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  • So having started this thread it is about time to get it running agin. Pardon the pun. Together with my son we did do Valencia last year. Leading up to it my training was going well but then started to feel unwell so to cut a long story short I ended up in hospital having a lung drained and a subsequent operation on my lung.

    So any chances I had of a good run went completely. I ended up going round the course in just under five hours.but it was all it was ever it was going to be with the illness. Still onto this year and feel there is unfinished business in Valencia and am returning to have another crack at the race.

    I actually really loved the city and the race. The expo was good for us as we were there on the Friday when it was quiet it was certainly much busier on the Saturday. The race start was a little chaotic with people struggling to get into starting pens but eventually got in when the barriers were moved. Once we started running got over the line quickly and thought the course was great.

    So hopefully we will be there in better fettle and hope to see you all this year.
  • Hi Leveller, sorry to hear about your 2018 experience and hope you are now fully recovered. I also had a poor start at Valencia in 2014 and also felt I had unfinished business. I then went back in '15, '16 and '17 culminating in a gfa qualification that will allow me to run London next week. I missed last year as I ran New York but I am back this year and really looking forward to it. My daughter is also running this year. 
  • Thanks for the kind words bob did Madrid

    I am certainly aiming to have a better time off it. I guess it is just part of life but it is a struggle to get any speed in the legs.

    Well done on the GFA I hope you enjoy London
  • AnnaHenkeAnnaHenke ✭✭
    > @leveller said:
    > Has anyone done this one on Here?  
    > Really fancy a marathon abroad and this one looks good.
    > Is the course interesting and do they provide gels on the Route? 
    > Is there a medical certificate required like the Paris Marathon? 
    > Sorry about the questions but I hope someone can help
    > Thanks

    First of all, I wanted to make sure in its reality. And if everything is great here, I will take part in it futher.
  • bobdidmadridbobdidmadrid ✭✭✭
    Hi Anna, in answer to your questions

    Yes, I've run Valencia 4 times and will be going again this year.
    It is a very interesting and flat course, with plenty of crowd support.
    Gels are provided on course (Enervit in previous years).
    No medical certificate required.

    A great city and a well organized race. 
  • I signed up for Valencia the evening of finishing my first marathon (Southampton) and just missing a BQ time by 42 seconds (hadn’t been expecting to get anywhere near that!). Really looking forward to it. For you Valencia veterans, with the shuttle buses to and from the hotels, do they run throughout the day? So if my family are staying with me, can they catch a much later bus in to come and see me (likely at the finish line!)?
  • bobdidmadridbobdidmadrid ✭✭✭
    Not sure about that one anx as I stay very close to the start/finish. The problem is that most of the main routes from the centre to the finish area are closed so it could be tricky. However, the metro takes you to many parts of the course. However, the nearest metro to the finish is about 2km away so your family would have a bit of a walk. 

    The organisers always publish a map showing best viewing points and how to access them by metro/public transport. I have been told it is an excellent and very accessible marathon for spectators so your 'fans' shouldnt have any difficulty getting to see you a few times.
  • Thanks Bob! Do you mind me asking where you stay? I’m guessing most places very close will be all booked up now- or very expensive! 
  • levellerleveller ✭✭
    Last year i remember several families getting around the course to several points. I am not sure whether they walked or used the metro but Valencia is very easy to get around. If you check the course out you can get between points quite easily, we stayed near Martin serenis station which was not that far to walk to the start area
  • bobdidmadridbobdidmadrid ✭✭✭
    Hi anx, in the past I have stayed at the Barceló Valencia on Avenida de Francia. As Leveller says it is an easy city to get around particularly with the marvellous Turia Gardens running throughout which makes walking (and running) an absolute pleasure.
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