James's Park this Saturday to see Newcastle play Fulham.
    He is almost the same age as when I took his father to his first game so the cycle continues................... "you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy"
  • wot I want to know is -

    how do Columba and John get 3 stars against their names?????
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    Mick6-how are you finding the Garmin 235 optical sensor which does your heart rate?.The reason I ask is I have been reading that there are issues that it takes a long time to get accurate HR readings,and also on interval session it does not pick up quickly enough so the readings are all over the place.Saying that I suppose you could wear a chest HR if enabled but defeats the object of the watch.
  • Ah Sounds like you need a new watch then?

    Torque : Achilles ruptured at an off road race in 2006 and no matter what i did nothing or no one could help it and told I would never run again. so 9 years pass and each time I tried to run it was not strong enough then a miracle 2 years ago I could run on treadmill so thought that was it but no I ran outside built up with just 3 days and plenty of rest.Then slowly I started to trust it, it does not like off road,grass,sand and hill reps so I can run 6-7 days a week and past 2 weeks doubles >I can feel it a little today but think my calf is tight and I need to massage it.It only likes Saucony shoes where as I used to run in Asics but they grip and are too padded around achilles. So all trial and error I am just so thankful I can run no matter how slow it is:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Graham: Thank you I feel like a pit pony compared to you guys who are sleek racehorses:-)

    14 miles yesterday and today but in doubles so 10 miles in morning and 4 in afternoon I am going to do that tomorrow then ease back as I have a half Sunday but not in good shape so will just use it as a see where we are sort of race first one of the season.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Mick, I remember doing C++ and other object-orientated courses for work in my  late forties and feeling an absolute dinosaur as I was the only one anywhere near that sort of age. So hats off to you for tackling such complex subjects at an even later time of life, whether or not you already have a solid background with them. Are you conscious of being even a little less agile mentally than, say, thirty years ago? I know I am.

    TS, your grandson is in for a treat, whatever happens on the pitch. Just walking into the stadium is an experience in itself. Have you been yourself since the ground was extended to 52,000?

    Welshpoppy, I don't think I knew how serious your injury was and how long it kept you from running. Huge respect for overcoming it. Certainly puts my recent minor problems in perspective.

    Ray, congratulations on the 21 mile run. Before you left the forum for a while you'd mentioned considering training for ultras. Is that something which is on your radar?
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    The HR optical sensor on the 235 is inferior to other vendors. The 235 is one of the first generation of Garmin products to use Garmin's own technology.
    I used the Scosche HRM and that was much superior. The first generation garmin devices which included the 225 used the Mio device which was also much better than Garmin's own. If you can get hold of a 225 it would be a lot cheaper and the HRm is much more reliable. They are out of production but you can still find them.
    I do find the 235 usable and the occasional misbehavior is rare enough not to be an issue. I have never notice any lag in readings just high readings for a period and then it settles down. It is very spiky compared with your typical chest band but the averages are okay.
    I do like the new features of the 235, the ability to add non-garmin apps and VO2 measurements add a bit of novelty to my running. I actually used the breadcrumb mapping whilst I was in Mexico to avoid getting lost on my run.
    I is a bit nerdy and not that user friendly so probably not attractive to your average user.
    Overall I still find optical technology a step up from chest bands which were not that reliable anyway.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    a challenging question, no matter what I answer the assumption has to be anyone over 70 is senile. If I recognise that I am losing it, it is confirmed, if I say I am not then it must be that I am really bad as I cannot recognise that I am losing it.
    That aside.
    I have been a techie all my life so being immersed in complexity is the norm for me. Am I as sharp as when I was in my 20s doing theoretical research for BT, buried in Fourier Transforms, probably not. Do I notice anything, no. Am I intimidated by a modern technology course, no. am I comfortable taking a modern computer apart, yes. Can I sort out misbehaving pc software, yes, as I maintain not only my own family's machine but a number of friends as well.
    What I have noticed is that I get tired quicker.
    For example I may get absorbed writing a new software feature for my Training Log , a few hours will pass without my noticing. When I do stop and stand up, I am both mentally tired and physically stiff and I need to take a break before starting again. That never used to happen.

    Day two of my drawing course is over. I do find this both mentally and physically tiring. We have to do a large number of one to five minute poses using a live model. The idea is to train your mind and hands to very rapidly appreciate all of the portions of body and keep them all in proportion in your drawings. There is a clear process to this and the skill does rapidly improve.

    I am too pooped to go for a run though.
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    Mick6,Thanks for the info on the 235 much appreciated,to be honest I could put up with the HR issues so will give it some thought.

    Welshpoppy,Well done for overcoming a serious injury like a Achilles Rapture,and all the best with your HM.

    Graham,Good memory about ultras but I can't see me actually doing any.Must admit the thought of just running down some trail with no particular thought of time only to finish does appeal to me.

    Seem to have picked up a Hamstring problem at the track last night,so a few days rest and then reappraise.
  • morning all

    I can totally empathize (z or s?) with that prognosis and the feelings that come after it.
    I had badly torn knee and ankle ligaments (and broke some bones in the ankle as I found out many years later) playing rugby and was told that my playing and running days were over. It took me 5 years to prove them wrong as far as running was concerned although I have hobbled ever since!!
    Like you I try and stay off very uneven surfaces although I have improved the leg quite a bit with exercises over the years particularly in later life - physio was a bit different 40 years ago.......

    Thanks for the updated feedback on the Garmin 235 - I think Ray and I are in a similar position in that our current devices are getting increasingly unreliable particularly in HR terms.
    Interesting reflections on the aging process and its impact upon current abilities.  I do find concentrated effort for a long period of time a bit more difficult unless I have some time pressure to spur me on and get the adrenaline going.
    I do find it amusing in meetings, where the average age is probably about  40 years below mine, when a course of action is required that instinctively they all look to me to propose a way forward and then adopt it without too much discussion!!!  It's the white hair that does it  :)

    I have been many times before but it will be extra special taking my g'son for the first time along with his dad.  We are high up in the Leazes end so the whole ground will be in view.

    track session after 21 miles!! Hopefully it is just a warning sign.

    I did an easy 2.25 miles yesterday morning to get the bed kinks out of my back and then 5.2 miles in the evening with the Hash. There was one moment when I turned back to run up a hill when I almost felt like a runner again but it soon passed!!
    However the pub we were using was very hospitable and the barman provided us all with a free tasting  session on three of the craft ales he had complete with descriptions of the hops used, American, New Zealand etc which on top of the purchased beers helped restore one considerably.

    Warmer morning here, despite going out earlier as I had a telecom conference call, as I ran a slowish 5.25 miles in 50:50 (9:42m/m)
    09:47 traffic problems getting over the road!
    10:48 Hipps Hill

    I think it is almost time to start doing some hill sessions - the times for Hipps Hill remains stubbornly high  and I don't feel any better going up it!
  • I see I now have three stars - what are they for?????
  • good morning

    beautiful bright and sunny morning here but blowing typical mad March gale first thing!

    Despite which I persevered with my attempt at a brisk mile after a 1.5 mile warm up. It felt like running into a brick wall for part of the way round!!  Ended up doing 7:45 again but felt slightly heartened by finishing feeling in slightly better shape than last week - but not enough to do another one!!
    A slow 2.25 miles home in bright, warm sun felt quite pleasant - shorts on as well B)

  • Torque: Yes I am so glad you also proved them wrong and physio I bet was different 40 years ago I know what physio was like 12-3 years ago pretty dire-my physio these days has said if it happened now she could get it fully healed:-( But at least we proved them all wrong!!
    Shorts wow must be warm out:-)
    Not sure on the *** I thought maybe older members who have been here a long time?

    Yesterday [email protected] 4 mile runs and the afternoon one was fast for me so easing back now till the race on Sunday 4 miles easy first thing and 4 miles later then 4 tomorrow and 3 on saturday.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Shorts, now that would be nice.

    Still cold here and getting colder over the next few days, may even force me back on the treadmill. Whatever happened to global warming, no sign of it around here.
    11k around a small town not far from home. It felt good to be out after being cooped up in a studio for three days. I forgot my jacket so I ran in 2 long sleeve and one short sleeve t shirts. It was very invigorating when I was running into the wind alongside the river. 

  • good morning

    physio back then consisted of being wrapped in plaster from hip to toe for weeks and then having it stripped off, and being observed to be able to walk, being promptly discharged!!
    I can still recall the look of sly intent on the Sister's face who took off the plaster and then cut up the sticky bandages that had been wrapped around my shaven leg. She took one side and a nurse took another and they pulled down together.
    All the hairs on my leg which had grown back in the intervening period ( and I have hairy legs!) came away from the skin in a rending rush and I stood there with my newly exposed leg a third the size of my other one and tears streaming down my face :'(!!!
    aaaaahhh the good ol' days...............

    best of luck in your HM - you have certainly got the distance in your legs. I would skip the Saturday run as it will not add anything to your preparation and may just take a bit off it.  Where is the race?

    "invigorating" is shorthand for "bl**dy freezing"?
    Still good to be outside.
    How did your drawing class go? have the hands improved?

    The shorts were maybe a tad premature as it was cold again this morning and a slight drizzle added nothing to the ambiance but I had opened the door in tee shirt and shorts so that's what went out!

    5.25 miles in 48:50 (9:16m/m) and my running felt a bit better in style if not in speed as a result of my body remembering the higher cadence from yesterday

    10:19  Hipps Hill less of a struggle


  • I got sick of looking at that awful avatar next to my name but I don't think the photo I have selected is an improvement :/!!!
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    Have you figured out what the three stars are for? Should I be happy I don't have them?

    My drawing workshop was good, I made lots of progress and now need practise.
    Although the focus was head hands and feet we did lots of gesture poses where the focus is getting all the body proportions right and getting the position correct. Of course the models had to remove all their clothing.
    Here is one page of many showing hands just in case you don't recognise them.

    Invigorating is not as cool as 'a bit nippy' as it was today. To put it in absolute terms is was -7c, windchill -13c and snowing. I only ran 6k.
    Tomorrows forecast is -19c with windchill to be added. I have already received two emails from my Saturday morning running partners suggesting that indoors might be a good idea.

  • Torque: It Is Llanelli 9am guess when the rain is to start yes 9am at least i will not over heat!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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