What do we really think of this new site??



  • I've been tagged as a pirate. Whats that all about?

  • BG, the input from RW Towers has been overpowering :/ I remember there being some moderators on the old platform. We certainly need some or we will be swamped with spam.
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    it'll die anyway, moderators or not if they don't engage a little... the competition from social media is intense, and ignoring the forums won't help... I can't believe they don't see the opportunities to make money out of their large and (current) dominant position in this space online.... I suppose on the positive side, they can always fall back on the new fangled stuff that will clearly be their future... you know... whats it called?... ah... paper... yes, that's it. [\sarcasm mode]
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Does anyone know how the contents of "Best Of..." section has been decided?  On mine, it currently has two threads.  One is a 2017 P&D Thread which is current and well used, but the other is an "Improving My Time" thread, which although current is not especially busy.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Also, when I do click on the "Best Of..." link, the other menu items do not get displayed, which isn't helpful.  Whereas, when I click on "Recent Discussions", for example, the other menu items are still displayed.

    So it looks like the "Best Of..." section of the site is another area I won't be using.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Can't see how many posts anyone has made - used to be a good way of checking if an apparent spammer was a "real" forumite.

    Font is awful, and is very disability unfriendly (you can tell I've been on a course....).

    Like Shades, I found the hover over function useful - saved a lot of unnecessary clicking.

    Disappearing posts, disappearing threads, horrible layout, inconsistent branding, gaudy top and bottom bands, non-mobile friendly menu......

    What's to like?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    I've always held the view that as far as RW is concerned, this forum is nothing but an insufferable pain in the arse. It's a source of hassle they could do without.
    The incumbents in turn act like the patrons of a pub who spend so much time in there, they think they own the place.
    Hold onto your hats......tomorrow RW is launching the new Events platform....well it's supposed to be tomorrow, but could be next week, who knows :'(
  • Personally, I can deal with the font and 'whiteness' of the site backgrounds, but the thing which drives me nuts is that when I click on any page I have to scroll down past an enormous vertical advert first! I understand advertising is needed, but can it not be limited to a banner advert or sidebar ones, rather than something that takes up the whole screen?!
  • No enormous or any others ads here. My ad blocker says it's hiding 4 from me on this page.
  • Burns my eyes.  And all that space.  I feel like I'm lost in a snowstorm!
  • The text is too small. I have perfect eyesight, but even then have to squint to see the tiny text. I can zoom in, but that messes the template for the other sites which are okay...
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I'm wondering why some actual threads (instead of people) are tagged 'pirate'? The blue rectangles are distracting and a bit annoying to be honest.

    I'm not a fan at all at the moment.  Agree with the point about the text size being too small and the font is one of the worst that could be chosen - it looks like Times New Roman.
  • It seems that any thread on which a pirate (person) comments get a pirate tag applied to it.... no idea why...

    I am still much more concerned about the fact that everyone's email address is publicly visible to all and sundry.
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Nessie, they have the "badges" for post count, so there must be somewhere that holds the total posts per poster.

    And each thread still has the post count, whereas the views were reset.

    In my personal section I see an "86" discussions, and I don't think I've started 86 threads in my time here, but then where are the 15,000 posts I so valiantly strove to monster up?

  • Our thread has disappeared (although can be searched for) - and as a thread which has been running for 13 years this is a bit depressing - there's a lot all our personal histories on it!!

  • And straightaway we are getting stupid kitchen and fake passports threads on the new forum. Nothing fixed then....
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    I think a more worrying problem is the sheer lack of turnover on threads and sections.

    Whenever I check the clubhouse for instance and see an interesting thread, I look at the last poster, and it's bloody me or someone, from a week ago or so, and still right near the top!

  • The layout has suddenly changed. Earlier today it was all scrunched over to the right with acres of empty space along the left. Now it's full page width. Seems they're still working on it.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Why have I got points? What do they mean? Are these good points as in Brucie "what do points make?". Or bad points meaning I wont be allowed to drive anymore?
  • Running RodentRunning Rodent ✭✭✭
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    Magna Carter - are emails still visible if you haven't ticked the 'let others see my email' box? That's a bit worrying.
    To be honest, unless some form of easily viewing new posts and new threads appears, I won't be visiting here much any more. I follow a couple of event-specific threads, but they will eventually come to a natural conclusion. It's very sad, I've made a lot of friends from these forums, and done races all over the world because of the support I've had from people on here, and I haven't seen anything similar anywhere else.
  • yes.... I've just looked and I can see yours.

    Hearst seem to be disinterested.... yet they are breaking the law, and even worse, abusing the trust we've all placed with them.
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Thanks for the warning - noted, and changed. That's outrageous, I'm going to be complaining to them and threatening them with the Information Commissioner.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Come on Running Rodent, we've all said some angry words in the heat of the moment, but surely you're not going to threaten them with....
    the Information Commissioner

  • Stevie - I've heard he uses his powers for evil...
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Running R - you click on 'recent discussions' to view threads in order of most recently posted on.

    Hope someone sorts the hiding of email addresses soon otherwise I can see my inbox getting full of ads for cheap kitchen units for sale.
  • Just seen it and horrified. But I guess we'll get used to it. Font is rubbish, layout seems rubbish, less easy to get around... blah
  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
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  • Seems like they have abandoned run hub. Could have notified us.
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